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WebLogic Server Weekly for March 26th, 2012: WLS 1211 Update, Java 7 Certification, Galleria, WebLogic for DBAs, REST and Enterprise Architecture, Singleton Services

WebLogic Server 12c Certified with Java 7 for Production Use

WebLogic Server 12c (12.1.1) has been certified with JDK 7 for development usage since December and we have now completed JDK 7 certification for use with production systems. In doing so, we have updated the WebLogic Server 12c (12.1.1) distributions incorporating fixes associated with JDK 7 support as well as some bundled patches that address several issues that have been discovered since the initial release. These updated distributions are available for download from OTN and will be beneficial for all WebLogic Server 12c (12.1.1) users in general.

What's New Release Notes Download Here!

Updated Oracle WebLogic Server distribution

Never one to miss a trick, Markus Eisele was one of the first to notice the WebLogic Server 12c update and post a blog about it.

Sources told me that as of Friday last week you have an updated version of WebLogic Server 12c on OTN.

Using WebLogic Server 12c with Java 7 - Video

To illustrate the use of Java 7 with WebLogic Server 12c, I put together a screen cam showing the creation of a domain using Java 7 and then build and deploy a simple web application that uses Java 7 syntax to show it working.

Ireland OUG Presentation: WebLogic for DBAs

Simon Haslam posted his slides from a presentation he gave Dublin on 21/3/12 at the OUG Ireland conference. In this presentation, he explains the core concepts and ideas behind WebLogic Server, walks through an installation and offers some tips and common gotcha's to avoid. Simon also covers some aspects of installing and use Enterprise Manager 12c.

Note: I usually install the JVM and use the generic .jar installer rather than using an installer bundled with a JVM.

Slightly Retro: Jeff West on Enterprise Architecure and REST

In this weeks flashback, we look at Jeff West's blog from early 2011 where he provides some thoughtful opinions on enterprise architecture and innovation, then jumps into his views on REST.

After I progressed in my career and did more team-leading and architecture type roles I was ‘educated’ on what it meant to have Asynchronous and Long-Running processes as part of your Enterprise Application architecture. If I had a synchronous process then I needed a thread available to service the request and then provide the response.

Starting Managed Servers without an Administration Server using Node Manager and WLST

Blogger weblogic-tips shows how to start a managed server without going through the Administration Server, using the Node Manager and WLST.

Connect WLST to a Node Manager by entering the nmConnect command.

Using WebLogic Server Singleton Services

WebLogic Server has supported the notion of a Singleton Service for a number of releases, in which WebLogic Server will maintain a single instance of a configured singleton service on one managed server within a cluster. This blog demonstrates how the singleton service can be accessed and used from applications deployed on the cluster.

Sunday Mar 04, 2012

WebLogic Server Weekly for March 5th: Virtual Developer Day, Arun Gupta on Java EE 6, Appc from Ant, Shared Sessions, PKI Credential Mapping, Web Application Filtering Classloader

Virtual Developer Day Content

The ever industrious Pieter Humphrey has recently published the content from the recent Virtual Developer Day to OTN for anyone to access, including videos of the key technical sessions, the slide decks, the hands on labs as well as the pre-built virtual image containing a fully working lab environment with WebLogic Server 12c, Coherence, NetBeans, Eclipse, Hudson and more ...

Arun Gupta on Java EE 6 and WebLogic Server

Java EE evangelist and Code Is King guy Arun Gupta delivered a great technical session for the Virtual Developer Day covering all the new pieces of Java EE 6 and WebLogic Server 12c. Well worth checking out! (video) (slide deck)

Sharing session state between JEE web applications through WebLogic session descriptor of sharing-enabled

Lucas Jellema discusses how to configure shared session state between different web modules of an enterprise application with WebLogic Server.

With Session Sharing enabled in WebLogic Server, web applications are clustered in a sense that they share session state – which basically means they use the same SessionId for a user’s browser session. The Map that holds the user session specific data is the same for all web applications deployed to a WebLogic Server with session sharing enabled.


Duncan Mills from the Oracle Tools team shares his learnings from a recent exploration of executing the WebLogic APPC utility from a custom ant script.

Bala Kothandaraman More ways to check the existense of a resource with WLST "I am taking a sample use case to check whether a particular WebLogic Server instance exists in the domain or not."

More ways to check the existence of a resource with WLST

In our from-the-archive section this week, we have Bala Kothandaraman showing the range of techniques he uses to determine the existence of a resource from the WebLogic Scripting Tool (wlst), very handy!

"I am taking a sample use case to check whether a particular WebLogic Server instance exists in the domain or not."

Harvinder Saluja Weblogic 10.3.5 Configuring a PKI Credential Mapping Provider The PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) Credential Mapping provider included in WebLogic Server maps (a) a WebLogic Server subject (the initiator) and target resource (and an optional credential action) to (b) a key pair or public certificate that can be used by applications when accessing the targeted resource. The PKI Credential Mapping provider uses the subject and resource name to retrieve the corresponding credential from the keystore.

Weblogic 10.3.5 Configuring a PKI Credential Mapping Provider

Harvinder Saluja walks through the basics steps of configuring a credential mapping provider for WebLogic Server.

The PKI Credential Mapping provider uses the subject and resource name to retrieve the corresponding credential from the keystore.

Creating Utilities to manipulate users in #Weblogic using #JMX and #MBeans

Covering both WLST and security areas, Amr Gawish has written up an example of using JMX to create and manage users and groups on WebLogic Server.

What we want here is accessing Weblogic MBeans to get Users for DefaultAuthenticator -Default authenticator on Weblogic and Get Users, Groups and doing some manipulation like adding, editing, deleting and reset password for users in Weblogic Default Authenticator

Web application filtering classloader documentation update

Support for the use of the filtering-classloader with WAR deployments was a feature quietly added to WebLogic Server 10.3.4. So quiet that it wasn't documented at the time. This has now been addressed in both the 12.1.1 and 10.3.6 documentation sets.


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