Monday Feb 09, 2015

Reaching 10K

Today we reached the 10K mark in our twitter channel @OracleWebLogic. We are super excited with this focus and interest from our community. Our tweets earned over 40,000 impressions just over the last month, with about 2000 followers in the US, 1200 in India, and over 200 followers in Indonesia. We bring you news about WebLogic OpenWorld sessions before these are even approved [well almost], talk about the brand new Java Cloud Service & Developer Cloud Service, highlight developer focused projects such as improvements to our Maven repository, the Docker project, and focus on customer stories like those of 7-Eleven, The City of Las Vegas and many more.

Here are some WebLogic capabilities developed in the last few releases that we are proud of.

1. Dynamic Clustering – This feature enables you to use the server template to specify the configuration of the servers in your dynamic cluster so that each server does not need to be manually configured when expanding the cluster. Dynamic clusters allow you to easily scale up (or down) the number of server instances in your domain there by driving cloud elasticity.

2. WebLogic-Database Integration: A unique Oracle strength that is valuable to both customers that are running their applications on the cloud as well as on their traditional datacenters. Your application throughput is improved by upto 3 times and availability increased because the integration software ensures that the configuration is failproof notwithstanding whether the failure occurs at the database layer or app server layer or both.

3. Maven support: Now you can use a Maven plug-in for WebLogic Server to perform deployment operations similar to those supported by the command-line utility. The plug-in lets you deploy, redeploy, and update applications built using Maven to WebLogic Server from within the Maven environment.

4. Finally, if you are a Docker user, now WebLogic can be executed from within it to speed up the setup of your developing or testing environments.

5.   Thank you for giving us the opportunity to share our product updates, customer stories, ‘how-to’ stories, people interests, basically our life with you. Let us know how we can improve, what in the future you would like us to share, and how we can help with your work and life.

Friday Feb 06, 2015

Safe Water Kenya: Follow up

So this blog has great readership, which is motivation enough for me to keep writing. However, what happened over the last few weeks was super inspirational. This was when I wrote about the video interview we did with Safe Water Kenya. Our Java Magazine Editor, Caroline Kvitka [@ckvitka], loved the story and wanted to write a feature on it. The magazine connected with us, Don Arnold [Executive Director, Safe Water Kenya], and Daniel Pahng [President, mFrontiers]. The photographers travelled to Chicago and all the way to Kenya!! The story in its awesome details can be found here. Read up. This is unlike anything I have ever done with technology and perhaps you will find in it today’s dose of inspiration as well.