Tuesday Apr 14, 2009

Amazon EC2 OpenSolaris re-bundling process trouble shutting

Amazon EC2 OpenSolaris re-bundling process trouble shutting This entry is based on customer escalation, I hope it will help or at least inspire you in some extend too.[Read More]

Glassfish 2.1 App Server and MySQL 5.1 AMI Pre and Post configurations

Glassfish 2.1 App Server and MySQL 5.1 AMI Pre and Post configurations[Read More]

Glassfish 2.1 App Server and MySQL 5.1 AMI on OpenSolaris 2008.11

We will create a MySQL 5.1 and Glassfish 2.1 developer profile bundle, we will run both applications as non-root user. [Read More]

Wednesday Sep 10, 2008

AMI simple deployment: OpenSolaris 2008.05-91 Glassfish and MySQL AMI image

Amazon EC2 OpenSolaris 200805-91 AMI Image with Glassfish V2 and MySQL 5.1 based on ami-89ef0be0 MySQL 5.1.x AMI image , origin is OpenSolaris 2008.05-91 ami-41e70328 image.

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Wednesday May 21, 2008

Pre-build OpenSolaris 2008.05 JeOS RNJS AMI images

For creating of pre-build PUBLIC OpenSolaris AMIs I select Glassfish MySQL and WebStack? AMP bundles, they are very easy to deploy and configure so they are ideal for Virtual Appliances as PoC (Proof-of-Concept) software.

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Get & Inst: Net based install of IPS packages into OpenSolaris 2008.05

In fact this an another example how composite image can be created, this time I will use IPS net based install from default OpenSolaris repository.

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Local xVM / XEN environment as main development tool

Amazon EC2 is based on XEN hypervisor, AMI runs as DomU so any OS with XEN hypervisor implementation as popular Linux distributions, OpenSolaris Nevada and Indiana lines can be used for emulating Amazon EC2 environment for faster local development.

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Tuesday May 20, 2008

ec2ify:me 5 optional steps to parametrize instance

Based on my previous Linux on Amazon AWS experience I define 5 optional Solaris ec2ify steps

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ec2ify:ident 5 required steps to login into instance

Based on my previous Linux Amazon on AWS experience I define 5 required Solaris ec2ify steps

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Monday May 19, 2008

Getting sense of ephemeral store behavior under OpenSolaris (UFS,ZFS)

To get impression of ephemeral store behavior under OpenSolaris (UFS,ZFS) I use bonnie++, compiled from source with debug output. Pre-compiled binary can be get from [www.sunfreeware.com SunFreeware]

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Will OpenSolaris 2008.05 instance survive reboot after update ?

New OpenSolaris 2008.05 utilize ZFS root and use ZFS clones for system updates with IPS net based repository, it's counts on ability of reboot OS instance into new environment. See if will survive reboot in Amazon EC2 ?!

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Sunday May 18, 2008

Porting Solaris to Amazon AWS (EC2,S3) - need for ec2ify scripts

We need scrips to support specific features of Amazon AWS (EC2,S3), yes, we need ec2ify our Solaris instances.

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Amazon AWS (EC2,S3) environment Overview

Amazon AWS represent Utility on demand , Pay as you go concepts, Amazon AWS is also known as Highly Scalable, developer oriented, Web Platform build on XEN hypervisor technology.

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Popular Amazon AWS (EC2,S3) programming LIBraries

Amazon APIs used network based protocols so they consumers are highly portable and are implemented in most popular programing languages as rich full libraries. classes or modules.

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Friday May 16, 2008

Download & Run: WebSynergy - Demonstrating AMI update from ZIP on S3

In this type of AMI image use, I will send a control data in form of ZIP file to AMI on instance start which will download from S3 prepackaged and zipped application stack, this way we don't need to rebuild AMI and we can update it on boot time.

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Thursday May 15, 2008

Inst&Conf: SGMJ (Solaris Glassfish MySQL Java) Stack

SGMJ (Solaris Glassfish MySQL Java) Stack, installation and configuration.

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Inst&Conf: Liferay 5.0 on Glassfish bundle DEMO

Installation of Liferay Glassfish bundle DEMO is easy and is identical to install of empty Glassfish.

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Monday May 12, 2008

Creating OpenSolaris CLI JeOS RNJS by Uninstall

Because in Amazon EC2 we can't update Kernel and Ramdisk plus OpenSolaris store ZFS pool configuration in Ramdisk in form of ZFS cache you will not be able at least for now to upload your images. You need to use our preprepared JeOS image by uninstall proceudre

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JeOS on OpenSolaris Indiana line

OpenSolaris 0508 (code name Indiana) is based on IPS and ZFS root. IPS as modern packaging system give use more freedom when creating JeOS. However this first OpenSolaris release is Desktop and GUI oriented system with Live CD based installation only, so we need to process needed CLI components selection manually.

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Pre-build SXDE79 JeOS RNJS AMI images

For creating of PUBLIC AMIs I select Glassfish bundles, they don't have absolutely latest version of Glassfish, but they are very easy to deploy and configure so they are ideal for Virtual Appliances as PoC (Proof-of-Concept) software.

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Freeware SW for OpenSolaris Nevada line

We will install this additional SW with optional packages form sunfreeware.com (Sol10x86 versions) [Read More]

Netboot install of OpenSolaris Nevada line

Now, lets install JeOS profile with Netboot install of OpenSolaris Nevada line

[Read More]

JeOS on OpenSolaris Nevada line

We will use OpenSolaris Nevada line based JumpStart install:

  • profile - which define disk layout and clusters, packages definitions
  • sysidcfg - which will define system parameters

Best is to use network JumpStart server, alternatively you can use CD-ROM install with just profile and sysidcfg files.

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Sunday May 11, 2008

Creating OpenSolaris based JeOS

JeOS is targeted minimal OS installation and is stand from Just Enough OS for running concrete Application(s). There is no "One shoes will fit all" approaches with JeOS creations, each JeOS is ideally individually created to fit concrete applications, so please take JeOS creations tips bellow as a guidelines how to create your JeOS.

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Monday May 05, 2008

'OpenSolaris on Amazon EC2' Workshop

As part of Alliances with Global Partners program SUN announce OpenSolaris on Amazon EC2 Beta private program and SUN also announce MySQL support for Amazon EC2 users

See also: Getting started with OpenSolaris on Amazon EC2 and Official EC2 blog

Bellow I try to summarize my Solaris on Amazon AWS (EC2 , S3) field experience reusing my Linux, Solaris , xVM / XEN theme related knowledge:
  • Encourage experimenting: Try & See in Amazon AWS (EC2, S3) enviroment
  • Sunday May 04, 2008

    Instalation of IPS freeware SW into OpenSolaris or Indiana

    New SUN IPS packaging with network based repositories simplify installation of third-party SW to OpenSolaris or Indiana, you don't need any more to deal with Companion CD or manual packages + dependencies download, install. Great !

    Bellow you will find how to use two most popular Solaris Free repositories with OpenSolaris:

    [Read More]

    GUI tools for Amazon AWS (EC2,S3) - Usefull Firefox Plugins

    This entry is part of 'OpenSolaris on Amazon EC2' Workshop


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