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July 27th, 2010

Is Oracle trying to kill VirtualBox?
The latest product to get the axe seems to be none other than the Flagship Virtualization program xVM VirtualBox. Ever since VirtualBox 3.2 was released ...
Open vSwitch: an interesting virtual switch that needs to add ...
It currently supports Xen, XenServer, KVM and VirtualBox but can be ported to other virtualization environments. Like the Nexus 1000v – which is used in ...
Designing an On-channel DTS and Repeater
TV Technology
Linux can either be installed on its own partition or on a virtual machine such as Oracle's VirtualBox. After installing SPLAT, download USGS and SRTM ...

Mount a physical drive inside a Oracle VirtualBox Machine | S.G. ...
By silviu
Sometimes I have to check drives under their native operating system. Recently I wanted to access a ntfs partition directly under Windows running inside a ...
SG Vulcan -
Computer science Experience Knowledge SHAring (CEKSHA): Why choose ...
By Bertrand BENOIT
VirtualBox has impressively evolved in recent years. In particular with version 2 (released in 2008), and more recently the version 3 (released in june of 2009), it has become an undisputed alternative to other solutions. ...
Computer science Experience Knowledge... -
ZFS and VirtualBox - Johannes Schlüter
One application for this I'm using s VirtualBox and as I always forget the exact commands needed to create a zvol and making it available to VBox I decided ...

July 26th, 2010

Living the Linux Lifestyle
I own one single (legal) copy of Windows XP Pro that I use for work purposes (software testing) inVirtualBox. Does this mean that I choose not to spend ...
James Lorenzen's Blog: Restoring a Clonezilla Image using VirtualBox
By jlorenzen
The nice thing about using Clonezilla, is for this step you can use VMware or VirtualBox. I usedVirtualBox. Obviously, you can't create the virtual machine on your laptop because you don't have enough space. And you can't use the same ...
James Lorenzen's Blog -
How to shrink a VirtualBox vdi disk image size? « ProcessWorks Blog
By admin
How to shrink a VirtualBox vdi disk image size? Virtual disk images (.vdi files) tend to grow over time, especially with windows guest systems, and may quickly consume all your disk space on the host system. ...
ProcessWorks Blog -
Virtualizing an Inline network appliance with VirtualBox (or ...
Reading a bit on the VirtualBox docs, seems like binding the right side is relatively simple, perhaps I should have one network adapter set as Bridge ...

July 25th, 2010

eComStation and Breadbox Ensemble
OS News
but to add a further twist, since I didn't want to do this on a dedicated machine, I chose to see if I could get things running under VirtualBox. ...
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VirtualBox VMs boot demo - Windows Hosting @BestWebHostingMu.Com
By Top Hosting Rate
I Hope you have delight in this Windows Server Video which is show you a things about This is a video demonstrating how well written VirtualBox is.In my example I boot three VMs at the same time so that you can see what effect this has ...
Best Web Hosting -
pcandmactech: 3D Acceleration & WPF Development+VirtualBox
By daveangel
Found out the hard way by trying to run VS2010 inside Windows XP in VirtualBox in Mac OS X. The program launches but all you get is a grayish-white background and the program is effectively frozen! 3D Acceleration & WPF Development bug ...
pcandmactech -
Enabling SATA in an existing Windows XP VirtualBox VM
SATA offers some nice performance benefits over a standard IDE hard disk controller, even in a virtual machine. This article shows you how to enable support ...
YouTube - Install Oracle VirtualBox 3.2 on Ubuntu Linux 10.04
See how to install Oracle VirtualBox 3.2.6 Debian package onto Ubuntu Linux 10.04 LTS with Gdebi Package installer. 1. All you have to do is download the i.

July 24th, 2010

Nix News » Blog Archive » Ubuntu 10.04 with Compiz in VirtualBox
By admin
Note: It is very important to upgrade BEFORE installing VirtualBox tools, as the update upgrades the kernel, which in turn wipes the graphics card module. Making Compiz unavailable. S/W: Ubuntu 10.04 VirtualBox 3.2.0 Windows 7 64-bit ...
Nix News -

July 23rd, 2010

2010 Challenge, Week 29: VirtualBox «
By stennie
VirtualBox is an application that lets you install another computer on your computer. It's similar to Week 6's Mac-on-a-Stick challenge, only it's a lot more full-featured. Why would you want another computer installed on your computer, ... -
setting up virtualbox and couchdb for localized development - jed ...
setting up virtualbox and couchdb for localized development. installing couchdb on ubuntu is a cinch: sudo apt-get install couchdb. even with homebrew its problematic or at least touchy on a mac, so I installed it on a VirtualBox VM ...
jed schneider's posterous -
Install VirtualBox (with yum) on Fedora 13, CentOS 5.5, Red Hat ...
VirtualBox is a powerful x86 and AMD64/Intel64 virtualization product for enterprise as well as home use. VirtualBox is a general-purpose full virtualizer for x86 hardware. Targeted at server, desktop and embedded use, ...
If Not True Then False -
it's me… henry » Blog Archive » VirtualBox and Mac OSX
By henry
I got iATKOS S3 rev 2 and installed it on VirtualBox. My experience with the installation was actually pretty good. Nothing to painful and very straight forward. But after it was done installing and onto the first boot, it would just ...
it's me... henry -

Friday Jul 23, 2010

July 22nd, 2010

What does VirtualBox need to be production/enterprise ready ...
By Ahmed S. Farghal
I'm a VirtualBox fan and I've been using it a few years now and my satisfaction varied from highly disappointed in some situations and at some points, to highly.
That's me - LiNuXaWy -
Virtualbox 3.0 – Linux Mint 7 | Eric Who? Linux, IRC, PHP,and ...
By admin
Eric Who? Linux, IRC, PHP,and... -

July 21st, 2010

Ubuntu Virtualbox Direct3D
By Shingo
Ubuntu virtualbox now supports direct 3D for games with gaming speeds that are decent . DIY Computer Repairs shows you how to get this to work on your system.
DIY Computer Repairs -
Go Virtual for Free with Sun xVM VirtualBox | Train Signal ...
By Steven Warren
We all know that VMware Workstation rocks and is the obvious leader in the market. What if you just don't have the cash to drop for VMware Workstation or are.
Train Signal Training -

July 20th, 2010

Desktop Virtualization: Overview and Software
Some of these technologies have found their way into desktop virtualization systems (VirtualBoxsupports hotplugging), but by and large server ...
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PhpVirtualBox Manages Your Virtual Machines Remotely
Open-source, web-based administration panel phpVirtualBox helps you more easily manage yourVirtualBox virtual machines—starting, stopping, and performing ...
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Sharing Technologies: How to resize VirtualBox disk images?
By Dom Derrien
To verify my test suites for Internet Explorer, I rely on VirtualBox running the initial Windows XP release. Because the disk size requirement for the initial version is low, I stupidly created a small 4 GB disk image! ...
Sharing Technologies -
Chrome and Itunes on Ubuntu 8.10 | Apple Academe
By Admin
Running Windows XP in Sun xVM Virtualbox on Ubuntu 8.10. Once you get USB support working on Virtualbox everything else is easy. Install the Virtualbox Guest Additions and you can runVirtualbox in seamless mode. Windows XP sits on top ...
Apple Academe -

July 19th, 2010

phpVirtualBox lets you remotely manage your headless virtual machines
Downloadsquad (blog)
by Sebastian Anthony (RSS feed) Jul 19th 2010 at 11:00AM For the last couple of years I've heard a lot of talk about VirtualBox and VMWare -- but until six ...
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Accessing usb in a virtual machine with virtualbox ubuntu ...
By admin
This is a tutorial showing an alternative to accessing usb in a virtual machine using virtualbox if all else fails. My host. -
How to create a Virtual Private Server (VPS) using Sun ...
By Virtual Video Glasses
Credits Canownueasy Sun Microsystems Microsoft Incorporated Camtasia Studio Youtube.
Virtual Video Glasses -

July 18th, 2010

Copy Files from unbootable VirtualBox system partition with Ubuntu ...
By Johnson Yip
Learn how to recover files from a broken virtualbox partition system drive by using the Ubuntu 10.04 LTS live install CD to boot your virtual machine to copy files.
Johnson Yip Computer Software... -

July 17th, 2010

Damn Vulnerable Linux – The most vulnerable and exploitable operating system ever!
At 1.8GB the ISO can be used as a Live CD, or installed as a virtual machine using a package likeVirtualBox or VMWare. Once installed it can be used as a ...
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Launch And Switch Between VirtualBox Virtual Machines In Mac
VirtualBox Menulet is a tiny yet very useful application that lets you quickly open VirtualBoxmachines in Mac without opening the main VirtualBox application.
AddictiveTips -
How to Set Up and Use A Virtual Machine for Free – VirtualBox ...
By Manveer Singh - Hey Everyone, Quesomanrulz here with another quality tutorial. This tutorial is a basic introduction on the.
www.MastiCafe.In -

Friday Jul 16, 2010

July 16th, 2010

TECHNICA: Installing Ubuntu inside Windows using VirtualBox
VirtualBox will try to guess how much of your memory (or RAM) to allocate for the virtual machine. If you have 1 GB or less of RAM, I would advise you stick with the recommendation. If, however, you have over 1 GB, about a quarter your ...
VirtualBox: Sharing OSX host folder on your ubuntu guest ...
By rp
So finally I resolved the last bit of annoyance of Virtualbox Related to sharing folders. So here are the steps $ # Create a holder on your host osx $ mkdir -p /websites/topsecretproject/trunk $ # turn off the VM if its on or skip this ...
Connecting the dots... -

July 14th, 2010

Fedora retrofit & retrofeel
ZDNet UK (blog)
As I'm using Virtualbox, I also had to retrofit the Guest Additions, which enables the guest OS to be resized. This is pretty essential, as I need to set a ...
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Installing VirtualBox on Oracle Enterprise Linux (Oracle's ...
By Fat Bloke
In the latter case of installing VirtualBox on Linux, one of the most common issues people hit is that the version of the Linux kernel they're using doesn't match the version of the VirtualBox kernel module which is being installed. ... Recent Posts... -
-: an everyday story of country folk :- » iTunes on VirtualBox and ...
By admin
Newer ones seem to have a problem when trying to access the CPU's virtualisation technology through VirtualBox. If your PC supports VT-x/AMD-v CPU virtualisation, then just enable it in the BIOS, and all should be well. ...
-: an everyday story of country folk :- -
How to Install EON ZFS Storage on an Oracle VirtualBox VM ...
By Patrick
Guide/ How to Install EON ZFS Storage on an Oracle VirtualBox Virtual Machine (VM) in Windows 7 x64. -
Programmers: VirtualBox is a better Development Environment ...
By fred
Oracle VM VirtualBox is used by the whole gamut of IT Professionals, from those near to the customers (such as the Sales, Consultants and SE guys), to those near to the lines of code (such as developers, test and... Fat Bloke ...
Virtualization Times -
LAMP Ubuntu Server On VirtualBox
This tutorial is to help you set up a LAMP (Linux Apache MySQL PHP) Ubuntu virtual machine server running on VirtualBox.

Wednesday Jul 14, 2010

July 12th, 2010

Mandriva Linux avoids bankruptcy; we test the new version
Ars Technica
We initially tested it in VirtualBox to get a feel for the general user experience and then installed it on a Dell laptop to evaluate its hardware support. ...
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Loading VirtualBox snapshots
By David Newcomb
VirtualBox allows you to take snapshots and restore them. It works some of the time and to be fair this has got a lot better in recent versions. The process for restoring a snapshot is unusually awkward to the point that I'm blogging it ...
Mr N -

July 11th, 2010

Install Mac OS X in VirtualBox [Snow Leopard]
By admin
It's been a while since we wrote the popular Tutorial on installing Snow Leopard on Virtualbox. Certail users had trouble with the guide due to lack of proper.
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