Wednesday Jun 01, 2016

Oracle Partner Network invites OAUX along to HCM Cloud, ERP Cloud summits

By Sarah Smart, Oracle Applications User Experience 

The Oracle Applications User Experience (OAUX) team did some sharing and some showing off recently during a special event for the Oracle Partner Network at Oracle Headquarters in April. OAUX team members showed forward-looking product demos with members of the Oracle Partner Network at a global HCM & ERP Partner Summit.

Sona Manzo, vice president, Oracle HCM Solutions, Hitachi Consulting, took the main stage on the first day to talk about the UX journey she has taken Hitachi on in its Oracle HCM Cloud practice.

At the end of the day, 300 partners attended an interactive expo with the OAUX team, discussing and demonstrating the present and future of the Cloud capabilities at stations dedicated to HCM, CX, ERP, and more. 

“The UX team gave partners a glimpse of the future when they walked into the ‘Smart Office,’ which shows how user experience is immersive and well beyond the borders of screens,” said Jonathan Vinoskey, Director, Oracle HCM Cloud Enablement.

The aim of the event was to show how the themes of simplicity and mobility are guiding the roadmap for the Oracle Applications Cloud user experience. Partners saw how the user experience moves consistently across devices to make the learning curve disappear while boosting participation and productivity for all users. They also saw emerging technology, such as wearables and the Internet of Things, integrated into the future of the Oracle Applications Cloud in special concept demos.

“The partner attendees who visited the demo stations were very much engaged and interested in what was being shared,” said Andrew Gilmour, , a member of the OAUX Education & Outreach team.

On the second day, Aylin Uysal, Senior Director, Oracle Human Capital Management User Experience, and Greg Nerpouni, Senior Manager, Cloud UX Extensibility, showed how the user experience and extensibility tools can help Oracle partners grow their business. Extensibility and administrative personalization includes a range of tools, and partners learned not only a simplified approach for rebranding the applications to match a company’s culture and image, but also more advanced extensibility features, such as page-level admin personalization and extension and even building their own simplified cloud applications in platform as a service (PaaS) and integrating it with their cloud applications using PaaS4SaaS.

“Oracle alliance managers have been commenting how keen the partners were to continue their journey now that they see the prospect of more satisfied customers, faster user adoption, and increased business,” Vinoskey said.

Want to learn more?

Check out our page for Oracle partners. Here you’ll find user experience guidance and tools to make your job easier, like UX updates for the latest releases, our UX strategy ebook, and specialist roles. 

Wednesday May 11, 2016

Partners: Take these Steps to Build UX Competency for the Applications Cloud

By Misha Vaughan, Oracle Applications User Experience

For partners who want to know how to help increase their readiness on the Oracle Applications Cloud user experience, the Oracle Applications User Experience (OAUX) team’s Greg Nerpouni recently delivered a great video update.

What do you need to know from a product perspective? 
- Oracle has developed user experience (UX) focus areas for the Applications Cloud products. 
- If you learn where Oracle is investing, you can develop a position for yourself and your company that takes advantage of the investment. 
- Learn more by taking this course on the  the UX specialist role.

What do you need to know from a UX tools perspective? 
- You can change the look, the data fields, the work flow, and the analytics – all without writing custom code, just using the native tools for configuring the cloud.
- Learn more by taking this course on the the extensibility specialist role.
- You can extend the cloud with what’s unique to your industry or your customers’ business and still maintain a great user experience with PaaS4SaaS.
- Check out the UX Rapid Development Kit .

The Big Picture
If you haven’t already, it’s time to start thinking about building in a user experience competency for your team – this is training for someone whose job it is to digest the Oracle story on user experience and who can help set strategy and take advantage of the investment. 

Monday Mar 23, 2015

Helping Partners Compete on User Experience with the Oracle Applications Cloud

By Sarah Smart, Oracle Applications User Experience

When a customer comes to you and asks, “I have a business identity and process, but how do I maintain that with Oracle Applications Cloud?” how do you respond? Understanding and embracing the Oracle Applications Cloud User Experience is a multifaceted process encompassing the full product experience, from desktop and tablets to smartphones and, yes, even wearables. But even if you’re excited about the product, it can be a challenge. 

Watch this video with Jonathan Vinoskey, Director, Oracle Applications Partner Enablement (HCM), and Misha Vaughan (@mishavaughan), Director, Oracle Applications User Experience Communications & Outreach, for a quick view into what Oracle Applications Cloud partners should know about the Oracle Applications user experience.

The User Experience Specialist Role

To better educate customers as well as meet their needs on user experience, you need a way to learn. That’s why Oracle created the User Experience Specialist role for Oracle Applications Cloud partners. We now have a UX Guided Learning Path  and assessment live on the Oracle Partner Network for this role, which better enables partners to sell the Oracle Applications Cloud. 

It targets sales and pre-sales roles within your organization to learn about Oracle's investment in UX for cloud and how to position its benefits. It will help you conquer your fear of not being a UX expert, show you how to demo the product across all devices, and custom-fit the Oracle Applications Cloud to your customers to close gaps and overcome objections in the sales cycle.

New Partner Page

Need a one-stop shop for all things UX-related -- from sales tools to developer tools for Oracle Applications Cloud partners? Click on the new For Partners page on the Usable Apps website! It’s full of great resources and offers user experience guidance and tools to make it easier for you to tailor implementations for your own customers and further your joint business with Oracle.

New Partner Events

Check out the new Partner Events page for our team’s upcoming exploits. We'd love to meet up with you on the road to share strategy and assist you with your current issues. Hope to see you soon!

Wednesday Jun 06, 2012

Partner outreach on the Oracle Fusion Applications user experience begins

by Misha Vaughan, Architect, Applications User Experience

I have been asked the question repeatedly since about December of last year: “What is the Applications User Experience group doing about partner outreach?”  My answer, at the time, was: “We are thinking about it.”  

My colleagues and I were really thinking about the content or tools that the Applications UX group should be developing. What would be valuable to our partners? What will actually help grow their applications business, and fits within the applications user experience charter?

In the video above, you’ll hear Jeremy Ashley, vice president of the Applications User Experience team, talk about two fundamental initiatives that our group is working on now that speaks straight to partners.  

Special thanks to Joel Borellis, Kelley Greenly, and Steve Hoodmaker for helping to make this video happen so flawlessly. Steve was responsible for pulling together a day of Oracle Fusion Applications-oriented content, including David Bowin, Director, Fusion Applications Strategy, on some of the basic benefits of Oracle Fusion Applications.  

Joel Borellis and David Bowin
Joel Borellis, Group Vice President, Partner Enablement, and David Bowin in the Oracle Studios.

Nigel King, Vice President Applications Functional Architecture, was also on the list, talking about co-existence opportunities with Oracle Fusion Applications.

Misha Vaughan and Nigel King
Me and Nigel King, just before his interview with Joel.

Fusion Applications User Experience 101: Basic education 

Oracle has invested an enormous amount of intellectual and developmental effort in the Oracle Fusion Applications user experience. Find out more about that at the Oracle Partner Network Fusion Learning Center (Oracle ID required).

What you’ll learn will help you uncover how, exactly, Oracle made Fusion General Ledger “sexy,” and that’s a direct quote from Oracle Ace Director Debra Lilley, of Fujitsu.

In addition, select Applications User Experience staff members, as well as our own Fusion User Experience Advocates,  can provide a briefing to our partners on Oracle’s investment in the Oracle Fusion Applications user experience.

Looking forward: Taking the best of the Fusion Applications UX to your customers

Beyond a basic orientation to one of the key differentiators for Oracle Fusion Applications, we are also working on partner-oriented training.

A question we are often getting right now is: “How do I help customers build applications that look like Fusion?” We also hear: “How do I help customers build applications that take advantage of the next-generation design work done in Fusion?”

Our answer to this is training and a tool – our user experience design patterns – these are a set of user experience best-practices. Design patterns are re-usable, usability-tested, user experience components that make creating Fusion Applications-like experiences straightforward.  

It means partners can leverage Oracle’s investment, but also gain an advantage by not wasting time solving a problem we’ve already solved. Their developers can focus on helping customers tackle the harder development challenges.

Ultan O’Broin, an Apps UX team member,  and I are working with Kevin Li and Chris Venezia of the Oracle Platform Technology Services team, as well as Grant Ronald in Oracle ADF, to bring you some of the best “how-to” UX training, customized for your local area. Our first workshop will be in EMEA. Stay tuned for an assessment and feedback from the event.


Check here for news and upcoming events from Oracle's Applications User Experience team on the Oracle Applications Cloud and more.

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