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Thank you, Oracle Partner AMIS, for an excellent Oracle Applications Cloud User Experience Expo

Author Misha Vaughan, Oracle Applications User Experience

We recently co-hosted an OAUX Expo in Nieuwegein, The Netherlands (near Amsterdam) on March 18, 2014 with Oracle partner AMIS. The goal of the event was to excite and inspire attendees about the future of Oracle technology and Oracle Applications Cloud by leading with our work on the Oracle user experiences.  We wildly exceeded my own expectations about the event. Students walked away excited about careers with Oracle technology, partners walked away with a sense of how they could grow their businesses, and customers walked away with confidence in Oracle’s UX investment strategy.

The timing was quite lucky, as this was the first event where attendees got to see the newly available Oracle Applications Cloud Release 8 user interface.

A personal thank-you to Lucas Jellema, Amis CTO, who was enthusiastic and inspired enough to spark this project.

To get a recap of what you missed, AMIS CTO Lucas Jellema (@lucasjellema) blogged live about the event, which drew nearly 500 attendees. Just prior to the event, Bob Rhubart (@OTNArchBeat) of OTN Archbeat hosted a video
interview that previewed the event nicely, with Lucas and our VP, Applications User Experience, Jeremy Ashley (@jrwashley), on the Oracle user experience vision and strategy.

What did you miss?

Here is a recap in pictures of the event. Photos by Rob Hernandez, Oracle Applications User Experience. 

The Oracle Applications User Experience and AMIS teams pose just before the big day for a snapshot.

Ultan O’Broin talks about wearables and enterprise use cases.

Aylin Uysal discusses the future of Oracle HCM Cloud user experiences.

VP Jeremy Ashley and Amis CEO Paul Uijtewaal discuss Google Glass.

 Lonneke Dikmans listens poised to talk about UX Direct and Oracle’s UX best practices. 

Killian Evers leads a discussion about the next generation of the Sales Cloud user experience.

Vlad Babu, one of our Apps UX Sales Ambassadors, talks with attendees about UX Direct and UX design patterns for building great looking usable apps for the Cloud.

A few lucky attendees got to see what’s behind the door to the secret chamber.

Noel Portugal shows off Google Glass.

George Hackman demos forward-looking user experience concepts.

Jeremy Ashley, Lucas Jellema, and Sten Vesterli rest their weary legs after hours of presentations.

One of our own UX Sales Ambassadors, Edward DeWolf, demos the new simplified UI for Oracle Sales Cloud.

Jake Kuramoto draws observers into a huddle as he shows some user experience concepts.

Find out where the UX team will be next if you want to see what we are working on

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Saturday Mar 01, 2014

OAUX Expo: Oracle & AMIS bring new Applications Cloud user experiences to Europe on March 18th

By Misha Vaughan, Oracle Applications User Experience

Lucas Jellema
Photo by Martin Taylor, Oracle Applications User Experience
Lucas Jellema, Chief Technology Officer of Oracle partner AMIS Services BV, gets a look at new Oracle user experiences during a demo with Lulit Bezuayahu, of Oracle, at an OAUX Expo at OpenWorld 2013. The expo was his source of inspiration for an expo in The Netherlands in March 2014.

Lucas Jellema, Chief Technology Officer of Oracle partner AMIS Services BV, first saw the Oracle Applications User Experience (OAUX) Expo at OpenWorld in September 2013 in San Francisco.

“The expo further enforced the message - simplicity, mobility, extensibility - and what that boils down to in terms of actual user interfaces,” Jellema said after the expo. “It also strengthened my confidence in what the UX team is doing. It helps me believe that Oracle actually can be a leader in UX in the enterprise space.”  He said he recognized the excitement and possibilities for inspiration for Oracle customers and asked if the UX team could bring the same experience to Europe in partnership with AMIS.

Join us on March 18 at the AMIS offices in Utrecht, The Netherlands. The Oracle Applications User Experience team will be showcasing the latest thinking in Oracle’s user experiences from noon to 8pm,  along with talks by speakers including Jeremy Ashley (@jrwashley), Vice President, Applications User Experiences; Sten Vesterli  (@techthatfits), Senior Principal Consultant, Scott / Tiger; Lonneke Dikmans, (@lonnekedikmans), Managing Parter, Vennster; and, of course, Lucas Jellema (@lucasjellema).

The event will be open to the public, including students, customers, and partners.  Registration is necessary to make sure we can accommodate everyone.    

Attendees can expect to see the latest in Oracle’s thinking on Oracle Applications Cloud user experiences, meet the creative AppsLab development team (@theappslab) try out Oracle’s eye-tracking usability research tool, and participate in talks ranging from wearable technology (@ultan) to Oracle Application Development Framework (ADF) to Oracle Apex by a slate of Oracle and AMIS experts.  There even may be a Tesla user experience on display.

By special request of the AMIS team, Oracle will also host a Secret Chamber that requires customers to be under non-disclosure. Behind these doors, customers will be able to see Oracle’s applications cloud user experience roadmap.

OAUX Expo sign
Photo by Misha Vaughan

We hope to see you there! Please remember to register in advance to ensure your access!
More information is available on the Usable Apps web site.


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