User Experience Highlights in JD Edwards EnterpriseOne: Direct from Gary Grieshaber

By Misha Vaughan and Kathy Miedema, Oracle Applications User Experience 

This is the second in a series of blog posts on the user experience (UX) highlights in various Oracle product families. The last post was with George Jacob, Group Vice President for CRM Applications. You’ll see themes around productivity and efficiency, and get an early look at the latest mobile offerings coming through these product lines.

Today’s post is on JD Edwards EnterpriseOne. To learn more about what’s ahead, attend JD Edwards OpenWorld presentations.

This interview is with Gary Grieshaber, Senior Director, EnterpriseOne Product Strategy.

Gary Grieshaber

Gary Grieshaber

Q: How would you describe the vision you have for the user experience of JD Edwards EnterpriseOne?

A: Modern, intuitive, productive.

The focus here is making end users productive while they are interacting with the applications. This encompasses items such as delivering composite applications to deliver all the information they need to make decisions, enabling end users to personalize the software for their specific needs, and making the transactions as simple as possible. 

Q: How are the UX features you have delivered so far resonating with customers? 

A: The improvements are resonating way beyond our expectations. This has already had a positive impact on encouraging customers to upgrade. Here’s an example of what customers have said:

  • “The extensive updates in Oracle’s JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 9.1, including the new JD Edwards EnterpriseOne One View Reporting, demonstrates Oracle’s focus on providing the tools for a company to grow and adapt to the changing global environment,” said Stephen Kerrigan, Director of Business Applications at Kinross Gold Corporation. “Oracle’s JD Edwards has demonstrated its commitment to its customers and ERP innovation with not only this release of  JD EnterpriseOne 9.1, but with the recent releases of JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Tools 9.1 and its support for multiple mobile applications and technologies.”  
  • “I believe our success is based on picking a great partner, Guidewire, and a great ERP suite with the latest mobile, iPad and user interface available in the market. Our employees found the user interface to be incredibly easy to use, and our entire staff have become power users in a very short amount of time,” said Adam Riches, Corporate Controller of Midway Gold.

Q: You mentioned that these UX highlights are more popular than you expected them to be. Can you provide an example? 

A: At the COLLABORATE 2012 conference, we announced the release of a new end-user reporting set of tooling and applications called JD Edwards EnterpriseOne One View Reporting (below). This enables end users to create their own reports by using the familiar interactive application to drive the reporting process.  The user can simply select the fields from the applications which they are already familiar with to select the data for the report, then use the power of the BI Publisher interactive reporting capability to generate the report. This is a major game-changer in terms of ease of use for JD Edwards EnterpriseOne users.

Interactive reporting capabilities are just clicks away with the release of the new One View Reporting tools.

The new JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Pages feature (below) has caught on like wildfire. This is the ability for customers to easily deploy role-based pages for easy navigation, task-directed activities, reports and business intelligence, and external web content. Customers have run with this feature and created business process flow based on navigation, graphical menus, composite application, and many other creative uses.

New drop-down menus, including Favorites, and easy-to-use carousel navigation are among the user experience highlights found in EnterpriseOne now.

Q: What are customers saying about your current mobile offerings?

A: We are getting great traction with the tablet support for JD Edwards EnterpriseOne, which enables our customers to run the entire suite of JD Edwards EnterpriseOne applications from an iPad. Don Sauve, a programmer/analyst from Wagstaff, Inc., said that "Oracle has responded to customer requests in providing iPad support for EnterpriseOne. Implementation was a snap as part of the normal tools release update, and E1-specific gestures make the user experience very intuitive."

Q: What are you working on now that you think is going to be exciting to customers at Oracle OpenWorld?

A: We are working on a number of key initiatives that we feel our customers will be very excited to see built into the product. This includes more solutions around mobility, personalization, and end user productivity. In the mobility category, we are working on Tighter Device Integration (such as camera, geolocation) for both the JD Edwards EnterpriseOne smartphone and tablet-based applications. We are also planning support for additional devices as they emerge in the marketplace. In the area of personalization, our strategy is to remove the need for more expensive code-based modification and, in its place, provide more capabilities for end users and IT to configure the user experience. Features such as end-user Form personalization, enhancements to user favorites, and user-defined launch pages will significantly help in this area. In the area of end user productivity, we are planning more capabilities for the EnterpriseOne Pages feature and adding advanced data visualization to the product.

Q: What do you want JD Edwards customers to know?

A: With the JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 9.1 release, we have delivered a tremendous set of improvements to the end user experience. This is an exciting area for the JD Edwards product line, and the feedback from our customers, partners, and sales has been remarkable. A key part of the product line strategy is to continue this momentum, so stayed tuned to upcoming product innovations.   

Editor’s note: For more on JD Edwards EnterpriseOne user experience highlights, visit the Usable Apps web site.

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