Wednesday Jul 23, 2014

Just a Little Bit of Technology Awesome: Oracle HQ & Java Host Launch CMU event

By Misha Vaughan, Oracle Applications User Experience

I got to see a giant monkey robot.

In June at the Launch CMU event, a research and technology startup showcase at the Oracle Conference Center in Redwood Shores, Calif, the giant monkey robot was part of an event called “Revealing Roboburgh.” There were about 150 attendees, mostly alumni from Carnegie Mellon University (CMU).  According to Michelle Kovac, Director, Java Marketing, the goal of the event was to align venture capital funding with innovations to accelerate the commercialization of university projects.  

The Monkey Robot, I mean CHIMP (CMU Highly Intelligent Mobile Platform).

We are always interested in emerging technology and new ideas, and part of our charter is to pay attention to emerging technology trends. We never know how these things might translate for enterprise users.  I attended to look for things that were both fun and improve the quality of life.

Co-worker Kathy Miedema and I understood the value of the event from a consumer perspective immediately.  We walked in during the middle of a presentation on a robotic child bounce seat, robotic self-folding stroller, and robotic self-installing car seat by 4Moms. If my kids were small, I would totally buy all of that. I also thought it was pretty awesome to see a “print-your-own circuit board” by AgIC, which was instant circuit board prototyping, for making circuit boards in your own home or office.

Kathy said she was interested in the medical innovations and medical devices.  There was some cool stuff around joint replacements and dietary monitoring.

Back to the robot – it is a pretty amazing concept. It’s actually called the Tartan Rescue C.H.I.M.P., CMU Highly Intelligent Mobile Platforms. It is CMU’s bid in the DARPA challenge to build robots that can respond to man-made and natural disasters, like the Fukushima-Daiichi nuclear accident during an earthquake in 2011.

I was enthused to see Oracle co-sponsoring this event with the CMU Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, and I can’t wait to see what they bring next year!

Friday Jul 11, 2014

Meet us at the OTM User Conference 2014 in Philadelphia

By Gozel Aamoth, Oracle Applications User Experience

The 2014 OTM Conference, Aug. 10-13 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, is designed to bring together users and potential users of the Oracle Transportation Management (OTM) software to share knowledge, ideas, and experiences, according to the conference website. More than 400 people are expected to attend to meet with Oracle representatives and collaborate on ideas for future upgrades. 

For the first time, members of Oracle Applications User Experience team will host an onsite usability lab at this conference. If you and your colleagues are registered to attend this conference, we invite you to sign up for a usability feedback session and take your conference experience to the next level. 

Get Involved: RSVP now to sign up to participate in a usability feedback session. 
By participating in user feedback sessions, you will gain knowledge about new designs and functionalities directly from the source, and you may ultimately influence the direction of Oracle Transportation Management products. We are looking for Transportation Planners, Transportation Managers, and Business Analysts to provide feedback on the OTM Shipment Visibility mobile application and Shipment Manager desktop application.

The purpose of these feedback sessions is to confirm whether new product design concepts would meet real user goals and needs, and to identify what needs to be improved from a usability standpoint.

Jennifer Howell, a Principal Consultant, HR Technology, at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee, talks about her experience during a customer feedback session at the Oracle Applications User Experience on-site lab during the Oracle HCM Users Group (OHUG) Global Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada, in June 2014.

The one-on-one feedback sessions will be run on Monday, Aug. 11, and Tuesday, Aug. 12, 2014 at Loews Philadelphia Hotel, Conference room Franklin. Space is limited, and advance sign-up is required for this event. If you have questions or wish to recommend your colleagues or customers, please contact Alisa Hamai.

RSVP now

*Participation requires that your company or organization has a Customer Participation Confidentiality Agreement (CPCA) on file. If your company or organization does not have a CPCA on file, we will start this process.

Please visit the Usable Apps Events page  to learn more about our team’s presence at future conferences. 


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