Tuesday Sep 15, 2015

Celebrating 5 years in Oracle's Mexico Development Center

By Sarahi Mireles, Oracle Applications User Experience

As you may know, Oracle has a couple Development Centers around the globe, and one of them is in Guadalajara, México. The Oracle Mexico Development Center, aka Oracle MDC (where I work), was 5 years old on Aug. 18, and the celebration was just as tech-y and fun as it can be for a development center.

Oracle staff hang out at the event before lunch.

Staff from the 9th floor of Oracle MDC have fun and celebrate 5 years of Oracle in Mexico (hurray!)

The celebration was split in two events, an open event called "Plug in" and a private event (just Oracle staff). Topics were related to what we love: Database, Cloud and, of course, User Experience. Some of the guest speakers were Hector García, who was chairman of the Computer Science Department at Stanford University; Javier Cordero, Managing Director of Oracle México; Jeremy Ashley, Group Vice President, Applications User Experience, and Erik Peterson, General Manager of Oracle MDC.

Hector García Molina starts with his talk, "Thoughts on the Future Recommendation Systems," with students and Oracle staff.

Andrew Mendelsohn, Executive Vice President, Database Server Technologies, gives a talk at the event.

Cheers at the conference. It was a really fun event. Geeks knows how to have fun!

Late in the afternoon, the real celebration started! We got to celebrate with all of our friends, colleagues, mates and the whole staff of Oracle MDC, and we all got to be in the anniversary picture of this awesome team, team Oracle!

Members of different teams (UX, UAE) hang out at the celebration.

This year, we all received this fun, handmade airplane as a gift to remember the 5th anniversary of Oracle MDC.

All of the crew of Oracle MDC pose in the annual photo taken at the event. 

If you want to know more about life at Oracle MDC, check our Facebook page! And if you're a student, don't miss our post about student visits on the Usable Apps blog.

Wednesday Jul 23, 2014

Just a Little Bit of Technology Awesome: Oracle HQ & Java Host Launch CMU event

By Misha Vaughan, Oracle Applications User Experience

I got to see a giant monkey robot.

In June at the Launch CMU event, a research and technology startup showcase at the Oracle Conference Center in Redwood Shores, Calif, the giant monkey robot was part of an event called “Revealing Roboburgh.” There were about 150 attendees, mostly alumni from Carnegie Mellon University (CMU).  According to Michelle Kovac, Director, Java Marketing, the goal of the event was to align venture capital funding with innovations to accelerate the commercialization of university projects.  

The Monkey Robot, I mean CHIMP (CMU Highly Intelligent Mobile Platform).

We are always interested in emerging technology and new ideas, and part of our charter is to pay attention to emerging technology trends. We never know how these things might translate for enterprise users.  I attended to look for things that were both fun and improve the quality of life.

Co-worker Kathy Miedema and I understood the value of the event from a consumer perspective immediately.  We walked in during the middle of a presentation on a robotic child bounce seat, robotic self-folding stroller, and robotic self-installing car seat by 4Moms. If my kids were small, I would totally buy all of that. I also thought it was pretty awesome to see a “print-your-own circuit board” by AgIC, which was instant circuit board prototyping, for making circuit boards in your own home or office.

Kathy said she was interested in the medical innovations and medical devices.  There was some cool stuff around joint replacements and dietary monitoring.

Back to the robot – it is a pretty amazing concept. It’s actually called the Tartan Rescue C.H.I.M.P., CMU Highly Intelligent Mobile Platforms. It is CMU’s bid in the DARPA challenge to build robots that can respond to man-made and natural disasters, like the Fukushima-Daiichi nuclear accident during an earthquake in 2011.

I was enthused to see Oracle co-sponsoring this event with the CMU Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, and I can’t wait to see what they bring next year!

Tuesday Nov 01, 2011

Fusion Applications: Extending the User Interface

By Misha Vaughan

WrenchIf you missed OpenWorld 2011 this year, then you missed a remarkably straight-forward (no tech-stack diagrams!) presentation on Oracle’s vision for how Oracle Fusion Applications can be extended.

Presented by Killian Evers, Kristin Desmond and Ronaldo Viscuso, all from Oracle, the story is about the family of “composers.” These composers are all available today, and provide the ability to easily tailor Fusion Applications, or any application built on Fusion Middleware, to meet your business needs.

Changing applications easily is an area on the mind of every customer who picks up an enterprise application. The customer might say: “Ok, that’s cool, but I need it to look like THIS.”

My key takeaway: There is a family of composers provided by Fusion Middleware, designed for the business systems analyst, that supports the upgrade-safe customizations and extensions of key areas that impact the user interface. This includes business objects, user interfaces, reports, analytics, workflows, and business processes.

How it works: These composers are supported by Fusion Middleware’s Metadata Services (MDS), which provide the ability to store changed metadata separately from the original metadata. So when patches or upgrades are applied, they affect the original metadata. After a patch or upgrade, the changed metadata is reapplied, preserving the changes.

I wanted to find out what the presenters’ take was on what this means for applications customers in detail. So I asked them to spell it out for me.

“If you have an application running on Fusion Middleware,” Kristin Desmond says, “you can use Oracle’s Page Composer to make changes to your user interface to meet your needs.”

“If you have a mixed bag of Fusion as well as pre-Fusion applications, you can use these composers to build an integration, e.g., with EBS, PeopleSoft, Agile, or Siebel components – and go all the way down to restyling the skin,” she adds.

“If you have Fusion Applications, you have access to a much wider set of customizations in the user interface. You can move things around on a dashboard, hide and show things on a dashboard, hide and show fields on a page, make sections on a page viewable based on role, or country. You can add new components, such as a Twitter component.”

This presentation went a long way to helping me understand a key customer issue and Oracle’s perspective on the solution: Tailoring the applications user experience to meet custom business needs.

Want more information?

Monday Oct 10, 2011

Oracle OpenWorld 2011: Applications User Experience Hits a High Note

by Misha Vaughan

Well, how could you miss Oracle’s Applications User Experience announcements this year! Holy moley

Larry Ellison

Photos by Martin Taylor, Oracle Applications User Experience

Oracle CEO Larry Ellison announces the general availability of Oracle Fusion Applications during Oracle OpenWorld 2011 in San Francisco on Oct. 5.

Steve Miranda, Senior Vice President of Applications Development for Oracle, was on stage for several keynotes during OpenWorld 2011, where he repeatedly opened the door to discussion about the Oracle Applications User Experience.

On Wednesday, Oct. 5, at the keynote, Oracle CEO Larry Ellison announced the general availability of Oracle Fusion Applications. I did not see that coming, but I suppose I should have. To give full credit, Steve Miranda also announced GA for Fusion Applications in the morning session. Miranda is Senior Vice President of Applications Development for Oracle.

What a pleasure to be able to talk to customers about Fusion now! For those who missed it, Jeremy Ashley and Katie Candland, of Oracle, and Edward Roske, InterRel CEO, covered new design directions for next-generation user experiences as well as the core role played by Fusion Middleware in building the experiences.

A story that I think often gets lost in the shuffle is the benefit Oracle has of a centralized user experience team. Yeah, we got to rock the user experience research and design of Fusion Applications, but not many customers understand that all of our existing product families are benefiting from that same work, too.

As spelled out in a session by Oracle’s George Hackman, Madhuri Kolhatkar, and Harris Kravatz, the existing applications have all done their homework to understand what they can start adding -- and give customers the benefits of Fusion Applications today. Just take a look, for example, at the new Fusion-inspired navigation coming in PeopleSoft and JD Edwards. That is the power of design patterns.

The Applications General Session hosted by Miranda was a bonus pack of user experience updates as well across all of the product lines. I wish I could find a decent video summary of the session to point you to. If I do, I will amend the post.

Oracle Fusion Applications in the Cloud:
And how could I miss the last little bit of Ellison’s announcement? Fusion Applications in the cloud, CRM and HCM! I expect customers will be interested to see how these offerings play side-by-side. The good news, from a user experience standpoint? It’s all the same user experience, whether in the cloud, on-premise, or a hybrid solution. The best solution comes down to a thoughtful analysis of a customer’s business needs.

: There was also a nice iPad nod in the keynote. Oracle developers have been busy getting Fusion Applications onto the iPad. However, don’t let the existing product families go unnoticed, like the hard-working JD Edwards team who smoked ‘em all by getting the first enterprise application native on an iPad out of the door. Nice job guys, and a great presentation, too.

How do I learn more about the Oracle Applications User Experience?

If you are just kicking yourself for missing some of these great sessions, we have team members, both inside and outside Oracle, who will be presenting in the months ahead. Check out our upcoming events.

Sunday Oct 02, 2011

OpenWorld: Watch it Live on YouTube!

live on youtube

Can't make it to Oracle OpenWorld in San Francisco Oct 2-6?

Then tune into the next best thing: Watch Oracle OpenWorld streaming video Live on YouTube.


See keynotes, sessions, and more:  #oow11

Sunday Aug 21, 2011

So, Sten... what would you prototype in?

Sten Vesterli posted an interesting blog a while back on his view about why you might choose ADF vs. APEX when building new applications or new applications pages. 

Sten, for the organization looking at using ADF, I'd love to know what recommendations you would have for prototyping a user interface prior to actually digging into ADF.  We have our fancy art tools as UX professionals, but what could an IT person do today - no net new software needed - to start creating a mockup of a screen design that they intend to build in ADF?


Sten is a senior principal consultant and partner in Scott/Tiger A/S. He is also an Oracle ACE director and a frequent speaker at Oracle and Oracle user group events.

Tuesday Aug 16, 2011

Welcome to the VOX blog

Welcome to VOX, the voice of user experience for Oracle Applications.

This blog will be a place where you can find the most current information about the Oracle Applications User Experience.

  • We will be sharing our opinions on what user experience features are coming down the pipe and in recently released applications.  
  • We will update you on the events our team runs including our conference usability labs, webinars, and speaking events.  These are opportunities for you, our customers, to give us feedback.
  • We will provide a view and perspective into what our customers are doing that is user experience best-practice when it comes to deploying Oracle Applications.  Are you using change management effectively with end users? Are you writing user profiles to make sure you meet your users needs?  Are you tracking your usability ROI?

Check back here for more coming soon.


Check here for news and upcoming events from Oracle's Applications User Experience team on the Oracle Applications Cloud and more.

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