Monday Oct 26, 2015

Oracle User Productivity Kit Release 12.1 Enablement Service Pack 2 Now Available

Oracle User Productivity Kit Release 12.1 Enablement Service Pack 2 Now Available

With the release of Oracle User Productivity Kit (Oracle UPK) Release 12.1 and came new expert features, usability, and performance enhancements to position UPK as the premier product in the industry. New improvements to the tool continue with the release of Oracle UPK Release 12.1 Enablement Service Pack 2.

Oracle UPK Release 12.1 Enablement Service Pack 2 introduces new features to improve the user experience for content authors, project owners, and end users. In addition to extending support for newly released applications, Oracle UPK Release 12.1 Enablement Service Pack 2 Standard and Professional Editions is an easy-to-use and comprehensive platform for developing, maintaining, and, deploying content. Oracle UPK leads the market in rapidly creating and easily maintaining transactional content for enterprise applications.

  • RecordIt! Tool – To allow organizations to involve more people, primarily Subject Matter Experts into the content creation process, Enablement Service Pack 2 introduces a new, light-weight RecordIt! tool. The new RecordIt! is a stand-alone tool, it does not require access to the full Developer. It can be push-installed by administrators or downloaded directly by individual content contributors from the library. It does not require training and can be used by everyone with and end user or employee license, it does not require a full Developer license.
  • Single Sign-on Developer Login – After SSO support added to Knowledge Center in 12.1, Enablement Service Pack 2 now also provides SSO authentication in the Developer. The header based SSO implementation allows organizations to leverage their existing LDAP database for their content Developers. It is also very important for customers and partners who want to offer the UPK library as a cloud service.
  • Author Contact Information – The collaborative environment provided by UPK facilitates an efficient means of developing content. An additional feature in Enablement Service Pack 2 makes collaboration easier by enabling authors to specify their contact information. The contact information is displayed at multiple locations on the UI wherever author is relevant metadata associated with the content. Contact information can be entered manually in existing information or leverage the LDAP data in SSO environments.
  • Owner and State Stored in Document History – Starting with Enablement Service Pack 2, owner and state become properties of document versions. The state and owner changes are displayed in the document history
  • Additional Support – Oracle continues to innovate, develop, as well as support UPK. With each new release of UPK, support is added for additional target applications, recording environments, operating systems, databases, and web browsers allowing content authors and end users to stay current with technology trends.


Wednesday Apr 22, 2015

ONE WEEK LEFT - SF 2015 Call for Proposals is LIVE!

Oracle Open World 2015 Proposals are due in ONE WEEK! This is your time to submit!

OpenWorld Call for Proposals

JavaOne Call for Proposals

Thursday Jan 08, 2015

UPK Productive Day One - Monthly Webinar

Program Overview

A 60 minute presentation to discuss how to maximize your applications investment, increase employee productivity and mitigate risk through all phases of the project lifecycle with Oracle UPK.

With the ability to produce multiple outputs through a single recording session, Oracle UPK reduces content development time and cost. You can rapidly produce interactive transaction simulations, classroom and web based training materials, and in-application performance support. With the creation of user test scripts, the system transactions can be defined and tested before go-live, providing the necessary materials to ensure user adoption. Oracle UPK is key to increasing productivity and reducing overall software implementation costs.


1 Hour


Dan Gallo

Date and Time

Recurring Monthly at 10:00 am Pacific

Event Dates and Times

January 15th, 2015

@ 10:00 am Pacific


February 13th, 2015

@ 10:00 am Pacific


March 13th, 2015

@ 10:00 am Pacific


April 15th, 2015

@ 10:00 am Pacific


May 15th, 2015

@ 10:00 am Pacific


June 15th, 2015

@ 10:00 am Pacific


July 15th, 2015

@ 10:00 am Pacific


August 14th, 2015

@ 10:00 am Pacific


September 15th, 2015

@ 10:00 am Pacific


October 15th, 2015

@ 10:00 am Pacific


November 13th, 2015

@ 10:00 am Pacific


December 15th, 2015

@ 10:00 am Pacific


Tuesday Nov 04, 2014

REMINDER, Don't Miss Tomorrow's Webinar

Join us at our November 11th webcast on “The Business Value of User Productivity” and Oracle’s User Productivity Kit!


In today’s economy, organizations are facing numerous challenges that impede business productivity. Now, more than ever, ERP projects are challenged by a fluid workforce or workforce reduction, ineffective organizational processes and a non-standard knowledge platform, as well as travel restrictions and lack of budget that can decrease the value of an IT investment.

Did you know that increasing investment in user productivity can achieve greater benefits for your business?

Oracle User Productivity Kit cuts the time to develop an hour of training from 50 hours to only four, reduces time to competency for new applicants by 50%, and reduces testing time and efforts by 60%. To find out more about Oracle UPK and how Oracle UPK can increase end-user adoption, we’re inviting companies like yours to our webcast Tuesday, November 11th at 8:00 am Pacific/11 am Eastern, on “The Business Value of User Productivity”.

This webcast will cover:

• Identifying the business value of your IT investment through UPK

• Measuring financial and non-financial ROI for UPK

• Justifying the investment in UPK

• Supporting your case with ROI case studies

This webcast will last about 45 minutes and is intended for Project Managers, IT Trainers, Compliance Specialists, Testers, CIO’s or anyone who wants to streamline their upgrade/implementation project with Oracle UPK.

Monday Oct 27, 2014

EVENT REMINDER: What's New in UPK 12.1 ESP 1 - webinar

Join us TOMORROW - October 28, 2014 at 11:00am PST   

Register Now!

Higher Learning Series: Oracle User Productivity Kit

UAS & Beyond


On October 28, 2014, Oracle University and UPK Product Management will present the newest Enablement Service Pack for Oracle’s User Productivity Kit 12.1 – ESP 1. This customer-driven release blends new expert features, usability, and performance enhancements to position UPK as the premier product in the industry!

About the session

Attend the live webcast to discover features and functions added to Oracle User Productivity Kit with the release of ESP 1. You’ll see the highly anticipated See It! video output and the improvements to the assessments and Test It! mode. This is a promising enhancement to the UPK!

About the presenter

Join Oracle University in welcoming the presenter: Senior Product Manager Marc Santosusso. Mr. Santosusso collaborates with the UPK Product Development team to bring you the features you need in an enterprise learning solution. Marc will demonstrate the See It! video output and show off the improved usability of the Print Areas. He’ll show us the tracking of results in Test It! mode and the randomized question pools within assessments.

About the Panelists

Oracle UPK Outbound Product Manager Kathryn Lustenberger and Senior Education Consultant May Tickner will facilitate the discussion around this important update to the User Productivity Kit. Ms. Lustenberger has been working with the UPK since 2003 and she will answer questions from the audience. Ms. Tickner has been providing UPK solutions for Oracle’s customers for the past seven years. She will illustrate several End User solutions available for customers of the UPK.

Registration is required for the live event on October 28, 2014 at 11 AM Pacific. Seats are limited to the first 200 attendees.

WebEx Information

Join Oracle University and UPK Product Management to see the newest update of the User Productivity Kit: Enablement Service Pack 1. This service pack enhances UPK with improved features and usability to sustain UPK as the premier product for creating documentation, training, and performance support across the enterprise.

WebEx for attendees:

Toll-Free Conference: (855) 269-0554

International Conference: (816) 287-5624

Conference ID: 18799933

Monday Oct 06, 2014

EVENT REMINDER - Jump Start Your JD Edwards Project with Oracle UPK

Learn the value that UPK can deliver to your organization through all phases of the software lifecycle. Oracle UPK will help you streamline and increase end-user adoption by providing relevant and effective training for your organization! - Register Now

Join Us - Thursday, October 16, 2014
12:00 PM AEST Time Sydney, Melbourne

10:00 AM – 11:00 AM: Singapore
12:00 PM – 1:00 PM: Sydney
2:00 PM – 3:00 PM: Auckland

By Joining this webcast you will learn how to:
  • Reduce your Training Costs and build accuracy and consistent e-learning courses and training materials
  • Cater for diverse learning requirements by deploying different interactive course material
  • Leverage UPK Content specific to JD Edwards EnterpriseOne

Please join key presenters Jordan Collard (IT Convergence) and Shannon Fiedler ( Oracle) to learn how to Jump Start your JD Edwards Project

Register Now - Space Limited

Monday Sep 22, 2014

Have you heard of Quest’s UPK Special Interest Group (SIG)?

Calling all UPK veterans, amateurs and those newly acquainted with the User Productivity Kit! 

Have you heard of Quest’s UPK Special Interest Group (SIG)? It’s a great way to interact with UPK peers and be an influence within the UPK community.

The Quest UPK SIG is focused on building awareness of UPK and sharing the potential it has for all application’s training, support, and testing.

We have a new leadership team elected this year who have already created quarterly learning events, newsletters, updated group pages and resource links.

Join us at Quest International Users Group > UPK SIG.

Not a Quest member?  No problem! You can join free as an Online Subscriber.

Saturday Mar 29, 2014

Oracle Open World Call for Proposals is Now Open!!!

Call for Proposals is Now Open

If you're an Oracle UPK expert, conference attendees want to hear it straight from you. So don't wait—proposals must be submitted by April 15.

The 2014 Call for Proposals is now open. Have something interesting to present to the world's largest gathering of Oracle technologists and business leaders?

Tuesday Sep 10, 2013

UPK Forum, Planning your UPK Development Effort – August 2013

Nearly two hundred people attended the August 2013 UPK Forum webcast: Planning your UPK Development Effort.


Alex Rexroad, Systems and Solutions Architecture Director, joined May Tickner from Oracle University, for an interesting, educational event for customers and partners.


Responses from the participants include:

v  The session today was very good.  Thanks for holding these!

v   [We will use this information] within the next month.

v  These [Forums] are a great service.  I have often felt a little alone in the UPK realm and it is great to listen to other people experiences.


The UPK Forum webcasts run once per month and are recorded for your playback convenience. Access our webpage to see past recordings or register for upcoming events.  If you missed the live event in August, review the recorded webcast!


To obtain the current release of UPK, look for UPK 11.1 Enablement Service Pack 2 on Oracle Software Delivery Cloud or My Oracle Support. For more information on UPK 11.1 ESP2, refer to the posts on Oracle blogs.

Tuesday Sep 03, 2013

FREE UPK Webcast - Examining a Comprehensive UPK Solution

Join May Tickner of Oracle University for the next UPK Forum on September 10, 2013, at 11:00 AM Pacific.  This session will focus on the UPK training solution created for a global leader in the pharmaceutical industry.  See how this comprehensive solution addressed six target audiences and features content in five languages.

Gain a broad vision into the power of Oracle User Productivity Kit (UPK) for project planning and reporting, creating conceptual training, achieving maximum content re-use, and reaching a global audience. Other topics include linking external content such as video and diagrams, enabling mobile device access, and leveraging material for in-classroom or just-in-time training.

Observe real-life examples of Oracle User Productivity Kit in action and discover how this customer realized the benefits of using UPK for development, localization, and deployment of comprehensive courseware.

The UPK Forum is a free webinar series conducted once a month to connect the UPK User Community with experts from Oracle University and UPK Product Management.


Monday Aug 19, 2013

Free UPK Webcast: Support Your Entire ERP Project Lifecycle with Oracle UPK

How to Use UPK Throughout the Project Lifecycle
Join us at next week's webcast on Oracle UPK!
Dear ERP End User,

Did you know that Oracle UPK delivers value through the entire ERP project lifecycle? Too many Oracle users mistake it for only being a training tool, but Oracle UPK is an end-to-end solution that supports every phase of the ERP lifecycle. In fact, if you’re using it correctly, UPK will begin delivering value to your ERP project from day one.

To help you unlock this value from UPK, IT Convergence and Oracle Corporation are inviting companies like yours to our webcast:
Support Your Entire ERP Project Lifecycle with Oracle UPK
Date:   Wednesday, August 21st, 2013
Time:   8:00 am Pacific/11:00 am Eastern
Register here* >>
This webcast shows how UPK supports specific efforts such as:
Business Requirement Gathering
Fit Gap Analysis
Knowledge Retention & Transfer
Process Flow Validation
ERP Testing with UPK
End User Education
Post Go-Live Support

This webcast is intended for ERP Project Managers, IT Trainers, Compliance Specialists, ERP Testers, CIOs and anyone who wants to improve everything from end user adoption to the operating efficiency of their ERP solution.

Register here for “Support Your Entire ERP Project Lifecycle with Oracle UPK.”
* Please note, load times for the registration form will vary depending on browser and connection speed. Thanks for your patience.
the Presenters
Jordan Collard is the UPK Practice Leader at IT Convergence. Over the past four years Jordan has been dedicated to Oracle UPK solution sales and development. He has a formal UPK certification from Oracle University, and he heads two separate UPK-related SIG's with the Oracle Applications User Group (OAUG) and Quest International Users Group.

Daniel Gallo cut his teeth as a Network Administrator just as the boom was building steam and quickly ascended to the role of Solutions Engineering Manager. From there, he joined Oracle Corporation where he now serves as a Consulting Manager and focuses on Oracle UPK solution engineering, delivery and sales.
  IT Convergence  
We Take Our Own Medicine >>
That means that we're not just an Oracle service provider. We also use Oracle E-Business Suite for our Finance, HR, and Project Management functions. We're a Fusion Applications early adopter implementing Human Capital Management and Financials in co-existence with E-Business Suite. 
Contact us today to learn more.
Stay Connected
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Thursday Aug 08, 2013

Register Now! Free Webinar! Planning your UPK Development Effort

Join May Tickner of Oracle University for the next UPK Forum on August 20, 2013, at 11:00 AM Pacific.  Special guest Alex Rexroad, Solutions & Systems Architecture Director, will present techniques for planning a development project, including review and feedback integration, using Oracle User Productivity Kit (UPK).

Gain efficiencies in your Analysis phase by using Curriculum Development Methodology and discover project planning features intrinsic to UPK. Other topics include translation and localization, content deployment, and user adoption.

This session presents real-life examples of planning training development using Oracle User Productivity Kit. Discover how customers like you have realized the benefits of using UPK for the development of training, documentation, simulations, and end user performance support.

The UPK Forum is a free webinar series conducted once a month to connect the UPK User Community with experts from Oracle University and UPK Product Management.



Friday Jul 19, 2013

Last Day for Oracle Open World Early Bird Discount!

Today is the last day to register for Oracle Open World and receive the early bird discount.  Don't delay - we want to see all of you UPK fans there!  There will be UPK specific sessions, 6 hours of hands on labs, and plenty of opportunities to meet the experts.  It's also a wonderful event to meet other UPK customers and learn from each other.  We will have the full schedule available in the next few weeks.  Click here to register!

Friday Jul 12, 2013

UPK in China!

Join us in China to see UPK in action!  Oracle Open World Shanghai kicks off on July 22 and UPK will be there.  

Mark your calendar for the UPK Session:  Wednesday, July 24, 8:45 to 9:45 - Discover the Power of Oracle User Productivity Kit Professional 

Stop by the Demo Grounds to speak with a UPK Expert and get a personal demonstration.  Learn how UPK reduces project implementation timeframes and increases user adoption of your applications.

We are looking forward to seeing you there!

Tuesday Jul 09, 2013

UPK Developer Forum - Live Webcast Series, REGISTER NOW!

Upcomming Session: Driving Self-Service Learning with UPK Knowledge Center

DATE: Tuesday July 16, 2013    TIME: 2 pm Eastern Time, 11 am Pacific Time 

Session is 1 hour long. Please log in 5 minutes early for a prompt start.

Join Oracle University for the next UPK Proficiency Forum on July 16, at 11 am Pacific.  Link to registration web page.

Beth Renstrom and Kathryn Lustenberger from UPK Product Management at Oracle will present an exciting session on "Driving Self-Service Learning with UPK Knowledge Center.

Knowledge Center is a powerful, web-based knowledge repository that delivers an out-of-the-box deployment method for UPK content, enables extensive tracking and reporting, and can serve as content repository for UPK and non-UPK content. Hear how your organization can use Knowledge Center to centralize both UPK and non-UPK assets to provide self-service, role-based, curriculum-style learning. Understand how Knowledge Center can be used to deploy a collaborative user and expert environment where users can turn knowledge into productivity, ensure on-going user competency, and measure organizational readiness across your organization.

You will walk away from this session with a better understanding of Oracle’s User Productivity Professional; Knowledge Center and all the benefits it has to offer your organization.

You won't want to miss this Free Seminar

Attendance is limited.

Sign up Now! and then Save the Date on your Calendar

Check this link for other upcomming UPK Proficiency Forum events and recordings of past UPK events.


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