UPK Customer Success Stories: U.S. Dept. of Education and State of N. Dakota

The recording of our most recent UPK customer roundtable, Justifying the ROI for UPK, is now available. Tom Erdelyi from the U.S. Department of Education and Darin Schorsch from the State of North Dakota shared benefits and statistics illustrating the return on investment we hope all our UPK customers are experiencing!

The U.S. Department of Education purchased UPK to support their upgrade to Oracle Federal Financials 11i, while the State of North Dakota chose UPK to help them reinvigorate their PeopleSoft ELM project.

These customers found the tremendous benefits gained from UPK far outweighed the up-front costs:

  • UPK helped them address budget and resource constraints by reducing content development time and minimizing travel costs/time out of the office.

  • Both organizations found huge value in integrating UPK into the application help menu to provide users with context-sensitive just-in-time support, reducing calls to their help desks and speeding their users' time to task.

  • With the ability to utilize UPK for both Oracle and non-Oracle applications, both organizations have increased their ROI by expanding their use of UPK to additional applications.

  • UPK enabled them to efficiently create and maintain multiple outputs with a consistent look and feel, providing assets for online training and in-application performance support, as well as instructor-led training.

  • The U.S. Department of Education integrated UPK content into their LMS where they track and report on course completion. They also address 508 compliance by publishing UPK content in html format (to view this content, go to www.g5.gov, see the fly out under Main > Help).

  • The State of North Dakota is increasing their use of UPK throughout the software lifecycle by utilizing UPK's test script output.

Here are some fantastic statistics provided by the State of North Dakota:

  • Easily justified rapid ROI by estimating (conservatively) that they could reduce their project time by 2 weeks, the savings more than covering the cost of UPK just for their PeopleSoft ELM project alone.

  • Reduced content development time by 2/3 and shortened their project time by one month for a 6 month project, enabling them to meet their goals within budget and giving them a cushion when they experienced scope creep or testing ran long.

Both organizations also discussed change management and lessons learned. Many thanks to Tom and Darin for sharing their stories with us and inspiring others to make the most of their UPK investment.

- Karen Rihs, Oracle UPK Outbound Product Management


First, Thanks for writing this Karen. I was actually the person who introduced UPK (Global Knowledge's OnDemand - now Oracle's UPK) at the Dept of Education. It is a very useful software solution for training and can easily be used to support other projects other than just Oracle or a specific program. I believe it can be very useful in tandem with a helpdesk solution to document some of the "high volume" ticket areas that cause the majority of users the most trouble/effort. We originally did a comparison at HHS between Oracle Tutor, UPK (OnDemand at the time) and another software, and UPK clearly came out on top (and saved the program a lot). I have recently witnessed on a project where the team did not use a simulation training solution, but instead facilitation classroom (only) with minimal CBT support. In the end, they required 25 trainers for multiple months post go live and I walked down a hall full of over $25,000 of wasted printed materials. If I had gotten there earlier, a simulation software could have been purchased (for not much more than the wasted printed materials) and could have been available to EVERY user real time, with update capability immiately. Thanks and wishing all training and change management teams well in your endeavors. Drew M. Washington, DC

Posted by Drew on December 07, 2010 at 11:08 AM PST #

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