Wednesday May 29, 2013

Say It! – UPK Standalone Topic Files Survey

Say It! is an Oracle UPK blog feature which provides readers with a way to quickly and effortlessly provide feedback directly to the UPK Development and Product Management teams.  These posts focus on a specific feature or specific product area and have a link to a survey.  Don't worry, the surveys are very short and will not have more than 10 questions.

As part of our commitment to quality and usability, we would appreciate your feedback regarding your organization's use of Standalone Topic Files, one of the UPK publishing options.  Please complete a simple 2-question survey using the following link:

Thank you for your time and continued support and use of Oracle UPK!

Monday May 20, 2013

Enablement Service Pack 2 for UPK 11.1 is Now Available

Enablement Service Pack 2 for Oracle User Productivity Kit 11.1 is now available on Oracle Software Delivery Cloud.

In this ESP you'll find support for critical new platforms: Windows 8, Windows 2012 (server), Internet Explorer 10, Firefox 17 ESR, iOS 6, Office 2013, and Oracle Application Testing Suite 12.2. Not to mention all the new versions of Target Applications that have been added. Have a look at the updated Technical Specifications, Professional Technical Specifications, and Target Applications Technical Specifications for a full list of platform and target application updates.

This ESP also offers an optional updated appearance for your Player bubbles in See It! and Try It! modes and a new mouse click graphic in See It! mode. You can see an example image below and test drive the updated play mode appearance by launching any topic in the UPK Master Documentation Library. For example, try the Start the Developer topic. Steps detailing how to configure these updated elements in your Player Publishing Project or published Player files can be found in the Change Play Mode Appearance section of the UPK Master Documentation Library. (Note: this section is named Customize Windowed See It! Mode in the delivered Content Development.pdf.)

Player New Bubble and Mouse Click Style

The UPK Player on an iPad was introduced in UPK 11.1 ESP1 and has been improved with the release of UPK 11.1 ESP 2. Sound in UPK content is now available when the UPK Player is launched on an iPad, providing a richer experience to your iPad users. In addition, Windowed See It! mode is now supported on iPads, giving you another way to deliver content to your mobile workforce. Speaking of which, the Windowed See It! mode features a completely redesigned navigation bar. The navigation bar includes the elapsed play time, anticipated topic duration, and a slider bar representing the progress through the topic. The slider bar also provides quick navigation through the topic. Once you See It! in action, I'm sure you'll agree it's a huge improvement.

Windowed See It! New Style

For more information, please see the latest What's New in Oracle UPK and What's New in Oracle UPK Pro documents.

Thursday May 16, 2013

REGISTER NOW: Accelerate System Acceptance Testing with Oracle User Productivity Kit

Enhance your implementation’s testing phase with UPK:

Improve accuracy
Reduce test plan creation time
Create a foundation for reusable training documentation

Gain efficiencies in the overall testing cycle with the automatic capturing of process steps and the elimination of the errors that are typical in manually written test cases. Import test cases into:

IBM Rational
HP Quality Center
And of course, Oracle Application Testing Suite!

Join Oracle University for the next UPK Proficiency Forum on May 21, at 11 am Pacific. Beth Renstrom and Kathryn Lustenberger from UPK Product Management at Oracle will demonstrate how to create test scripts 50% faster with Oracle User Productivity Kit (UPK). UPK 11.1 ESP1 reduces testing time by enabling any user to easily capture test cases.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013 11:00 am PST




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