Tuesday Apr 22, 2014

Collaborate 14 Oracle UPK Encore

There were over 14 Collaborate sessions on Oracle UPK, but those numbers tell only half the story. These UPK sessions were jam-packed, standing room-only with end users seeking the latest innovations and best practices on this transformative tool.

For those unable to attend Collaborate 14 but who remain interested in the Oracle User Productivity Kit’s features, function, capabilities and the roadmap for the future, do not worry!  IT Convergence’s UPK Practice Manager, Jordan Collard and Oracle Corporation’s Kathryn Lustenberger were on the scene taking note of all that is important.

And now they invite you to our webcast “Collaborate 14 Oracle UPK Encore” on  Wednesday, April 23rd, 2014 at 8:00 am Pacific/11 am Eastern.

This webcast will dive into specifics such as:

  • An overview of UPK sessions at Collaborate
  • Feedback from customers & partners including some interesting use cases.
  • Hot topics and trends with UPK

We’ll also discuss successful strategies employed by different companies on taking advantage of UPK’s capabilities as an end-to-end ERP project support tool.


Tuesday Apr 15, 2014

REMINDER: What's New in UPK 12.1 webinar, THIS TUESDAY!!!


On May 6, 2014, Oracle University and UPK Product Management will present the newest release of Oracle’s User Productivity Kit: UPK 12.1. This customer-driven release blends new expert features, usability, and performance enhancements to position UPK as the premier product in the industry!

About the session

Attend the live webcast to discover what’s new in Oracle UPK 12.1. You’ll see the new screenshot overlay feature, improved web page editor, sharing and knowledge center improvements, and many more great features. This is the strongest release of UPK yet!

About the presenter

As a Senior Product Manager, Marc Santosusso works closely with UPK Product Development to ensure UPK continues to deliver a great set of features that meet the business requirements of UPK users. Marc began his work with User Productivity Kit in the late 20th century.

Registration is required for the live event on May 6, 2104 at 11 AM Pacific. The session will be recorded and posted for playback.

Monday Apr 14, 2014

UPK 12.1 Available on Oracle Software Delivery Cloud!

The Oracle Product Management team is happy to announce that Oracle User Productivity Kit 12.1 is now available on Oracle Software Delivery Cloud and My Oracle Support! This release offers many highly anticipated new features and improvements such as a redesigned Web Page Editor, Style Sheets, Screenshot Overlays, Print Areas, improvements for the Player on Apple iPads, and a Developer Context Search. These and other improvements and new features delivered in UPK 12.1 will ensure UPK continues to provide valuable support to all phases of your project.

Last month we posted the UPK 12.1 What's New Preview, which offered just a sneak peek at a few of the changes in UPK 12.1. You can now find the full outline of featured content in the UPK 12.1 What's New Player. In this outline you'll find high level overviews of some of the features UPK 12.1, similar to the UPK What's New PDF documents, but using a UPK Player. Last week at Collaborate 14, we were able to present this content to UPK customers and received a lot of great feedback on both UPK 12.1 and the improved What's New format.

For a more in-depth look at UPK 12.1 features, be sure to head over to the UPK Master Documentation Library which has been updated with the UPK 12.1 Documentation.

We hope that you are as excited as we are about the release of UPK 12.1 and, as always, we welcome your comments and feedback.

Saturday Mar 29, 2014

Oracle Open World Call for Proposals is Now Open!!!

Call for Proposals is Now Open

If you're an Oracle UPK expert, conference attendees want to hear it straight from you. So don't wait—proposals must be submitted by April 15.

The 2014 Call for Proposals is now open. Have something interesting to present to the world's largest gathering of Oracle technologists and business leaders?

Friday Mar 28, 2014

Did you miss it??? - The Diodes China Story, Recording NOW Available

Thank you for joining us yesterday at "Support Global ERP Rollouts with Oracle UPK: The Diodes China Story." In case you missed this event, you are in luck! Many of you have asked for copies of the webcast presentation and we’re happy to make it available here:

the presentation and/or recording from our webcast

Wednesday Mar 26, 2014

Join us at Thursday's (tomorrow's) webcast on Global ERP Rollouts with UPK

Global Oracle E-Business Suite rollouts can be daunting. You must find skilled experts, deal with language considerations, and tackle statutory reporting requirements.

But, by incorporating Oracle UPK into your project from day one, you can set yourself up for success. That’s what Diodes, Inc. did when they successfully deployed a complex Oracle Global Supply Chain solution in China.

Now, Oracle, IT Convergence and Diodes are teaming to tell their story and inviting companies like yours to our webcast:

Support Global ERP Rollouts with Oracle UPK: The Diodes China Story
Date:         Thursday March 27th, 2014
Time:         8:00 am Pacific / 11:00 am Eastern

This webcast includes:
  •      An overview of UPK’s core functionality
  •      Examples of how Diodes leveraged UPK to develop content and enhance the ERP testing Lifecycle
  •      Illustrations of UPK’s context sensitive help, object recognition, and tips on how to develop a centralized repository
  •      A live demo of UPK in action

This webcast is pitched to ERP project managers, functional leads, CIO’s and anyone interested in ensuring ERP success in Latin America, Asia-Pacific, Europe, Africa or parts in between! Expected duration is 40 minutes plus Q&A.  

Register here now to for "Support Global ERP Rollouts with Oracle UPK: The Diodes China Story."

*    Please note, load times for the registration form will vary depending on browser and connection speed. Thanks for your patience.

Monday Mar 17, 2014

Oracle User Productivty Kit (UPK) 12.1 What's New Preview

UPK 12.1 is quickly approaching and the UPK Product Management team would like to share with you a few examples of the improvements this customer-driven release delivers. If you've already read the Statement of Direction for Oracle User Productivity Kit (UPK), you will have a good idea of what's coming in UPK 12.1, but today we're going to give you a chance to See It!

Click Read More below for more information on some of the most eagerly anticipated features of UPK 12.1.
[Read More]

Tuesday Jan 28, 2014

UPK Specialization from the Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN)

Back in 2007 I was looking to recruit for my organization – it was equally amusing and pleasant to find out that UPK had become a searchable key-word in many of the online job bulletin boards! As I have been with the UPK product since early 2000, it is a sense of accomplishment to see our product grow to have a thriving ecosystem with Partners, ISVs, and independent consultants. I wanted to start my first blog for 2014 thanking you all for contributing and sharing in our continued success.

Whether you are a Partner or an individual looking to grow your UPK business, consider checking out the UPK Specialization Program offered by the Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN). This program prepares and recognizes Partner organizations and Individuals that are proficient in selling, implementing and/or developing UPK solutions. As summarized on OPN, “Topics covered in this Specialization include: Introduction to the UPK Developer, Understanding the Developer in a Multi-User Environment, Managing the Library, Topic Editor, Installations (including Single User Developer, Multi-User Developer, Knowledge Center, Service Pack, and Installation Troubleshooting), Manual Database Creation and Maintenance Scripts, Overview of the Knowledge Center, Content Management, and Application Support.”

UPK Specialization Program

Many of our Partners are already taking advantage of this offering as specializations can provide significant differentiation in the marketplace and introduce a competitive edge by spotlighting strengths and special skills (not to mention the authorization to use the cool Oracle UPK Specialization logo)! As a matter of fact, it just came to my attention that IT Convergence, a Platinum Member of the Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN), recently became the latest member in our ecosystem to achieve the coveted Specialized status.

If you are a Partner or an Individual Consultant I look forward to hearing from you regarding how you differentiate your UPK business and what gives you the edge in endorsing your specialized skills.

Tuesday Dec 17, 2013

Statement of Direction for Oracle User Productivity Kit (UPK) - December 2013

Oracle User Productivity Kit (UPK) is an easy-to-use and comprehensive platform for developing, maintaining, and, deploying content. UPK increases user productivity and user adoption will enterprise applications. Project teams can mitigate risk through all phases of a project lifecycle and dramatically reduce the time to deployment by leveraging UPK.

With thousands of organizations adopting UPK, and millions of users using the software in 22 languages, UPK has a rather large and prominent customer base. Oracle recognizes this considerable investment in UPK by our customers and partners alike and continues to innovate, develop, as well as support UPK.

This document clarifies Oracle’s strategic intent regarding UPK.

[Read More]

Tuesday Oct 08, 2013

UPK Webcast - Customer Focus: Knowledge Center Case Study

Join May Tickner of Oracle University and Kathryn Lustenberger from UPK Product Management at Oracle for the next UPK Forum on October 15, 2013, at 11:00 AM Pacific. Our guest is Robin Riley, Training and Documentation Specialist at Ryerson University.

Oracle User Productivity Kit Professional’s Knowledge Center feature is a powerful, web-based knowledge repository that delivers an out-of-the-box deployment method for Oracle User Productivity Kit content, enables extensive tracking and reporting, and can serve as a content repository for Oracle User Productivity Kit and non-Oracle User Productivity Kit content.

This session covers how Ryerson University sees value in Knowledge Center for centralizing Oracle User Productivity Kit and non-Oracle User Productivity Kit assets for self-service, role-based learning.

Ryerson plans to deploy a collaborative user/expert environment for turning knowledge into productivity, ensuring user competence, and measuring organizational readiness via Knowledge Center.

The UPK Forum is a free webinar series conducted once a month to connect the UPK User Community with experts from Oracle University and UPK Product Management. Registration is now open! You won’t want to miss this Free seminar! Attendance is limited.

Registration is now open!

You won’t want to miss this Free seminar!

Attendance is limited.

Tuesday Sep 10, 2013

UPK Forum, Planning your UPK Development Effort – August 2013

Nearly two hundred people attended the August 2013 UPK Forum webcast: Planning your UPK Development Effort.


Alex Rexroad, Systems and Solutions Architecture Director, joined May Tickner from Oracle University, for an interesting, educational event for customers and partners.


Responses from the participants include:

v  The session today was very good.  Thanks for holding these!

v   [We will use this information] within the next month.

v  These [Forums] are a great service.  I have often felt a little alone in the UPK realm and it is great to listen to other people experiences.


The UPK Forum webcasts run once per month and are recorded for your playback convenience. Access our webpage to see past recordings or register for upcoming events.  If you missed the live event in August, review the recorded webcast!


To obtain the current release of UPK, look for UPK 11.1 Enablement Service Pack 2 on Oracle Software Delivery Cloud or My Oracle Support. For more information on UPK 11.1 ESP2, refer to the posts on Oracle blogs.

Tuesday Sep 03, 2013

FREE UPK Webcast - Examining a Comprehensive UPK Solution

Join May Tickner of Oracle University for the next UPK Forum on September 10, 2013, at 11:00 AM Pacific.  This session will focus on the UPK training solution created for a global leader in the pharmaceutical industry.  See how this comprehensive solution addressed six target audiences and features content in five languages.

Gain a broad vision into the power of Oracle User Productivity Kit (UPK) for project planning and reporting, creating conceptual training, achieving maximum content re-use, and reaching a global audience. Other topics include linking external content such as video and diagrams, enabling mobile device access, and leveraging material for in-classroom or just-in-time training.

Observe real-life examples of Oracle User Productivity Kit in action and discover how this customer realized the benefits of using UPK for development, localization, and deployment of comprehensive courseware.

The UPK Forum is a free webinar series conducted once a month to connect the UPK User Community with experts from Oracle University and UPK Product Management.


Monday Aug 19, 2013

Free UPK Webcast: Support Your Entire ERP Project Lifecycle with Oracle UPK

How to Use UPK Throughout the Project Lifecycle
Join us at next week's webcast on Oracle UPK!
Dear ERP End User,

Did you know that Oracle UPK delivers value through the entire ERP project lifecycle? Too many Oracle users mistake it for only being a training tool, but Oracle UPK is an end-to-end solution that supports every phase of the ERP lifecycle. In fact, if you’re using it correctly, UPK will begin delivering value to your ERP project from day one.

To help you unlock this value from UPK, IT Convergence and Oracle Corporation are inviting companies like yours to our webcast:
Support Your Entire ERP Project Lifecycle with Oracle UPK
Date:   Wednesday, August 21st, 2013
Time:   8:00 am Pacific/11:00 am Eastern
Register here* >>
This webcast shows how UPK supports specific efforts such as:
Business Requirement Gathering
Fit Gap Analysis
Knowledge Retention & Transfer
Process Flow Validation
ERP Testing with UPK
End User Education
Post Go-Live Support

This webcast is intended for ERP Project Managers, IT Trainers, Compliance Specialists, ERP Testers, CIOs and anyone who wants to improve everything from end user adoption to the operating efficiency of their ERP solution.

Register here for “Support Your Entire ERP Project Lifecycle with Oracle UPK.”
* Please note, load times for the registration form will vary depending on browser and connection speed. Thanks for your patience.
the Presenters
Jordan Collard is the UPK Practice Leader at IT Convergence. Over the past four years Jordan has been dedicated to Oracle UPK solution sales and development. He has a formal UPK certification from Oracle University, and he heads two separate UPK-related SIG's with the Oracle Applications User Group (OAUG) and Quest International Users Group.

Daniel Gallo cut his teeth as a Network Administrator just as the dot.com boom was building steam and quickly ascended to the role of Solutions Engineering Manager. From there, he joined Oracle Corporation where he now serves as a Consulting Manager and focuses on Oracle UPK solution engineering, delivery and sales.
  IT Convergence  
We Take Our Own Medicine >>
That means that we're not just an Oracle service provider. We also use Oracle E-Business Suite for our Finance, HR, and Project Management functions. We're a Fusion Applications early adopter implementing Human Capital Management and Financials in co-existence with E-Business Suite. 
Contact us today to learn more.
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Thursday Aug 08, 2013

Additional PeopleSoft 9.2 UPK Pre-built Content Modules Now Available!

More good news for those of you who've been looking forward to UPK pre-built content for PeopleSoft 9.2!  Additional FSCM and HCM modules were released today and are available on the Oracle Software Delivery Cloud:

PeopleSoft 9.2 Financials and Supply Chain Management

  • Billing
  • eProcurement
  • Project Costing

PeopleSoft 9.2 Human Capital Management

  • Human Resources

We'll keep you posted as additional PeopleSoft 9.2 content is released.

Register Now! Free Webinar! Planning your UPK Development Effort

Join May Tickner of Oracle University for the next UPK Forum on August 20, 2013, at 11:00 AM Pacific.  Special guest Alex Rexroad, Solutions & Systems Architecture Director, will present techniques for planning a development project, including review and feedback integration, using Oracle User Productivity Kit (UPK).

Gain efficiencies in your Analysis phase by using Curriculum Development Methodology and discover project planning features intrinsic to UPK. Other topics include translation and localization, content deployment, and user adoption.

This session presents real-life examples of planning training development using Oracle User Productivity Kit. Discover how customers like you have realized the benefits of using UPK for the development of training, documentation, simulations, and end user performance support.

The UPK Forum is a free webinar series conducted once a month to connect the UPK User Community with experts from Oracle University and UPK Product Management.




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