Friday Nov 18, 2016

SANGAM and DOAG Conferences 2016 - Recap + Slides

The past weeks were very intense. I've been to Japan for customer meetings and a Dev Day and an internal workshop, then on to China for an internal training, then to India for SANGAM conference and afterwards to Nürnberg for DOAG, the German Oracle User's Group conference. And UKOUG is just in two weeks ...

You'll find the slides of my talks here:

and in the Slides Download Center to the right.

Thanks again to the organizers of SANGAM and DOAG for such intense conferences with an incredibly good program and so many excellent speakers and talks. Sometimes I wished I could divide myself as there was so many stuff I wanted to see.

And thanks to all the people I've had the chance to talk to and discuss things with. It is amazing to see how many of you are interested in all our great technologies. I enjoy learning from customers and partners and experts about their setups and challenges and things they saw and experienced.

Hope to see you all soon again!


Thursday Sep 22, 2016

OOW 2016: Where are the slides? And the lab?

OOW16 is not over yet. Still one day to go. Or walk. My average walking distance per day so far is almost 11km per day or 13500 steps according to my cell phone. 

We've had one talk so far, our "Upgrade and Migrate to Oracle Database 12.2 - Live and Uncensored" on Monday, 3 of 4 Hands-On-Labs, all fully sold out - and tomorrow we'll have the final lab and the 2nd presentation "Ensure Performance Stability When Upgrading to Oracle Database 12c" in Moscone South 302 at 9:30am. 

Today I just realized that the "wonderful" OOW iPhone app does not display this talk neither does it display any of the customer talks we'd recommend to visit tomorrow. Maybe a Wrong Result Bug in whatever database is running underneath this app (it is an external company). Poor ...

Anyhow, these are the talks to see for tomorrow:

Well, and you may ask yourself:
Where are the slides and where's the Hands-On Lab.

We will upload the Hands-On Lab including the instructions as soon as Oracle Database 12.2 is available for download from the usual sources. In between please use the Lab for Oracle 12.1 as more or less the only real difference is the new preupgrade.jar tool.

I will upload the slides as well - minus the Oracle Database 12.2 content which will be made available as soon as it is available for download.



Monday May 11, 2015

New version of the BIG 12c SLIDE DECK available

I'm not on vacation right now. I'm just very busy traveling between customer onsite visits, customer meetings and workshops, internal and external workshops, testing sessions ... and so on ... 

A lot of stuff has been stacked up in my inbox regarding changes in Oracle 12c, changed behavior - and thanks for your inputs. I will blog on it as soon as I have understood the issue and the solution - so plenty of stuff should come in the next weeks ;-)

Just end of last week Roy and I uploaded a new version of our BIG slide deck - now having even more slides (but still not over 550) *haha* ;-)

Find them here - and as always - the change log at the end of the deck will explain what we've recently adjusted/added/altered.

Upgrade, Migrate and Consolidate to Oracle Database 12c


Monday Oct 08, 2012

OOW 2012:
Slides Download

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Please update your bookmarks as well - THANKS!!

Hm ... you might ask yourself why there are no Oracle Database 12c slides available for download, neither in the OOW 2012 content system nor on our blog (and I believe nowhere else).

Simple reason: As long as Oracle Database 12c is not released and available we are not allowed to offer slides for download. Therefore people were simply taking pictures during the 12c sessions with their phones, iPods and cameras. Roy took a nice shot:

Sorry for that - we'll make the content available as soon as Oracle Database 12c gets released.

In between you can download our OOW 2012 talk Database Upgrades on Steroids: Real Speed, Real Customers, Real Secrets as PDF (3.4MB) - but the 12c content is currently not in that PDF. But a lot of information applies to your source database and/or to any upgrade - so it still might be helpful. And unfortunately the same 12c rule applies to the slides guiding you through our Hands-On-Lab on Tuesday.

Thanks :-)

Tuesday Apr 03, 2012

New Slides - and a discussion about Dictionary Statistics

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First of all we have just upoaded a new version of the Upgrade and Migration Workshop slides with some added information. So please feel free to download them from here.The slides have one new interesting information which lead to a discussion I've had in the past days with a very large customer regarding their upgrades - and internally on the mailing list targeting an EBS database upgrade from Oracle 10.2 to Oracle 11.2.

Why are we creating dictionary statistics during upgrade?

I'd believe this forced dictionary statistics creation got introduced with the desupport of the Rule Based Optimizer in Oracle 10g. The goal: as RBO is not supported anymore we have to make sure that the data dictionary has fresh and non-stale statistics. Actually that would have led in Oracle 9i to strange behaviour in some databases - so in Oracle 9i this was strongly disrecommended.

The upgrade scripts got hardcoded to create these stats. But during tests we had the following findings:

It's important to create dictionary statistics the night before the upgrade. Not two weeks before, not 60 minutes before your downtime begins. But very close to the upgrade. From Oracle 10g onwards you'd just say:


This is important to make sure you have fresh dictionary statistics during upgrade for performance reasons. Tests have shown that running an upgrade without valid dictionary statistics might slow down the whole upgrade by factors of 2x-3x.

And it would be also a great idea post upgrade to create again fresh dictionary statistics when you've did suppress the stats creation during the upgrade process. Suppress? Yes, you could set this underscore parameter in the init.ora:


to suppress the forced dictionary statistics collection during an upgrade. We believe strongly that (a) people using the default statistics creation process which will create dictionary statistics by default and (b) create fresh stats before upgrade on the dictionary. Therefore we find it save once you have followed our advice to use the underscore during upgrade. And we've taken out that forced statistics collection during upgrade in the next release of the database.

Please note: If you are using the DBUA for the upgrade it will remove underscore parameters for the upgrade run to improve performance - which is generally a good idea. So you'll have to start the DBUA with that call:

$ dbua -initParam "_optim_dict_stats_at_cb_cr_upg"=FALSE


Thursday Nov 17, 2011

DOAG Conference 2011: Seven Flavors of Database Upgrades

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Thanks to everybody who did attend at my DOAG Conference session in Nürnberg this year "Seven Flavor of Database Upgrades" (or in German: "7 Wege zum Datenbank-Upgrade - Geschichten, die das Leben schrieb"). And thanks for your patience staying with me in overtime as well ;-)

In case you'd like to download the slides I've presented at the session please download them via this link or from the download section to your right.


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