Thursday Jan 17, 2013

Potential check for corruptions

Having a corruption somewhere in the database is one of the worst case scenarios I could ever imagine - especially if it "sleeps" somewhere in the data dictionary. Recently I did talk to a customer who encountered a failing upgrade due to a data dictionary corruption gotten introduced in an earlier release.

What can you do to check your database(s) prior to an upgrade or generally from time to time? Actually I know now two powerful possibilities: 

  • hcheck.sql
    See MOS Note:136697.1
    This script will check for known problems in Oracle8i, Oracle9i, Oracle10g and Oracle 11g.
    You will need to create
    hOut Helper Package first - please see MOS Note:101468.1 to download the script hout.sql
  • RMAN validation:
    RMAN> backup check logical validate database;
    See MOS Note:836658.1 for further details - and you can run this with multiple parallel channels to speed up the run

Tuesday Jan 08, 2013

New version of the huge Upgrade to 11.2 slides uploaded

It took a while to create a new and corrected version of the huge (sorry ... now over 500 slides) Upgrade and Migration to Oracle Database 11.2 slide deck.
But you'll find it to the right in the Slides Download Center.

As we will start with a new deck for the upcoming Oracle Database 12c slide set the old one may not see changes anymore from now on. And thanks a lot to everybody who has been helped to correct typos, syntax or naming errors and highlighted topics or misbehavior of the database we haven't seen before :-)


Tuesday Jan 01, 2013

Happy New Year!!! And my top ten 2012 songs ...

Happy New Year

to all of you, your families and friends wherever you live on the globe :-)

And - similar to last year - here's my list of the best 2012 songs based on the CDs or LPs I did purchase that year - and I didn't buy much music this year but did focus on older stuff I had on my iPod for quite a while or just started listening. For instance I did get two UFO compilations, The Chrysalis Years and the The Decca Years, after listening to Try Me in the best bar on the globe.

But back to my top 2012 releases and best songs.

Anathema - Weather Systems

This is my true number 1 album of 2012. I know Anathema from Liverpool since 1996 and had the chance this year in early November to see them live for the first time. And even two months after that concert I would still claim that this was the best concert I've ever been to. Period. Just by they way: this album became also the 2012 critic's choice of UK's Prog magazine. And there's a reason for that ;-)

Listen to:
Untouchable Part 2 and The Gathering Of The Clouds

- Dead End Kings

Similar to Anathema Katatonia do exist since the early 90's. And back then their style was way harder than today. Bought this CD at Rasputin Records during OOW in San Francisco and did listen to it almost every second day since then. Don't get distracted by the strange cover - some bands need to have such an artwork.

Simply listen to these two songs:
Lethean and Racing Heart

Steve Wilson - Get What You Deserve - Live in Mexico City

Very rarely I buy DVDs or BluRays as I like more listening to music than watching it. But this one is an exception (and it has the full concert on a double CD included as well). Steve Wilson is the mastermind of Porcupine Tree, one of my true favorite bands. And he seems to sleep just 3 hours per night if you look at all the projects he had done in the past 3 years. This DVD/CD/BluRay is the entire concert of Steve Wilson's solo project after releasing Grace For Drowning in 2011. And sonically as well as visually this concert is really great.

Listen to Harmony Korine and Part of Me

Baroness - Yellow & Green

Baroness 2012 release is my "almost" number 1 album of 2012. Actually it's two albums, Yellow and Green combined into one release. I did purchase that after reading a review in German magazine Der Spiegel a while back in July 2012. The author called it The Album Of The Year ... in July. The band is based in Savannah, Georgia, exists since 2003 and had been already on tour in the past supporting Metallica. I got really touched by the variety of styles, the rough rawness and power combined with sweet harmonies - wow! Some songs simply blew me away :-)

Listen to:
Take My Bones Away and Twinkler and Psalms Alive

Die Toten Hosen - Ballast der Republik

Just a month ago a documentary in German TV did show the entire career of Die Toten Hosen now spanning over 30 years. They started as a punk band in Düsseldorf in 1982 but today they are playing true rock music. Plenty of their songs were frequently played some 20 years ago at our school parties. It's still not their best album ever (that's Ein Kleines Bisschen Horrorschau, the German interpretation of Clockwork Orange with Hier kommt Alex)  but I did listen to some of their songs very often when walking through San Francisco this year at OOW - and I have them on heavy rotation in my car for longer drives (sometimes there's no speed limit on German Autobahns) ;-)

Listen to Altes Fieber and Tage Wie Diese


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Based in Germany. Interlink between customers/partners and the Upgrade Development. Running workshops between Arctic and Antartica. Assisting customers in their reference projects onsite and remotely. Connect via:

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