Friday Sep 28, 2012

Airline mess - what a journey

What a day, what a journey ...

Flew this noon from Munich to Zuerich for catch my ongoing flight to San Francisco with Swiss. And that day did start very well as Lufthansa messed up the connection flight by 42 minutes for a 35 minute flight. And as I was obviously the only passenger connection to San Francisco nobody picked me up at the airplane to bring me directly to my connection as Swiss did for the 8 passengers connection to Miami. So I missed my flight. What a start - and many thanks to Lufthansa. I was not the only one missing a connection as Lufthansa/Swiss had canceled the flight before due to "technical problems".

In Zuerich Swiss did rebook me via Frankfurt with Lufthansa to board a United Airlines flight to San Francisco. "Ouch" I thought. I had my share of experience with United already as they've messed up my luggage on the way to San Francisco some years ago and it took them five (!!!) days to fly my bag over and deliver it. But actually it was the only option today. So I said "Yes". A big mistake as I've learned later on.

The Frankfurt flight was delayed as well "due to a late incoming aircraft". But there was plenty of time. And I went to the Swiss counter at the gate and let them check if my baggage is on that flight to Frankfurt. They've said "Yes". Boarding the plane with a delay of 45 minutes (the typical Lufthansa delay these days) I spotted my Rimowa trolley right next to the plane on the airfield. So I was sure that it will be send to Frankfurt.

In Frankfurt I went to the United counter once it did open - had to go through the passport check they do for US flights as well - and they've said "Yes, your luggage is with us". Well ...

Arriving in San Francisco with just a bit of a some minutes delay and a very fast immigration procedure I saw the first bags with Priority tags getting pushed to the baggage claim - but mine was not there. I did wait ... and wait ... and wait.

Well, thanks United, you did it again!!! I flew twice in the past years United Airlines - and in both cases they've messed up my luggage on the way to San Francisco. How lovely is that ...

Now the real fun started again as the lady at the "Lost and Found" counter for luggage spotted my luggage in her system in Zuerich - and told me it's supposed to be sent with LH1191 to Frankfurt on Sept 27. But this was yesterday in Europe - it's already Sept 28 - and I saw my luggage in front of the airplane. So I'd suppose it's in Frankfurt already. But what could she do? Nothing but doing the awful paperwork. And "No Mr Dietrich, we don't call international numbers". Thank you, United. Next time I'll try to get a contract for a US land line in advance.

They can't even tell you which plane will bring your luggage. It may be tomorrow with UA flight arriving around 4pm in SFO. I'm looking forward to some hours in the wonderful United Airlines call center waiting line. Last time I did spend 60-90 minutes every day until I got my luggage. If it takes again that long then OOW will be over by then.

I love airline travel - and especially with United Airlines.

And by the way ... they gave us these nice fancy packages during the flight:

 That looks good - what's in that box???

Yes, really ... a bag of potato chips. Pure fat - very healthy. 

I doubt that I'll ever fly United Airlines again!!!

Update: This time it took United Airlines "just" 30 hours upon arrival of my flight to deliver my suitcase to my friend's house in Pleasanton - it did arrive at 1am in the morning ... but luckily TSA didn't throw away the gift I'd bring, the Frankenlaib bread from Hopfpfisterei ;-)


Wednesday Sep 26, 2012

Oracle Open World starts on Sunday, Sept 30

Oracle Open World 2012 starts on Sunday this week - and we are really looking forward to see you in one of our presentations, especially the

Database Upgrade on Steriods
Real Speed, Real Customers, Real Secrets
on Monday, Oct 1, 12:15pm in Moscone South 307
(just skip the lunch - the boxed food is not healthy at all):

Monday, Oct 1, 12:15 PM - 1:15 PM - Moscone South - 307

Database Upgrade on Steroids:
Real Speed, Real Customers, Real Secrets

Looking to improve the performance of your database upgrade and learn about other ways to reduce upgrade time? Isn’t everyone? In this session, you will learn directly from Oracle’s Upgrade Development team about what you can do to speed things up. Find out about ways to reduce upgrade downtime such as using a transient logical standby database and/or Oracle GoldenGate, and get other hints and tips. Learn about new features that improve upgrade performance and reduce downtime. Hear Georg Winkens, DB Services technical manager from Amadeus, speak about his upgrade experience, and get real-life performance measurements and advice for a successful upgrade.


And don't forget: we already start on Sunday so if you'd like to learn about the SAP database upgrades at Deutsche Messe:

Sunday, Sep 30, 11:15 AM - 12:00 PM - Moscone West - 2001

Oracle Database Upgrade to 11g Release 2 with SAP Applications

Deutsche Messe began to use Oracle6 Database at the end of the 1980s and has been using Oracle Database technology together with SAP applications successfully since 2002. At the end of 2010, it took the first steps of an upgrade to Oracle Database 11g Release 2 (11.2), and since mid-2011, all SAP production systems there run successfully with Oracle Database 11g. This presentation explains why Deutsche Messe uses Oracle Database together with SAP applications, discusses the many reasons for the upgrade to Release 11g, and focuses on the operational top aspects from a DBA perspective.


And unfortunately the Hands-On-Lab is sold out already ... :-(
We would like to apologize but we have absolutely ZERO influence on either the number of runs or the number of available seats. 

Tuesday, Oct 2, 10:15 AM - 12:45 PM - Marriott Marquis - Salon 12/13

Hands On Lab:
Upgrading an Oracle Database Instance, Using Best Practices

This hands-on lab gives participants the opportunity to work through a database upgrade from an older release of Oracle Database to the very latest Oracle Database release available. Participants will learn how the improved automation of the upgrade process and the generation of fix-up scripts can quickly help fix database issues prior to upgrading. The lab also uses the new parallel upgrade feature to improve performance of the upgrade, resulting in less downtime. Come get inside information about database upgrades from the Database Upgrade development team.


See you soon :-)

Wednesday Sep 19, 2012

Parameter _rollback_segment_count can cause trouble

Just some weeks ago we've learned that setting the hidden underscore parameter:


may cause trouble during upgrade. This parameter is used in very rare cases to have under all circumstances and situations this specified number of UNDO's online. Now during upgrade this may result in massive latch contention due to bug14226559 - and there's a patch available as well. Recommendation is to unset it during upgrade.

I don't think that many people will hit this as I personally haven't seen databases with this underscore in their init.ora or spfiles. So take this post more or less as a reminder for myself :-)

Tuesday Sep 11, 2012

Webcast on 18-SEP: Three Reasons to Upgrade

You may have noticed that our Upcoming Events listing is a bit sparse due to preparations for OpenWorld. But, we have not gone completely silent; there are still Database Upgrade events available. One that I would like to point out is a webcast that I am delivering next week, "Three Compelling Reasons to Upgrade to Oracle Database 11g." 

This will be a one-hour webcast discussing the three main reasons for upgrading to the latest version of Oracle Database:

  1. Reduce IT costs
  2. Ensure support for your hardware and applications
  3. Take advantage of new features to improve performance, security, and functionality
We will be recording this webcast, but it is always great to have people on live -- particularly if you would like to ask questions. Click on the registration link to get started, and I hope to see you online! 

Thursday Sep 06, 2012

Upgrade and Migration Factory by Oracle Consulting

Oracle Consulting did launch a while ago the Oracle Consulting Migration Factory. The purpose of this offer is to support customers in large upgrade and migration projects with hundreds or thousands of databases. If you'll need this support in your projects please check out the Oracle Consulting Migration Factory page.

Please find more info in the Migration Factory White Paper.

Wednesday Sep 05, 2012

Workshop in Denver canceled - thanks to hurricane Isaac

Yesterday Roy did start his journey on time to travel to Denver, CO for today's Upgrade and Migration Workshop

But unfortunately due to the remnants of  hurricane Issac moving up the East Coast and scrambling up flight schedules Roy's flight from NYC to Denver got canceled after a 3 hour delay leaving Manchester, NH, and there was no option to arrive in Denver this morning on time.

So we apologize for canceling that workshop. The local marketing department will contact you regarding an alternative date. Sorry for any inconvenience!


Mike Dietrich - Oracle Mike Dietrich
Master Product Manager - Database Upgrade & Migrations - Oracle

Based in Germany. Interlink between customers/partners and the Upgrade Development. Running workshops between Arctic and Antartica. Assisting customers in their reference projects onsite and remotely. Connect via:

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