Friday Aug 24, 2012

It's Oracle Open World Time ... again :-)

Oh well ... Oracle Open World 2012 is not far away anymore. Just a few weeks to go. And you might plan your travel currently or read a travel guide about San Francisco while we are finishing the work for our Hands-On-Lab image plus a detailed set of instructions, finalize our presentation slides and arrange customer meetings, breakfast, lunch and dinner appointments. 

I really like going to San Francisco every year at least once as it is one of my favorite US cities - but Open World prep means really a lot of work, many late night shifts and plenty of extra grey hair. Right now I work for almost two days on the copy of my 24 GB Virtual Box image for the Hands-On-Lab fighting slow network speed, failing copy operations and forced-disconnected DSL and VPN connections. Well, it's almost there ... 

One of the best parts each year at OOW is meeting colleagues I haven't seen and met for a year - and meeting customers and Oracle partners from all over the world. Sometimes it's really funny. For instance there's a former colleague from my good old Oracle RDBMS Support days who had left years ago to start his own business. We live just 100km apart from each other - but we meet every year thousand of miles away from home ;-)

Our group will have an upgrade booth this year again as we had one in the past years. So if you want to discuss your upgrade strategy, see a demo or tell us how positively you wait to approach your next database upgrade: Please come by :-) But I don't have the booth layout at this time so I'll add them later.

The dates I have so far - and the topics - are the presentations we'll give or we are at least involved with:


Sunday, Sep 30, 11:15 AM - 12:00 PM - Moscone West - 2001

Oracle Database Upgrade to 11g Release 2 with SAP Applications

Deutsche Messe began to use Oracle6 Database at the end of the 1980s and has been using Oracle Database technology together with SAP applications successfully since 2002. At the end of 2010, it took the first steps of an upgrade to Oracle Database 11g Release 2 (11.2), and since mid-2011, all SAP production systems there run successfully with Oracle Database 11g. This presentation explains why Deutsche Messe uses Oracle Database together with SAP applications, discusses the many reasons for the upgrade to Release 11g, and focuses on the operational top aspects from a DBA perspective.


Monday, Oct 1, 12:15 PM - 1:15 PM - Moscone South - 307

Database Upgrade on Steroids:
Real Speed, Real Customers, Real Secrets

Looking to improve the performance of your database upgrade and learn about other ways to reduce upgrade time? Isn’t everyone? In this session, you will learn directly from Oracle’s Upgrade Development team about what you can do to speed things up. Find out about ways to reduce upgrade downtime such as using a transient logical standby database and/or Oracle GoldenGate, and get other hints and tips. Learn about new features that improve upgrade performance and reduce downtime. Hear Georg Winkens, DB Services technical manager from Amadeus, speak about his upgrade experience, and get real-life performance measurements and advice for a successful upgrade.


Tuesday, Oct 2, 10:15 AM - 12:45 PM - Marriott Marquis - Salon 12/13

Hands On Lab:
Upgrading an Oracle Database Instance, Using Best Practices

This hands-on lab gives participants the opportunity to work through a database upgrade from an older release of Oracle Database to the very latest Oracle Database release available. Participants will learn how the improved automation of the upgrade process and the generation of fix-up scripts can quickly help fix database issues prior to upgrading. The lab also uses the new parallel upgrade feature to improve performance of the upgrade, resulting in less downtime. Come get inside information about database upgrades from the Database Upgrade development team.

Friday Aug 10, 2012

Refreshed slides for OTN South America Tour

In preparation for Roy's presentations at the OTN Tour in South America next week we have uploaded a refreshed set of slides - plus a Data Pump presentation:

- Mike

Friday Aug 03, 2012

Ouch ... again OCM

Another customer, another upgrade - and again from Oracle Database to Oracle Database And again an OCM error during upgrade which is not very obvious to relate to OCM once you see the errors during upgrade.

While monitoring the database during upgrade with tail -f on the alert.log we've spotted this one here:

ORA-604: error occurred at recursive SQL level 3
ORA-904: "XDB"."DBMS_CSX_INT"."GUIDTO32": invalid identifier
XDB SGA reset to NULL.

Looks like some issue with XDB. But actually it is related to OCM and it seems that something gets created in the wrong order. Currently DEV is working on that issue - and the good message: after the upgrade has been completed everything is VALID. But it's one of those strange errors you might wonder about ...

This issue has been filed under:
Bug 13710092: ORA-00904: "XDB"."DBMS_CSX_INT"."GUIDTO32": DURING UPGRADE
and the bug is not public at the moment - but you could simply ignore that error.

- Mike


Mike Dietrich - Oracle Mike Dietrich
Master Product Manager - Database Upgrade & Migrations - Oracle

Based in Germany. Interlink between customers/partners and the Upgrade Development. Running workshops between Arctic and Antartica. Assisting customers in their reference projects onsite and remotely. Connect via:

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