Tuesday Apr 24, 2012

Some impressions from Seoul and Beijing

There was not much time left to walk around and take some pictures during our fully packed workshop week in Seoul and Beijing. But as I have my camera almost always in my pocket I took some pictures ... :-)

Seoul View

Seoul Food ... yes ... BEEF ... wonderfully thin sliced beef on the barbecue grid

Tumbling Seoul
(that's exactly how I felt in the mornung after our night at Peter, Paul and Mary's (see below)).

Modern Beijing ... very modern

Well ... or even more modern ...

There's always a traffic jam ... simply too many cars ... and some bycicles left as well

And if you don't know where to park your Lambo... no prob ... just park it in the middle of two pedestrian crosswalks on an intersection ... if you drive the right car policemen will simply ignore your intersting habbits ;-)

Friday Apr 20, 2012

Oracle 11g Database Upgrade and Migration Seminar - NYC

I'd like to thank everybody who attended my Upgrade and Migration workshop in Albany yesterday. We had a good crowd with some very insightful questions. As a reminder, you can download the latest copy of the slides here (this is the same link that you'll find in the Slide Download center on the right sidebar of this blog).

Seal of the State of New York

I did get a few questions asking when the next upgrade workshop would be. The answer is May 15, in New York City. This is organized by our Public Sector pre-sales team.

Oracle 11g Database Upgrade Seminar - NYC

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

9:00 a.m.- 4:30 p.m.

Budget and resource constraints are leading the government towards consolidation, virtualization and the cloud to optimize efficiency and streamline operations. Where should government start in achieving these goals?

A step in the right direction is to upgrade your databases to Oracle 11g. Oracle is helping organizations deliver a higher quality of service to citizens, employees and other stakeholders, while reducing the cost of computing through consolidation, reduced storage and the elimination of idle redundancy.

With Oracle 11g, organizations:

  • Deliver more information with higher quality of service
  • Make more efficient use of budgets
  • Reduce the risk of change in data centers

“We have achieved all of our goals in migrating our Oracle applications to Red Hat Linux and Oracle Database 11g. We have increased performance by 30%, we have had little to no unplanned downtime, and to top it off, we have saved US$200,000 annually in licensing and maintenance costs and avoided US$250,000 in additional hardware expenses.” – Angelo Romano, IT Manager, Office of the Comptroller, State of Connecticut

This seminar will provide everything you need to know about upgrading to Database 11g including:

  • All the required preparatory steps
  • Database upgrade strategies
  • Post-upgrade performance analysis
  • Helpful tips and common pitfalls to watch out for

To register contact Ricardo Martin at ricardo.martin-AT-oracle.com or 703-364-1457 

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

9:00 a.m.- 4:30 p.m.

Oracle Office

520 Madison Ave, 30th Floor

NY, NY 10022

(The building entrance is on 53rd between 5th & Madison near the E or M subway line (5th Ave/53 ST Stop) between the Pink Department Store & Burger Heaven. ;)

Friday Apr 13, 2012

The best Bar on the globe is ... in Seoul/Korea

As you know already sometimes I write about things which really don't have to do anything with a database upgrade. So if you are looking for tips and tricks and articles about that topic please stop reading now :-)

Actually I'm not a lets-go-to-a-bar person. I enjoy good food and a fine dessert wine afterwards. But last week in Seoul/Korea Ryan, our local host, did ask us after a wonderful dinner at a Korean Barbecue place if we'd like to visit a bar. I was really tired as I flew into Seoul overnight from Sunday to Monday arriving Monday early morning, getting shower, breakfast - and then a full day of very good and productive customer meetings. But one thing Ryan mentioned catched my immediate attention: The owner of the bar collects records and has a huge tube amp stereo system - and you can ask him to play your favorite songs.

The bar is called "Peter, Paul and Mary" - honestly not my favorite style of music. And I even coulnd't find a webpage or an address - only that little piece of information on Facebook.

But after stepping down the stairs to the cellar my eyes almost poped out of my head. This is the audio system:

Enourmus huge corner horn loudspeakers from Western Electric. Pretty old I'd suppose but delivering an incredible present dynamics into the room. And plenty of tube equipment from Jadis, NSA Labs and Shindo Laboratories Western Electric 300B Limited amps from Tokyo.

And the owner (I was so amazed I had simply forgotten to ask for his name) collects records since 40 years.

And we had many wishes that night. Actually when we did enter Peter, Paul and Mary he played an old Helloween song. That must have been destiny. A German entering a bar in Korea and the owner is playing an old song by one of Germany's best heavy metal bands ever. And it went on with the Doors, Rainbow's Stargazer, Scorpions, later Deep Purple's Perfect Strangers, a bit of Santana, Carly Simon, Jimi Hendrix, David Bowie ...Ronnie James Dio's Holy Diver, Gary Moore, Peter Gabriel's San Jacinto ... and many many more great songs ...

Of course we were the last guests leaving the place at 2am in the morning - and I've never ever had a better night in a bar before ... I could have stayed days listening to so many records  ...

Thanks Ryan, that was a phantastic night!


Excellent Source of Upgrade Information in Japanese

If you are a regular reader of this blog you will know that we have enjoyed our visits to Tokyo, Osaka, and Kyoto immensely. We work very closely with our colleagues in Japan, and I would like to highlight a website that will be extremely useful to anybody who can read Japanese. The site is oracledatabase.jp/upgrade. Here is a screenshot:

Screenshot of Oracle Japan site for database upgrade information

With plenty of good information from web articles to white papers, this site is a terrific resource for our Japanese partners and customers! 

Tuesday Apr 03, 2012

New Slides - and a discussion about Dictionary Statistics

First of all we have just upoaded a new version of the Upgrade and Migration Workshop slides with some added information. So please feel free to download them from here.The slides have one new interesting information which lead to a discussion I've had in the past days with a very large customer regarding their upgrades - and internally on the mailing list targeting an EBS database upgrade from Oracle 10.2 to Oracle 11.2.

Why are we creating dictionary statistics during upgrade?

I'd believe this forced dictionary statistics creation got introduced with the desupport of the Rule Based Optimizer in Oracle 10g. The goal: as RBO is not supported anymore we have to make sure that the data dictionary has fresh and non-stale statistics. Actually that would have led in Oracle 9i to strange behaviour in some databases - so in Oracle 9i this was strongly disrecommended.

The upgrade scripts got hardcoded to create these stats. But during tests we had the following findings:

It's important to create dictionary statistics the night before the upgrade. Not two weeks before, not 60 minutes before your downtime begins. But very close to the upgrade. From Oracle 10g onwards you'd just say:


This is important to make sure you have fresh dictionary statistics during upgrade for performance reasons. Tests have shown that running an upgrade without valid dictionary statistics might slow down the whole upgrade by factors of 2x-3x.

And it would be also a great idea post upgrade to create again fresh dictionary statistics when you've did suppress the stats creation during the upgrade process. Suppress? Yes, you could set this underscore parameter in the init.ora:


to suppress the forced dictionary statistics collection during an upgrade. We believe strongly that (a) people using the default statistics creation process which will create dictionary statistics by default and (b) create fresh stats before upgrade on the dictionary. Therefore we find it save once you have followed our advice to use the underscore during upgrade. And we've taken out that forced statistics collection during upgrade in the next release of the database.

Please note: If you are using the DBUA for the upgrade it will remove underscore parameters for the upgrade run to improve performance - which is generally a good idea. So you'll have to start the DBUA with that call:

$ dbua -initParam "_optim_dict_stats_at_cb_cr_upg"=FALSE


OEL6 and RHEL6 certification

Well, it took some time until Oracle Database got finally certified on Oracle Unbreakable Linux 6 (OEL6) and RHEL6 (see the official announcement here). One really interesting change is that effective immediately, Oracle will provide its Red Hat compatible Linux binaries, updates and errata for free http://public-yum.oracle.com

Finally MOS now has been updated as well (please go to the CERTIFICATION tab):


Mike Dietrich - Oracle Mike Dietrich
Master Product Manager - Database Upgrade & Migrations - Oracle

Based in Germany. Interlink between customers/partners and the Upgrade Development. Running workshops between Arctic and Antartica. Assisting customers in their reference projects onsite and remotely. Connect via:

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