Thursday Mar 15, 2012

Upgrade Workshops in Perth and Brisbane - Recap

Thanks to everybody who did attend on Tuesday in Perth and today in Brisbane for the Database Upgrade and Migration Workshop in the Oracle offices. We hope you've enjoyed the day as we did enjoy it ;-) Feel free to contact us regarding your experiences, upgrade successes, pitfalls you have seen and miss in the slides etc. 

Slides - please don't forget to download them via this link here.

And for those who have asked for the component dependency presentation containing also a script (find it at the very end of the presentation) to drop an unused or accidentially created RAC option in a non-RAC database, you'll find that here.

Thanks and CU next time again ;-)


Monday Feb 20, 2012

Upgrade Workshop in Jakarta - Slides

Thanks to everybody today in the Upgrade and Migration Workshop in Jakarta. And thanks for all your questions during the breaks.

In order to download the most recent version of the slides (just refreshed them now during the lunch break) please find them here:
Upgrade and Migration to Oracle 11.2 Workshop Slides

Have successful upgrades - and don't even think about upgrading to Oracle 10g right now - Oracle is the release you should upgrade to in the near future :-)

Tuesday Feb 14, 2012

Upcoming Workshops in Jakarta, Singapore and Bangkok

Next week will be again a travel week - and it means going from deep frosty winter into "warmer" areas of the world. But we are really looking forward to meet you in Jakarta, Singapore and Bangkok. And in case you just read this now there are still seats open as far as I know :-)

Saturday Feb 04, 2012

Obrigado :-)

Thanks a lot to everybody who did visit our workshops in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro in the past days. And actually our "Thank You" or Obrigado! can't express how Roy and me felt in the past days. I believe I've never felt so welcome - you all, customers, partners and Oracle folks were simply great. Thanks a lot for that. We've had a great time - and we hope you had some fun as well and enjoyed the hands-on lab as well.

Let us know if anything with your upgrades does not run as desired - or if all worked out well. And also if you'd like to try the "Turbo xTTS" technique. The note got published last night and I'll write something about it in the upcoming weeks.

So we hope to see you again - maybe in 2014 during the World Cup ;-) I'll push Murilo to setup another series of workshops by then ;-)

And thanks a lot for all your comments and feedbacks - we really appreciate that!!


PS: Sorry for the typo in obrigado - and thanks to all who'd let me know ;-)

Wednesday Feb 01, 2012

Upgrade Workshops in Sao Paulo and Rio

Thanks to everybody who did attend today at our Upgrade and Migration Workshop in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. We hope that you'd enjoy the day and the hands-on exercise :-)

And please feel free to download the most recent version of the slides with many hidden slides included we couldn't show at the workshop today.


Thursday Dec 22, 2011

Some impressions ...

Thanks again to our colleagues of Oracle Japan for the (as always) excellent organization of our journey to Japan in December 2011. And thanks to all the customers and colleagues we've met and which did visit the workshops :-) We'll hope to meet you next time again!

And here are some impressions:
(you might click on the pictures to get a larger view)

Osaka by Night

Silent Cooking in Tokyo

Mackerel :-)

Yes ... Otoro and Maguro ... delicious!!!

Okonomiyaki - also VERY delicious!!!

Fuji-san in the morning

Ginko Trees in Tokyo

Kyoto - Kinkaku-Ji (Temple of the Golden Pavilion)

Beautiful gardens at Kinkaku-Ji in Kyoto
(the picture doesn't reflect that it was freezing cold)

German (yes!!!) Christmas Market in Osaka :-)
(and the two big cans contain Sauerkraut - what else ...)


Merry Christmas!!!

Thursday Nov 17, 2011

DOAG Conference 2011: Seven Flavors of Database Upgrades

Thanks to everybody who did attend at my DOAG Conference session in Nürnberg this year "Seven Flavor of Database Upgrades" (or in German: "7 Wege zum Datenbank-Upgrade - Geschichten, die das Leben schrieb"). And thanks for your patience staying with me in overtime as well ;-)

In case you'd like to download the slides I've presented at the session please download them via this link or from the download section to your right.

Tuesday Nov 08, 2011

Upgrade & Migration Workshop in KL

Thanks to everybody being there today for our new
Upgrade and Migration to Oracle Database 11.2

In order to get the new slides for this workshop you might download them from here.

Thanks for your time and have successful upgrades and migrations!

Information: I had to reupload the slides on Nov 9th, 4:30am CET (11:30am local KL time). In case you have downloaded them beforehand you may please download them again as the original PDF missed over 300 slides ;-) Sorry for the inconvenience!!!

Tuesday Oct 25, 2011

INFO: Bangkok/Thailand Upgrade Workshop postponed

We are really sorry to hear more and more details about the flooding in Thailand and Bangkok. And our thoughts are with all the people there. Due to the situation and as we know that people have more important things to take care on now than an Oracle workshop we will postpone the Database Upgrade and Migration Workshop to a later date. We'll announce the date as soon as possible

Roy & Mike and the local Marketing team

Thursday Jul 07, 2011

Upgrade Team goes green and CO2 neutral :-)

For those people who were sweating heavily in Tuesday's and today's upgrade workshop in Baden-Dätwill/Switzerland and Düsseldorf/Germany here's some "contrast" :-)

Roy goes green in Alaska

So the Upgrade Development Group goes green now - 100% CO2 neutral, just organic fuel necessary ;-)

Ah, and you'll find the newest slideset ready for download as always on the right side in the SLIDE DOWNLOAD section :-) Thanks for your patience, Mike

Monday Jun 20, 2011

Thanks to all attendees in Seattle and Toronto

Seattle - APEX 2011

Must be an Oracle sponsored number plate ... ;-)

Thanks to everybody who did attend to our Upgrade Workshops in Seattle and Toronto past week. Seattle had a quite unusual track setup with two parallel breakout sessions. We hope you've enjoyed it as well. And you'll find the slides for the keynote "New Features" and the "Upgrade Workshop - The Whole Story" presentations below.

Toronto 1

Toronto was quite amazing as well - with so many (hope not too many) people in this slightly crowded room at the Interconti in Toronto. We've got a lot of interesting and sometimes challenging questions. And we would like to thank you for your patience :-)

Toronto 2

Please find all the slides here:

For me it was the first time in Canada and even though it was a very short stopover I did enjoy it very much. Roy and me had a dinner at CN Tower and besides good food some marvelous view. Didn't know before that Toronto within its city limits it's the fifth most populous city in North America. And even though paritally Air Canada ground personell was on strike I did catch my flight to Boston after the workshop ;-)

Toronto 3

Thanks again and hope to see you next time again - happy upgrades :-)


Tuesday Jun 07, 2011

Upcoming Upgrade and Migration Workshops in EMEA

The registration for the upcoming Upgrade Workshops in EMEA is now open - see also always the "Workshops Corner" on the right side of this blog (scroll down a bit, please).

Thursday May 12, 2011

Recap: Upgrade Workshop in Warsaw

Thanks to everybody who did attend on a bright nice sunny day to our workshop in Warsaw today - in the most unusal venue I've had so far for a workshop: a cinema :-)

And please download the newest version of the slides via this link.


Thanks :-)

Monday May 09, 2011

Upcoming Events in North America

As Mike works on resurrecting the slide downloads area (see his entry about the migration of our blog infrastructure, below), I thought I would let you know the dates of upcoming workshops to be held in North America. Our current plans are to hold upgrade workshops in the following cities. These are not links to e-vites yet, but I will update as that information comes in.

After June we don't have plans for more events until August, when things will start getting more active again.

Wednesday Mar 16, 2011

Upcoming Upgrade Workshops in the US and Canada

As Roy is really busy in traveling the whole North American continent I would like to highlight a few of Roy's upcoming workshops with registration links - so simply "click" and register :-)


DONE: March 23, 2011: Philadelphia, PA
DONE: March 24, 2011: Reston, VA
DONE: April 07, 2011: Dallas, TX
DONE: April 13, 2011: Birmingham, AL

DONE: April 14, 2011: Minneapolis, MN
DONE: April 20, 2011: Pasadena, CA
DONE: April 21, 2011: Sacramento, CA
DONE: May 4, 2011: Portland, OR
DONE: May 5, 2011: Vancouver, Canada


Roy is looking forward to meet you in one of the above or the upcoming events in California and Oregon.

And you'll be able to download the most recent version of the slides uploaded Tuesday (Mar 29):
Click and
put in the keyword into the field tagged Schlüsselwort: upgrade112


Thursday Jan 27, 2011

Upcoming Upgrade Workshop in Brussels/Belgium - 17-FEB-2011

[Read More]

Monday Jan 10, 2011

Recent uploaded slides for the Upgrade Talks last week

Welcome 2011 :-)

And here you'll find the newest talks Carol, Roy and Brian delivered last week in several cities (please find the also in the DOWNLOAD SLIDES section on the right side of this blog):


Hope you had a nice weekend and wonderful weather, too, as we had yesterday south of Munich.

Click pic for a higher resolution: Starnberg Lake - View towards the Alps


Thursday Dec 23, 2010

Thank you for your support throughout 2010!!!

Now as the calendar year 2010 is close to its end, it's time for a quick wrap-up. The TV stations have shown all their flashbacks already in early December but we'll wait until end of the year ;-)

I will post some pictures done by Roy or me throughout our travel in the next days. We've visited a lot of countries - and did more than 60 full-day Upgrade Workshops in 28 different countries:



But the most important thing: We'd like to say THANK YOU to all the wonderful people who'd attend to one of our upgrade workshops in Europe, Asia, Africa or Northern America. It was really great and a big pleasure for Roy and me to meet with you, get a lot of useful feedback, insight views into your environments, plenty of good contacts, recommendations for the slides - and finally some cheers and claps :-)

Thanks for all your support, have a great holiday season with your families and your friends wherever you are - and we hope to see you soon again!!!

Roy and Mike

P.S. Here you'll see a more detailed map of Roy's travel throughout whole 2010 with MANY workshops in the US and Canada:



Tuesday Nov 30, 2010

Oracle Database 11g Virtual Conference: 2-DEC-2010

[Read More]

Wednesday Nov 24, 2010

Find me at the beaches ... and here are the workshop slides :-)

[Read More]

Friday Nov 19, 2010

South Africa - Upcoming Upgrade Workshops

[Read More]

Thursday Nov 18, 2010

Current release of the +500 Workshop Slides

[Read More]

DOAG - German Oracle User Group Conference

[Read More]

Wednesday Nov 10, 2010

Workshop slides for Mumbai and Delhi

[Read More]

Monday Nov 08, 2010

I will never understand airline pricing

[Read More]

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