Thursday Apr 07, 2016

Collaborate16 - See you on Monday!

Collaborate Conference 2016

Time flies.

 I already started packing stuff for COLLABORATE16 - and I hope to see you in Las Vegas from April 10-14, 2016 :-)

These are the sessions I'll present: 

And if you'd like to discuss your topics in more detail feel free to visit me at the:

Oracle Booth #1053
Exhibit Hall - Bayside C/D, Level 1 – Mandalay Bay South Convention Center

  • Wednesday, April 13
    • 10:15 a.m. - 11:15 p.m. 
    • 12:15 p.m. - 1:15 p.m.

     CU soon!


    Wednesday Mar 09, 2016

    OUGN Conference - On the boat again

    OUGN Spring Conference 2016

    Last year influenza took me down and out just a couple of days before my planned departure for the famous OUGN Spring Conference. But this year (so far) I'm still happy and healthy and on my way towards beautiful Oslo. I'm really looking forward to this year's OUGN Spring Conference which will happen again on the boat departing from Oslo and sailing over to Kiel - and then returning back.

    In case you plan to visit my talks and demos:

    • Thursday, 10-March-2016 - 14:00-14:45h - Parliament 1+2
      How Oracle Single Tenant will change a DBA's life
    • Friday, 11-March-2016 - 10:30-11:15h - Parliament 1+2
      Oracle Database Upgrade: Live and Uncensored

    Looking forward to this wonderful event with so many good talks and presentations and such a great group of people. And thanks to the organizers of OUGN!



    Friday Feb 26, 2016

    Collaborate16 - See you soon!!!

    Collaborate Conference 2016

    If you haven't signed up for COLLABORATE16 yet, then please do so :-)

    And I hope to meet you and many other Oracle experts in Las Vegas from April 10-14, 2016.

    If you plan to attend one of our sessions mark them down in your conference scheduler:

    CU soon!


    Monday Feb 15, 2016

    Upgrade Workshop on March 2, 2016 in Switzerland

    Grüezi alle miteinand!

    There are just a few seats open for the Upgrade / Migrate /Consolidate to Oracle Database 12c workshop on March 2, 2016 in Zürich in Switzerland open. If you would like to attend but haven't registered yet, please use this link to sign up:

    Workshop language will be German, slides will be in English.

    Looking forward to meet you there!


    Monday Jan 11, 2016

    New Webcast "Why Upgrade to Oracle 12c" available

    In December 2015 I did a recording for a webcast about "Why Upgrade to Oracle Database 12c" refreshing the content from a few months back.

    Webcast "Why Upgrade to Oracle Database 12c"

    Oracle's latest generation of database technology, Oracle Database, has some impressive new features. It offers great potential for a fast upgrade, simple migrations and consolidation, making more efficient use of hardware and delivering major improvements in management efficiency.

    Join our webcast on Upgrading to Oracle Database 12c and you will learn:

    • Why you still need to upgrade to Oracle Database
    • How to ensure that your applications are ready for Oracle Database 12c
    • How to evaluate and test all enhancements of the upgrade process plus other new features
    • Best practices to upgrade and migrate successfully 

    If you would like to watch it please access the webcast via this link: 

    And please excuse the suboptimal audio quality - there were some technical difficulties to work around.


    Wednesday Dec 16, 2015

    New version of our Hands-On Lab available for download "Upgrade/Migrate/Consolidate to Oracle 12c" HOL

    Yes! Finally ...

    Roy did all the hard work and patched all our environments with the most recent PSUs. And he managed also to upload our Hands-On Lab not only internally to retriever (Oracle internally) but also to OTN.

    What you'll be able to do?

    • Upgrade an database UPGR to Oracle Database
    • Plug in UPGR into the CDB2, an Oracle Database Container database, and make it a PDB
    • Migrate an database FTEX into another PDB using the Full Transportable Export/Import feature
    • Unplug an Oracle Database PDB and plug it into an Oracle Database container database and finally upgrade it
    • And of course you can play around with the entire environment

    What we've did for your convenience? 

    • Switched to a new PDF viewer which allows better copy&paste - see the instructions document.
      Unfortunately we are not allowed to distribute the relatively old version of Adobe PDF Reader for Linux. 
    • Applied the most recent PSUs to the and homes
    • Fixed some minor things
    • Updated the HOL Instructions
    • Added an "aritificial" environment variable $OH12 to shorten typing
    • And some other tiny little things ...
    • And the lab is packaged with Oracle VBox 5.0.10 including the matching VBox Extensions which caused us trouble with the previous lab environment which was settled on Vbox 4.3 - so we hope that now all will go well.

    Where can you download the lab and the instructions?

    All credits to Roy!!!


    Wednesday Dec 09, 2015

    UKOUG Tech 2015 - Summary & Slides

    My first UKOUG Conference is over.

    Actually it was over yesterday already for me as I had to head back to Germany. I would have loved to stay a bit longer and pick more of the many excellent presentations. I visited a few - and all of them were great. It was a tough choice as there were too many interesting things going on at the same time. Only finding the right room was sometimes a bit of a challenge ;-)

    And I would like to have met more and talked to more people. But time was very limited. I didn't see anything from Birmingham except the foot path from the hotel to the venue and return. Plus an excellent Indian restaurant (thanks again to the folks of Pythian for inviting me - that was a wonderful dinner).

    And of course thanks to everybody who attended my 3 talks.

    As promised here are the slides to download:

    Finally a very special Thank You to the organizers of the UKOUG 2015 Conference - it was an excellent event!

    Hope to be back again in 2016!


    Tuesday Dec 01, 2015

    UKOUG Tech 2015 - 3 Talks - Upgrades & Consolidation

    UKOUG 2015- I'ma  aSpeaker

    UKOUG Tech 2015 Conference will begin on Monday, Dec 7, 2015. But there will be some activities on Sunday as well.  

    It will be my first time at UKOUG's conference. It will happen in Birmingham/UK in the ICC.

    Looking forward to meet great customers, experts and colleagues.

    I'm happy to be invited to deliver 3 talks:

    Hope to meet you there!


    Monday Nov 30, 2015

    VBox 5.0.10 crash issues with our Hands-On-Lab

    Milano - Nov 2015 (c) Mike Dietrich

    I've ran two Hands-On-Workshops with customers and partners in Italy last week in Milano where we used our well known and thousands-of-times proven Hand-On-Lab environment

    But this time some people failed while running the lab with random corruptions either shutting down the entire VM while running - or displaying file corruptions in the spfile - or other issues.

    The common thing in all cases: People had VBox 5.0.10 downloaded and installed right before the workshop.

    Of course they've did it - as I'm tempted too since weeks. Every time I start VBox on my PC Oracle Virtual Box asks me: 

    Even though the screenshot is German you know what it offers me:
    Download and Install Virtual Box 5.0.10.

    Actually the current issue reminds me a lot on what I have experienced in 2014 in an Upgrade Hands-On Workshop in Vienna, Austria. 20 Oracle partners came together for two days for a Hands-On Upgrade/Migrate/Consolidate training. And 6 or 7 had random issues with their Virtual Box images. Corruptions. Failing upgrades at random phases. No patterns.

    Only until somebody figured out via a Google search that at the same time other people started reporting similar behavior with their own VBox images using the brand new version of Virtual Box. It turned out that this newest version of Oracle Virtual Box 4.3 (I think it was 26) had exactly such issues. Everybody else in our room - including myself - running a version a few weeks older had no issues at all.

    When we exchanged the affected installations the next morning replacing it (if I remember correctly: 4.3.24) all went fine for the rest of the workshop.

    I won't say that VBox 5.0.10 is bad as I lack evidence, reproducible test cases, bugs. 

    But I follow other people's Twitter and Facebook messages. And it seems to be that the PERL problem I did report a few days back:

    is not he only issue with VBox images build in version 4 - and now running (more or less) on VBox 5.0.10.

    Please see also:


    Monday Nov 16, 2015

    DOAG Conference 2015 - My Talks

    Guess how I realize that it's just 4 weeks and a bit towards Christmas?

    When DOAG (German Oracle User Group) Conference is happening in my hometown Nürnberg in mid November every year. And this year's DOAG may be my 14th DOAG Conference as far as I remember.

    Really looking forward to is as it is THE SPOT to meet with many German customers, some of them good friends, many many familiar faces, the DOAG leaders who all do a fantastic job - and I'll have the chance to see a lot of great presentations and learn a lot from experts, customers and my dear colleagues.

    Only real downside? I'll have to board a train tomorrow early in the morning to be at the conference center right in time as my two appearance as a speaker will happen tomorrow only: 

    Looking forward to see you there!


    Monday Sep 28, 2015

    Upcoming Upgrade Workshops in Prague and Bucharest

    Oracle Upgrade Workshops Fall 2015

    I've just returned from a work intense week from Seoul, South Korea - and there are upcoming Upgrade / Migrate /Consolidate to Oracle Database 12c workshops already on my radar - and both are almost booked out completely. So if you are either based in the Prague or the Bucharest region you may quickly sign up (and show up as well) :-)

    • Upgrade / Migrate / Consolidate to Oracle Database 12c
      Wednesday, October, 7, 2015
      Prague, Czech Republic
      @Oracle Czech
      Registration Link is here
    • Upgrade / Migrate / Consolidate to Oracle Database 12c
      Tuesday, October 13, 2015
      Bucharest, Romania
      @Oracle Romania
      Registration Link is here 

    Hope to see you there :-)


    Friday Jul 17, 2015

    Webinars about Oracle Database 12c - GERMAN only

    7 Webinare rund um Oracle Database 12c - mit prominenten und erfahrenen Gästen wie Johannes Ahrends, Christian Trieb und Markus Geis (siehe auch Sprecher-Übersicht).

    Ab dem 11. August 2015 geht es gleich mit einer Einführung und dem Thema "Upgrade" los.

    Eine Übersicht zu allen 7 Webinaren gibt es hier:
    Oracle 12c Webinare - Überblick

    Und auf dieser Seite findet sich auch oben mittig der Anmeldelink (grauer Balken).

     Bis dahin! 



    Hier sind die Links zum Replay - der Einführungsteil meines Kollegen Frank Schneede - und die 34 Minuten zum Thema "Upgrade nach 12c ist einfach" von mir. Viel Spass damit :-)

    Wednesday Jun 17, 2015

    Webcast "Why Upgrade to Oracle 12c" available

    In April I've done a webcast mainly for Oracle partners to explain and elaborate
    Why Upgrade to Oracle Database 12c?

    This webcast is now available without registration etc. Watch it here (click on the picture below):

    Webcast Why Upgrade To Oracle Database 12c - Mike Dietrich, April 2015


    Monday May 11, 2015

    New version of the BIG 12c SLIDE DECK available

    I'm not on vacation right now. I'm just very busy traveling between customer onsite visits, customer meetings and workshops, internal and external workshops, testing sessions ... and so on ... 

    A lot of stuff has been stacked up in my inbox regarding changes in Oracle 12c, changed behavior - and thanks for your inputs. I will blog on it as soon as I have understood the issue and the solution - so plenty of stuff should come in the next weeks ;-)

    Just end of last week Roy and I uploaded a new version of our BIG slide deck - now having even more slides (but still not over 550) *haha* ;-)

    Find them here - and as always - the change log at the end of the deck will explain what we've recently adjusted/added/altered.

    Upgrade, Migrate and Consolidate to Oracle Database 12c


    Thursday Apr 16, 2015

    Webcast for ISVs/Partners on Apr 21, 2015, 3pm CET
    Why Upgrade to Oracle Database 12c?

    Oracle's latest generation of database technology, Oracle Database, has some impressive new features. It offers great potential for a fast upgrade, simple migrations and consolidation, making more efficient use of hardware and delivering major improvements in management efficiency.

    Join our webcast on Upgrading to Oracle Database 12c for ISVs and you will learn:

    • Why you need to upgrade to Oracle Database
    • How to ensure that your applications are ready for Oracle Database 12c
    • How to evaluate and test all enhancements of the upgrade process plus other new features
    • Best practices to upgrade and migrate successfully

    At the end of the webcast our speaker Mike Dietrich, Master Product Manager for Oracle's Database Upgrade Development Team, will be available for your questions. The presentation will be for 45 minutes followed by the Q&A session.

    Registration Link:

    Tuesday, April 21, 2015 at 3pm CET 


    Tuesday Apr 14, 2015

    COLLABORATE15: Hands On Lab: Bring Your Laptop!!!

    Wednesday, Apr  15, 2015, Roy and I will deliver two Hands-On Labs at COLLABORATE15 in the "Southseas Room A" in the morning. If you are signed up and read this please don't forget to bring your laptop with a VNC installed - and power charged for at least 1 hour.

    You will access the lab via a VNC session - there are no laptops in the room - and the hotel doesn't provide power strips for labs shorter than 1 hour :-(

    Unfortunately we don't have access to the registration data. Therefore we are unable to inform you upfront directly. Just in case you arrive without meeting these requirements you can always afterwards download the entire lab from the blog:

    Hands On Lab -  Upgrade, Migrate, Consolidate to 12c

    Hands On Lab Instructions 


    Wednesday Apr 01, 2015

    Upgrade Workshop incl Hands-On in Vienna/Austria on April 9./10. - still some seats available :-)

    Just in case you'll would like to participate in an Upgrade and Migration Workshop including Hands-On in the area in and around Vienna, Austria :-)

    I'll deliver an Upgrade workshop in the Oracle Office (IZD-Tower, 3. Stock - Wagramer Straße 19 - 1223 Wien) next week on April 9 and 10. It will include Hands-On so you'll have to bring your laptop with Oracle Virtual Box installed and roughly 40 GB of free space to copy an image into your environment.

    Just in case you'd like to participate ... here's the registration link which has more details about the agenda and the requirements:


    Tuesday Mar 10, 2015

    Another Upgrade Workshop in Reston on March 31!

    For those who were unable to attend the previous Database Upgrade workshop in Reston, VA (just outside DC), we have added another event in three weeks on Tuesday, March 31. This time we will have the nice auditorium with a larger capacity, so we should be able to accommodate everybody. If you would like to sign up, please see the evite at 

    You will notice that this time the registration is being handled via telephone, to avoid the problems we had last time with the email system.  If you have any problems registering, please let me know.

    So, apologies to anybody who was shut out last month, and I hope we get a nice big audience in three weeks! 

    Monday Jan 12, 2015

    Upcoming Upgrade Workshops Jan/Feb 2015

    The new year will start with a good bunch of Upgrade, Migrate & Consolidate to Oracle Database 12c workshops in Japan, USA, Canada and Europe: 

    January 20, 2015  
    Oracle Database 12c Upgrade Seminar
    including Hands-On for Partners
    by invitation only

    February 04, 2015  
    Irving (Dallas), TX
    Oracle Database 12c Upgrade Seminar - Dallas

    February 05, 2015  
    Houston, TX
    Oracle Database 12c Upgrade Seminar - Houston

    February 09, 2015  
    Oracle 12c Database Upgrade Seminar - Bratislava

    February 10, 2015  
    Oracle 12c Upgrade Seminar Budapest

    February 10, 2015  
    Reston, VA
    Oracle 12c Upgrade Seminar Reston

    February 11, 2015  
    Atlanta, GA
    Oracle Database 12c Upgrade Seminar - Atlanta
    February 19, 2015  
    Franconian User Group:
    Oracle Database 12c Upgrade
    17:30-21:00 Uhr - TU Nürnberg GSO - 
    Raum WE.012 Wasertorstraße 10

    Friday Dec 19, 2014

    Upgrade Workshops 2014 - Summary

    2014 is almost over. Time for a quick review :-)

    Roy and I would like to thank you for attending at our workshops throughout the globe. We've delivered more workshops than ever before. Most of them in Europe and Asia, but we did visit also South and Middle America, Australia and - well - the US of course. 

    See here the full workshop map:

    We delivered in 2014:

    • 62 workshops and conferences
    • for almost 4500 attendees
      • 13x in Asia/Australia
      •  5x in South/Mid America
      • 15x in the US and
      • 29x in EMEA
    • Many dedicated customer workshops
    • Several webcasts

    Thanks again to all of you - it was a pleasure to meet with you all.

    Have wonderful holidays and a successful start into 2015. Hope to see you all soon again and don't forget: Upgrade Now!!!

    -Mike & Roy 

    Thursday Nov 06, 2014

    Beijing, Seoul - and OTN Tour Tokyo - just in one week

    Uhhh ... next week will be a tough traveling experience. 19870 km (12347 mi), all in cattle class on 4 different airlines.

    Picture rights remain at The New York Times

    I tried to avoid Lufthansa as they canceled recently flights I heavily relied on - with no reason! And there's still a huge risk of announcing just their 9th strike within a year and a bit.

    But I'm really looking forward to the workshops, to see all the colleagues, customers and of course some great friends. Roy and I will do two internal two-day workshops in Beijing and Seoul with each more than 50 participants - and we'll include a nice hands-on-experience as well. And mid-week I'll head out to Tokyo to present at the DB TECH SHOWCASE 2014 - which is part of the OTN ACE Tour.

    CU soon - thanks!!!


    Friday Oct 31, 2014

    Utrecht holds the new EMEA record now!
    Plus: Updated Slide Deck

    OMG ... 154 people in an Database Upgrade/Migrate/Consolidate to Oracle Database 12c workshop! That's the EMEA record so far for workshop attendance rates for our workshops in the past 7 years. I'm really impressed. Really!!! And you were such a great audience. I've had plenty of fun, lots of good discussions during the breaks and after the workshop.

    As the auditorium room at the Oracle location in Utrecht fits just 120 people the local marketing folks had the idea of asking Jost if he can stream the workshop to another room. The other option would have been to reject a lot of registered persons. And the streaming went quite well. I've never done this before and I hope it was still ok. But as the other room cross the hallway had daylight windows, fresh air and more space it seemed to be ok for most attendees :-)

    I promissed also a new version of the slide deck - and here it is ready for download. Only 522 slides this time ;-) But I just added two new ones. You may check the log at the end of the deck for recent changes.

    So thanks again - it was my pleasure to spend the day with you. And I hope next time, when I'll ask "Who's live on Oracle Database 12c" that I will see way more fingers going up :-)!!!


    Monday Oct 20, 2014

    Thanks for coming to the Upgrade Workshops in Dublin & Belfast - special thanks to my friends at LUFTHANSA

    Thanks to everybody who came to our Upgrade/Migrate/Consolidate to Oracle Database 12c on Oct 14/15 in Dublin and Belfast. You were great audiences, I had plenty of fun, excellent deep dive discussion during the breaks and afterwards during the customer visits day on Thursday.

    And very special thanks to my colleagues from Oracle Ireland, especially Mina and Kelly-Marie, but also all the others who were involved in the events and visits and made it happen so smoothly. Everything worked perfectly well except for things not in our hands (such as the massive train delay on the way back from Belfast).

    Just in case you'd like to get the slides I'd recommend to download the deck via this link here:
    Upgrade, Migrate & Consolidate to Oracle Database 12c

    And VERY SVERY PECIAL THANKS to my dear friends at Lufthansa. Mina dropped my off at the airport on Thursday, I wanted to check in and hand over my luggage to the assistant - "Oh sorry, your direct flight to Munich has been canceled". Wonderful news. Dublin must have bad Karma for my travel plans as I've got locked in during the ash cloud some 4.5 years ago. 

    Now my friends at Lufthansa have rebooked me to a very early morning flight for Friday, but with a stopover in Frankfurt (which is not my favorite airport at all). Anyhow, a call with Oracle Travel showed my a flight option that same night with KLM via Amsterdam to Munich. So I called Lufthansa again just finding out that Lufthansa refused to rebook me to that flight. Why? Because the first leg to Amsterdam is operated by Air Lingus - and "Lufthansa has no agreement with Air Lingus".  I told them that I don't care if they have an agreement or not, it's myself getting grounded it Dublin for no reason. But no chance. Even though the lady on the Senator hotline asked her supervisor and his manager (and I really thanked her a lot as she really tried it).

    Simple calculation Lufthansa is doing:

    • Flight costs for the KLM flight to Munich: 730 Euro
    • Total costs for Mike staying another night in Dublin: 100 Euro for the hotel, a few bucks for the dinner and maybe the max fine of 250 Euro (which you can claim back only when you involve a lawyer or a service such as FlightRight). Summing up to a max of 400 Euro. Way cheaper to let him stay another night in Dublin at an airport hotel and make him get up at 4 in the morning to catch the flight to Frankfurt.
    And, to make my experience even more valuable Lufthansa added 45 mins of delay to my leg from FRA to MUC, a flight distance of 35 minutes including take off and landing. I felt so good afterwards, so valued as a customer who flies roughly 5 or 6 times around the globe per year with this airline. 
    Thanks you very much, Lufthansa!!! I made it home on Friday at 12:30pm - instead of 21:45pm on Thursday. Lovely, isn't it?


    Tuesday Oct 07, 2014

    Upcoming UPGRADE Workshops in:
    Netherlands, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Spain and Belgium

    Wow ... another OOW is over ... I have returned well but a bit jetlaged on Saturday from San Fransciso. It was a pleasure to meet with so many great customers, partners, Oracle ACEs, geeks and of course colleagues from all over the world.

    And I'm still surprised how little DBAs and managers are aware of the upcoming end of Premier Support for Oracle Database 11.2 and still believe in "The 2nd Release Only". But I'll write something about this later this or next week.

    And as soon as my time allows (most likely in the 2nd half of October) I will publish also the details about how to setup the HOL by yourself as we are not allowed to distribute it because of the patch sets included into it. 

    Anyhow, back in reality (still on vacation today) let me offer you the final seats for the upcoming UPGRADE, MIGRATE & CONSOLIDATE TO ORACLE DATABASE 12c workshops in the following weeks: 

    In case you'll miss links I'll update the blog post as soon as I get them.


    Friday Jun 13, 2014

    Upgrade Workshops in Bucharest, Athens and Warsaw

    Finally travel time is not over yet. There are 3 more workshops Upgrade, Migrate & Consolidate to Oracle Database 12c due to happen within the next few weeks:


    Mike Dietrich - Oracle Mike Dietrich
    Master Product Manager - Database Upgrade & Migrations - Oracle

    Based in Germany. Interlink between customers/partners and the Upgrade Development. Running workshops between Arctic and Antartica. Assisting customers in their reference projects onsite and remotely. Connect via:

    - -


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