Monday Sep 08, 2014

OOW Demo Booth SD-138 in Moscone South Exhib Hall

Just in case you'd like to meet with the Upgrade and/or Data Pump Team at OOW in San Francisco please come by during the Exhibition hours in Moscone South on the LEFT side of thehall - SLD-138 is the number of our booth (see the BLUE arrow in the chart below):


Thursday Oct 10, 2013

OOW 2013: Recap - Thanks a lot!!!

OOW 2013 is over for a while now. And yesterday we've received the session results from our talk and the HOL. And we have to say Thank You Very Much! For your time, for the great discussions, for your feedbacks. This is the highest session count we've had in the past years.

Generally my overall feeling this year was that database sessions were very well attended - and the two sessions I wanted to see in my limited spare time were already sold out. And we've really had so many great discussion at our booth 007 - and Joe was an excellent "double" as Daniel Craig was kept up with other stuff ;-)

Joe Errede and Carol Tagliaferri

So thanks again - and we hope to make you the VBox image for the lab available soon for download. In between please feel free to download the slides from the download center - or simply grab the big deck about Upgrade to Oracle Database 12c.

Furthermore let me introduce the new sections with White Papers making it easier to find them and the new Oracle Blogs section with blogs I fequently visit.

And finally here are some impressions from OOW 2013:

Adam Levine from Maroon 5

Matt Flynn and Adam Levine from Maroon 5

At the "Friends of Pythian" event - thanks to Alex Gorbatchov for the invitation :-)

Yes - and OOW happens every year in SF :-)

Cheers - Mike

Wednesday Sep 25, 2013

OOW 2013: Hands On Lab

Hello everybody,

 thanks a lot for your attendance at our Hands On Lab at OOW 2013 - glad that you've made it through our 4 HOL tasks :-) And sorry again for the slow laptops but that's not under our control.

For those who wanted to download the slides please use the slides from our OOW talk as it contains almost all of the slides we've showed during the lab. And in case you want to get the full set of over 500 slides about Upgrade, Migration and Consolidation to Oracle Database 12c please find them in the Slides Download Center to the right.

Thanks again and all the best!

- Carol, Cindy, Joe, Roy and Mike

Monday Sep 23, 2013

OOW 2013: Different Ways to Upgrade to 12c

Today is our talk:
Different Ways to Upgrade, Migrate and Consolidate into Oracle Database 12c
We've had over 300 preregistration so we hope to see you there in Moscone 102 at 3:15pm on Monday, Sept 23.

And you can download the slides for today's talk via this link.

And please find us after the talk in the Exhibition Area in Moscone South at booth SL-007 in the left corner of the area - it's just the first booth at the corner.

Thanks :-)


Wednesday Jul 24, 2013

OOW Shanghai - Slides for the Migrate+Consolidate Talk

What a huge venue! My talk Migrate and Consolidate onto Oracle Database 12c was scheduled today in the BLUE HALL. I did walk around before to see where the room is located and how big it is. Actually "room" is the wrong word. It is more like a concert hall. But usually the problem with such big venues is: if you have just a small number of people showing up you feel pretty alone on the stage. I was thinking of bringing the guy on top of this blog entry with me - but that wasn't necessary :-)

Blue Hall OOW Shanghai

Luckily many people came by today. I did count approx 150. All very keen to see how you can upgrade, migrate and consolidate onto Oracle Database 12c works. Please feel free to download the slides in Chinese from the link below:

Migrate and Consolidate onto Oracle Database 12c (Chinese Version)

If you would like to get the slides in English as well please take the huge slide deck:

Upgrade, Migrate & Consolidate to Oracle Database 12c

It contains the same content and much more.

Thanks for visiting today - it was a pleasure for me. And thanks for the excellent discussions at the end!


Tuesday Jul 23, 2013

OOW Shanghai - Slides for Hands-On-Lab (HOL)

Dear all,

thanks for your participation on the Hands-On-Lab for Upgrade and Plugin to Oracle Database 12c today at OOW Shanghai 2013. It was a pleasure for me to work with you and my colleagues from Oracle China. And please forgive us the slowness of the machines. When I did shutdown the VBox images after the session I realized that some noncdb_to_pdb.sql scripts were still recompiling. 

You'll be able to download the slides:

谢谢 - Mike

Tuesday Jul 16, 2013

OOW Shanghai - July 22-25, 2013

Sunday night I will start another journey and board the plane towards Shanghai. OOW will start on Tuesday, July 22, with the Hands-On-Lab Best Practices for Upgrading to Oracle Database 12c followed by a presentation Migrate and Consolidate onto Oracle Database 12c on Wednesday, July 23

Migrate and Consolidate Databases onto Oracle Database 12c
Wednesday, Jul 24, 15:15 - 16:15 - 上海世博中心 - 上海厅(蓝厅)

Best Practices for Upgrading Oracle Database Instances

Tuesday, Jul 23, 14:15 - 15:45 - 上海世博中心 - 411/412 室

Besides that there's also an Upgrade Demo Pod where we can discuss your upgrade and migration topics together with my colleagues from Oracle China.

Looking forward to meet you there next week!


PS: If one could switch the "heating" off in Shanghai before I'll arrive ... ;-)

Monday Oct 08, 2012

OOW 2012:
Slides Download

Hm ... you might ask yourself why there are no Oracle Database 12c slides available for download, neither in the OOW 2012 content system nor on our blog (and I believe nowhere else).

Simple reason: As long as Oracle Database 12c is not released and available we are not allowed to offer slides for download. Therefore people were simply taking pictures during the 12c sessions with their phones, iPods and cameras. Roy took a nice shot:

Sorry for that - we'll make the content available as soon as Oracle Database 12c gets released.

In between you can download our OOW 2012 talk Database Upgrades on Steroids: Real Speed, Real Customers, Real Secrets as PDF (3.4MB) - but the 12c content is currently not in that PDF. But a lot of information applies to your source database and/or to any upgrade - so it still might be helpful. And unfortunately the same 12c rule applies to the slides guiding you through our Hands-On-Lab on Tuesday.

Thanks :-)

OOW 2012:
Kings of Leon & Pearl Jam - Appreciation Event

June 15, 1992 - that was actually the day when Pearl Jam played their first concert in Serenadenhof in my hometown, Nürnberg. Oups ... that's over 20 years ago ... ;-)

So I was so happy to get a ticket to this year's OOW 2012 appreciation event on Treasure Island. Every year it amazes me over and over again how the organizers manage it logistically to bring almost 40,000 people to and back from the island. Food was ... I would say fairly ok ... and beer (as always) is not - actually even though I'm not a beer drinker I wouldn't call it beer

Kings of Leon did start. I like them a lot and owe their 2008 album Only By Night. That was a good start to warm up the crowd.

And then Pearl Jam took over - and ... wooooooow ... they are such a great live band. First of all as far as I understood they were donating the money they've got for that gig to an NGO. And Eddie Vedder's voice is simply striking ... I had shivers running down my spine. They played a good excerpt of their +20 years career closing down with Alive at the very end. It seemed to everybody that the band had real fun playing there - and it was sooooo good. Thanks a lot to the person who did organize me a ticket :-)

Catching my bus back to my hotel area down at Fisherman's Wharf worked well - but I must have fallen asleep 5 minutes after we've left the parking lot. The next thing I did recognize was the bus driver pushing the breaks at Northpoint. What a wonderful night ...

Friday Aug 24, 2012

It's Oracle Open World Time ... again :-)

Oh well ... Oracle Open World 2012 is not far away anymore. Just a few weeks to go. And you might plan your travel currently or read a travel guide about San Francisco while we are finishing the work for our Hands-On-Lab image plus a detailed set of instructions, finalize our presentation slides and arrange customer meetings, breakfast, lunch and dinner appointments. 

I really like going to San Francisco every year at least once as it is one of my favorite US cities - but Open World prep means really a lot of work, many late night shifts and plenty of extra grey hair. Right now I work for almost two days on the copy of my 24 GB Virtual Box image for the Hands-On-Lab fighting slow network speed, failing copy operations and forced-disconnected DSL and VPN connections. Well, it's almost there ... 

One of the best parts each year at OOW is meeting colleagues I haven't seen and met for a year - and meeting customers and Oracle partners from all over the world. Sometimes it's really funny. For instance there's a former colleague from my good old Oracle RDBMS Support days who had left years ago to start his own business. We live just 100km apart from each other - but we meet every year thousand of miles away from home ;-)

Our group will have an upgrade booth this year again as we had one in the past years. So if you want to discuss your upgrade strategy, see a demo or tell us how positively you wait to approach your next database upgrade: Please come by :-) But I don't have the booth layout at this time so I'll add them later.

The dates I have so far - and the topics - are the presentations we'll give or we are at least involved with:


Sunday, Sep 30, 11:15 AM - 12:00 PM - Moscone West - 2001

Oracle Database Upgrade to 11g Release 2 with SAP Applications

Deutsche Messe began to use Oracle6 Database at the end of the 1980s and has been using Oracle Database technology together with SAP applications successfully since 2002. At the end of 2010, it took the first steps of an upgrade to Oracle Database 11g Release 2 (11.2), and since mid-2011, all SAP production systems there run successfully with Oracle Database 11g. This presentation explains why Deutsche Messe uses Oracle Database together with SAP applications, discusses the many reasons for the upgrade to Release 11g, and focuses on the operational top aspects from a DBA perspective.


Monday, Oct 1, 12:15 PM - 1:15 PM - Moscone South - 307

Database Upgrade on Steroids:
Real Speed, Real Customers, Real Secrets

Looking to improve the performance of your database upgrade and learn about other ways to reduce upgrade time? Isn’t everyone? In this session, you will learn directly from Oracle’s Upgrade Development team about what you can do to speed things up. Find out about ways to reduce upgrade downtime such as using a transient logical standby database and/or Oracle GoldenGate, and get other hints and tips. Learn about new features that improve upgrade performance and reduce downtime. Hear Georg Winkens, DB Services technical manager from Amadeus, speak about his upgrade experience, and get real-life performance measurements and advice for a successful upgrade.


Tuesday, Oct 2, 10:15 AM - 12:45 PM - Marriott Marquis - Salon 12/13

Hands On Lab:
Upgrading an Oracle Database Instance, Using Best Practices

This hands-on lab gives participants the opportunity to work through a database upgrade from an older release of Oracle Database to the very latest Oracle Database release available. Participants will learn how the improved automation of the upgrade process and the generation of fix-up scripts can quickly help fix database issues prior to upgrading. The lab also uses the new parallel upgrade feature to improve performance of the upgrade, resulting in less downtime. Come get inside information about database upgrades from the Database Upgrade development team.


Mike Dietrich - Oracle Mike Dietrich
Master Product Manager - Database Upgrade & Migrations - Oracle Corp

Based near Munich/Germany and spending plenty of time in airplanes to run either upgrade workshops or work onsite or remotely with reference customers. Acting as interlink between customers/partners and the Upgrade Development.

Follow me on TWITTER

Contact me via LinkedIn or XING


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