Wednesday Apr 17, 2013

Increase the Availability of Your Tuxedo Applications and Improve IT Productivity with TSAM Plus--By Deepak Goel, Senior Director, Software Development

Find out how you can increase the productivity of your IT staff and the availability of your Tuxedo applications using Oracle Tuxedo System and Application Monitor Plus 12c (TSAM Plus 12c).  Check out YouTube video below by Todd Little, Managing Tuxedo Applications with TSAM Plus 12c and OEM CC12c.  

TSAM Plus 12c is a management and monitoring solution for Tuxedo 12c applications.  It helps improve performance and availability of Tuxedo applications and expedite  problem resolution in both dev/test and production environments, while monitoring several domains at the same time.  TSAM 12c has many features, which help automate day-to-day operations such as resource deployments, scale up and out of application nodes and service level management, increasing the productivity of IT staff as they do not need to worry about writing scripts, or moving from one console to another console or correlating messages from one product to another in order to diagnose a critical production problem. 

TSAM Plus 12c includes a plugin for Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c, which allows Tuxedo applications to be monitored and managed from the same console as other Oracle products, including WebLogic and Database.

TSAM Plus 12c Functionality can be broadly categorized as follows:

  1. Application Performance Management:  TSAM Plus 12c greatly improves application performance by providing unique functionality to automatically detect performance bottlenecks; quickly diagnose these performance problems, and identify their root cause
  2. Operations Automation: TSAM Plus 12c automates common manual and error prone operations allowing administrators to focus on more strategic initiatives. With TSAM Plus 12c , Tuxedo applications can be packaged in a self contained application package along with required configuration artifacts and stored in a central repository, ready for deployment, to an existing domain, or to interactively create a new Tuxedo domain or to add additional nodes to an existing domain. Both physical and virtual environments are supported.  In addition, With TSAM Plus 12c, it is much easier to make changes in configuration of Tuxedo applications in production environment without having to restart the application, thus avoiding costly downtime. With TSAM Plus 12c, A Tuxedo domain can be changed dynamically, in addition to creating a new Tuxedo domain from scratch. TSAM Plus 12c also helps with day-to-day operational tasks, such as manually start and stop applications and start new instances of an application server.
  3. Service Level Management: TSAM Plus 12c helps IT organizations to achieve high availability, performance, and optimized service levels for their business services.

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Wednesday Oct 06, 2010

TSAM SLA Monitoring

One of the most powerful features of TSAM is the ability to monitor Service Level Agreements. TSAM provides two alerting mechanisms. One allows you define alerts that should be checked by the TSAM console. As data is reported to TSAM Manager (the data collection and storage portion of TSAM) it is compared against alerts that have been defined in the console. This can be a great tool in monitoring your Tuxedo applications.

The one drawback though is that the data has to be reported to TSAM Manager. Given that many Tuxedo applications process 100's or 1000's of requests per second, if the monitoring policies for these kinds of applications enable reporting most of the information that can be collected, it is likely that the TSAM Manager component will be overwhelmed with too much data.

In order to provide finer grained monitoring and ensure that SLAs are being adhered to, TSAM allows alerts to be defined at the plug-in level. The triggering of these alerts is based upon an FML32 boolean expression against the monitoring data evaluating to true. Once an alert is triggered, an alert may be sent to the TSAM Manager, trigger a Tuxedo event to be processed by the Tuxedo EventBroker, and optionally have the message be dropped from the servers IPC queue in the event that there is no point in processing the request.

In my next post, I'll give the details on how these sorts of alerts are defined and some additional ideas about what sort of actions you might want to take place when these alerts are triggered.

Todd Little
Oracle Tuxedo Chief Architect

Friday Jul 30, 2010

OTN Virtual Developer Day in North America a huge success

If you missed the Virtual Developer Day for Tuxedo sponsored by Oracle Technology Network, then you missed out on a great event. Attendees got to listen to a keynote on how to develop SOA applications without killing your performance. As well they learned what Tuxedo and scripting languages can do for developing agile fast time to market applications using the combination of Tuxedo's robust infrastructure with the quick development time associated with scripting languages. Finally attendees were able to try these things out by executing hands on labs either on the Rackspace Cloud or on their own machines using a downloadable VirtualBox appliance that contained all the necessary software.

The good news is that if you missed the event, you can still go to the event and listen to the sessions and try the hands on labs. Simply visit the event's wiki home page and select Post Conference Content Access.


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