Friday Sep 19, 2014

Tuxedo at Oracle Open World 2014

The Tuxedo team will be present in force at Oracle Open World 2014.  We have 7 sessions directly related to Tuxedo presented by engineers, customers,  architects, and product management.  Please add them to your schedule builder so you don't miss them.  They are:

Monday 2:45-3:30PM Moscone South 304
Oracle Tuxedo 12.1.3: What’s New and Why You Should Care [CON8261]

Come hear Frank Xiong - VP for the Tuxedo product family, describe what we've been working on.  He'll be joined by Deepak Goel - Tuxedo Product Manager, and Anastasio Garcia - Middleware, SOA & Delivery Manager from Telefónica España.

Monday 4:15-5:15PM Hotel Nikko - Nikko Ballroom III
Simplify and Optimize Oracle Tuxedo Application Deployments and Management [HOL9448]

Jared Li - Tuxedo development manager, and Chris Guo - Principle Member of Technical Staff will conduct a hands-on lab using Oracle TSAM Plus, Oracle Enterprise Manager, and Oracle Business Transaction Management to monitor, manage, and administer Tuxedo applications. 

Monday 5:45-6:45PM Hotel Nikko - Nikko Ballroom III
Use Java, the Spring Framework, and Oracle Tuxedo to Extend Existing C/C++/COBOL Apps [HOL9447]

A cast of thousands (Maggie Li, Chris Guo, Maurice Gamanho, and myself) will conduct a hands on lab demonstrating how easy it is to use Java and Spring to develop and extend Tuxedo applications. 

Tuesday 10:45-11:30AM Moscone South 200
Oracle Tuxedo Makes It Easy to Develop Composite Apps with Java, C, C++, and COBOL [CON8228]

Jared Li and Deepak Goel will present ways customers can develop composite applications that leverage the performance of C/C++/COBOL while still allowing the rapid creation of business logic in Java, all in a single environment.

Tuesday 7:00-7:45PM Moscone South 301
Oracle Tuxedo Monitoring and Management: Birds-of-a-Feather Meeting [BOF9641]

Come to a Birds of a Feather sessions where Deepak Goel, myself, and Mark Rakhmilevich will present some information on monitoring and managing best practices as well as an open discussion about how to best manage, monitor, and administer Tuxedo applications.

Wednesday 3:30-4:15PM Moscone South 200
The ART and Practice of Mainframe Migration and Modernization [CON8229]

Mark Rakhmilevich - Sr. Director Product Management/Strategy, Rui Pereira - Principal Sales Consultant, and Jeffrey Dolberg - Senior Principal Product Manager, will describe how customers are migrating their mainframe CICS, IMS and batch applications from costly IBM mainframe environments to open systems with Tuxedo and Tuxedo ART.

Thursday 9:30-10:15AM Marriott Marquis - Salon 14/15
Management and Monitoring of Oracle Tuxedo: Integrated, Automated [CON8273]

I will be presenting on the new features in TSAM Plus 12c that can be used to efficiently manage, monitor, and administer Tuxedo applications.  I will cover the recent integration of the Tuxedo observer for BTM, and how to decide on the right tool and strategy to address common performance and availability issues. 

And as always please stop by the Tuxedo booth in the Oracle DEMOgrounds in Moscone South.  We love to see customers and answer their questions.  This is your chance to meet product developers, product managers, engineering managers, and architects all focused on Tuxedo!

Hope to see you there!!

Todd Little
Oracle Tuxedo Chief Architect 

Wednesday Aug 24, 2011

Oracle Tuxedo at OOW 2011

Oracle Open World 2011 is just around the corner. There will be quite a bit of Oracle Tuxedo specific activities this year. We will host five breakouts, two hands-on-labs and one birds-of-feather session. You will hear what’s new with Tuxedo and see many of the new features in action at the demo grounds. We will kick off the activities with Tuxedo roadmap discussion and delve into new features introduced over the last year, such as deploying existing Tuxedo applications and/or mainframe applications on Exalogic for better performance, reduced complexity and reduced operating expenses. Here is chronological listing of all Tuxedo related sessions:

1. 15730: Oracle Tuxedo: Roadmap and Strategy - Monday, 2pm

2. 15705: High performance web applications with C/C++/PHP/Python - Monday, 5pm

3. 33700: Birds-of-Feather: Road to Oracle Exalogic for Oracle Tuxedo Applications – Monday, 6:30pm

4. 15040: The ART and Practice of Mainframe Migration and Modernization – Tuesday, 4pm

5. 31020: Hands-on-Lab: Mainframe to Oracle Exalogic – Wednesday, 4:45pm

6. 15703: Integrating Oracle WebLogic/SOA with Legacy Mainframe Applications - Thursday, 10:30am

7. 31120: Hands-on-Lab: Develop High performance, service-oriented C/C++ applications for Oracle Exalogic – Thursday, 12pm

8. 15731: Modernizing Mainframe Applications Using Oracle Tuxedo ART 11g – Thursday, 1:30pm

Hope to see you in these sessions and at demo grounds!

Deepak Goel

Sr. Director, Tuxedo Development


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