Monday Jul 19, 2010

Sun Ray Connector for VMware View 4 Available

In a recent post I highlighted some new features offered for Sun Ray Software 5.  If you actually read the press release, you probably saw mention of a "Sun Ray connector for VMware View 4".  And you might be wondering why I didn't blog about it in that recent post.

Since people are asking about it,  I thought it would be smart to provide the link to the actual software.  You can download the Sun Ray Connector for VMWare View 1.2 Manager today.  You can also read the Installation and Configuration Guide.

Why didn't I mention1 this new feature?  I was actually waiting to blog about it once the VMware HCL pages reflected both the new software and Sun Ray 3+ as being View 4 Certified under a search for "Oracle".  But since the software is available, why wait?  The certification process is done, and we are just waiting on web pages to be updated, so have at it.

Update:  Since I was already asked if the VMware View 4 certification applies to only the Sun Ray 3 Plus, I thought it best if I addressed that here as well.  If you understand the Sun Ray Architecture (i.e. nothing runs on the Sun Ray itself, it all runs on the Sun Ray Server) , there's no reason to have any correlation between the actual Sun Ray device models and our Sun Ray Connector for VMWare View.  However, that's not how VMware does their HCL (or one can read that as nothing else is like a Sun Ray). So in short, this will work with everything from a Sun Ray 1 to a Sun Ray 3+ (including the OVDC) though our MMR features will vary.   We've asked VMware and we will have to wait to see how open they are to a single entry that reads "All Sun Ray Clients".

1Since I'm all about honesty, now I'll tell you the real reason I didn't mention it.  I \*thought\* we were going to name it something easy to remember that,  you know, made sense to someone looking for a Sun Ray connector that was certified to work with View 4.  Perhaps even something catchy like "Sun Ray Connector for VMware View 4".  When looking at the download page I saw "Sun Ray Connector for VMware View 1.2 Manager" and thought it was the old version. Note this is purely my opinion and it is not that of my employer, nor is it meant to disparage, poke fun at2,  or otherwise make those who named the product feel bad.  I honestly thought we were changing the name.

2 OK, I may be poking fun, but it is well intended, utmost respect, kind of poking fun.

Thursday Feb 05, 2009

Meta Kiosk: How to run multiple different types of kiosk modes on a Sun Ray Server/FOG

Haven't you ever wanted to be able to have more than one type of  kiosk running from the same Sun Ray server or FOG? Now you can. JDS, UTTSC, VDA, VDA no Card, VDM, and even non-kiosk uses like X11 (using Xnest), VNC and full screen apps. (I've even thrown utswitch and xterm for convenience.)

I've "productised" a Kiosk mode that sits above other Kiosks to call on them as required - as always, based on what you tell your tokens to use, leveraging the "Other Info" field.

It's called "META KIOSK".

Monday Jan 26, 2009

VDI Performance and Scalability on Sun Fire X4450 and X4600 servers

While most of our readers by now recognize the technical guidelines for scaling and performance of a VDI setup based on shared experiences (Sun and VMware), it is always good to have a "measureable" standard reference to use as a starting point. Here are official references of a set of independent test reports commissioned by Sun and produced by Lionbridge/Veritest:

The tests were performed using Windows XP SP3 with 512MB and 1 vCPU as the base VDI desktop.

Wednesday Jan 07, 2009

Sun Ray Connector for VMware Virtual Desktop Manager (SRVC)

With the release of the Sun Ray Connector for VMware VDM/View several blog entries have been written to document the procedures for setup and configuration:

/All articles with tag 'srvc'

31Jan2009 Update

  • acworkma & madhatter did some collaboration & testing (acworkma did the testing)
  • The SRVDM connector does not handle lock screen @ VM disconnect (pull card, etc.)
  • To ensure Windows VM receives a lockscreen (Meta L) @ disconnect, you need to handle that.
  • Easiest way to do that is to install bhlackey's Sun Ray Connector Lockscreen SRWC Lockscreen Addon that's available here

Tuesday Mar 18, 2008

More on VDI

Chris has an excellent post over on his blog regarding our latest VDI offering.  Enjoy!

Friday Sep 28, 2007

Virtual Desktop Webcast

If you missed the excellent live webcast on September 26th featuring our Virtual Desktop solution for Government, Education, and Healthcare (GEH), you can watch a replay here.

The VMWare/Sun webcast from September 27th will be available shortly and I will post a link when I have it. 

Monday Jun 04, 2007

Virtually Down Under

G'day mates!  How ya going?  Check out Matthew Legg and (Think Thin's) Daniel Cifuentes speak with Laurie Wong regarding Sun's Virtual Desktop solutions.

Webpage here, podcast here.

Thursday Feb 22, 2007

VD Access Kit Cookbook

A cookbook for Sun's Virtual Desktop Access Kit has been posted on the Sun Ray Users Wiki.


Friday Feb 16, 2007

Virtual Desktop Access Kit 1.0 now available

Though Warren has left, the work goes on.

Presenting version 1.0 of the Virtual Desktop Access Kit.  This is the glue that brings it all together and what makes Virtual Desktop Infrastructure something to get excited about.  Sure, you can go "buy" some glue from other places, or you can get it free from Sun.  I like free.

Now about the name...VD Access Kit.  Too many bad jokes there.  Please, please, please practice safe access.  You can start by using a thin client that cannot get infected.

Saturday Nov 11, 2006

Ponders Ponderings from VMworld 2006

VMworld 2006 Ponderings

Think Thin is a collection of bloggers that work with Oracle's Virtual Desktop portfolio of products.


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