Thursday Apr 08, 2010

The New Sun Ray Hardware Information Center...Pass It Along!

This might be old news for some of you, but Oracle has just released the new Sun Ray 3 Plus Client.  Beyond providing the normal Getting Started Guide that typically comes in the box, the product team wanted to provide a place to give you (our users) up-to-the-minute release notes, detailed technical specifications, and the environmental data for the new shiny Sun Ray. 

Since I was fresh off of using for the Sun Ray Software 5 release, I made the case for to be that place for sharing and the Sun Ray Hardware Information Center was born.

The Sun Ray Hardware Information Center isn't fancy (yet), but it does provide the juicy tidbits and important information for the new Sun Ray 3 Plus Client.  If there is anything missing or other information you'd like to see, either provide a comment on the wiki or on this blog.  As always, I'll see what I can do.

BTW, here's a cool unboxing video of the Sun Ray 3 Plus Client.

Paul Kasper, Sun Ray documentation guy

Monday Jun 09, 2008

The Great Debate

    Short notice here, but if you are in the Santa Clara area tomorrow (Wednesday), don't miss this Intel sponsored Eco-Technology debate, including a debate on Thick Vs. Thin clients, with representation for Sun Ray on the panel by Craig Bender. Here on the East coast, we are in the midst of an early heat wave, reminding us all of the importance of energy conservation to save ourselves and to save the planet. Think green, think thin.

Friday Sep 28, 2007

SRSS 4.0 Add-ons

I have put together a set of handy add-on packages for SRSS 4.0.

These are easy to install and automatically configured components which deliver typically desired features.

The current set of Add-ons include:
  • Remote Control Toolkit - Remote Control functions for all SRSS sessions based on VNC - Updated for SRSS 4.0
  • Follow-Me Printing - Integrates the basic follow-me printing functionality
  • Sun Ray Windows Connector Lockscreen - Provides "Lock-on-card-removal" function for uttsc sessions
  • Kiosk Generic Session - Provides a blank X Canvas which will run the script given in the Arguments field of the Kiosk GUI
Future Add-ons in the works:
  • ICA Kiosk Session - Complete, easy to install and configure ICA session. Including all .ini file manipulation. I'm almost done here. Need to fix a keyboard issue with Linux
  • SRWC Advanced USB - Using the scrips provided by Daniel Cifuentes, this should simplify access to USB devices
  • Kiosk Billboard - Provides an easy to use mechanism for using Sun Rays as electronic billboard devices.
All Add-ons are installed by running an script, and come with a detailed README.

More detailed information and download links can be found on the wiki:

DISCLAIMER: The software script(s) included with this package are not a generally available standard Sun product. It is a fundamental condition of supply of the software script(s) that Customer accepts them 'as is' and without warranty of any kind.

No support services of any kind are available for the software script(s). There is no guarantee that operation of any of the software script(s) shall be uninterrupted or error free. Nor that functions contained in the software script(s) shall operate in the combinations which may be selected for use.

There is also no promise that updated or upgraded versions of the software script(s) will be issued.

Please give these a try, and let me know what breaks, and what I've missed and I'll try to get it fixed. Also, if you have any ideas for other Add-Ons, please let me know.

Monday Sep 24, 2007

FUD Fighting

There's a lot of Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt (FUD) out there regarding Sun Rays.  Most of it being driven by our thin client competition.  I've even seen a "white paper" that claims to tell the truth about Sun Rays, then adds a disclaimer at the end that they don't stand behind anything in the paper.  Nice.

Over the course of the next few weeks, I will be taking on these "truths".  Let's start with the claims of Sun Ray being "proprietary".

Claim: All Sun Ray clients must connect to a proprietary Solaris Sun Ray Server

False.  We've had Linux support for years.  While we may not support the distro you want to run (i.e. Ubuntu), at least it's there and supported on two major distros.  There is also FUD here with the word proprietary being used.  Is Solaris, an OS that can be installed on SPARC, AMD, Intel based chip sets proprietary? Is Microsoft open sourcing their OS?  No?  Perhaps instead of proprietary, the competition meant to talk about market share.  That just doesn't strike as much FUD into the minds of the customer though, does it?  Especially when you can get to windows via RDP or ICA via the Sun Ray Server easier than you can do it on the competitions devices.




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