Thursday Oct 28, 2010

Documentation Updates for Sun Ray Software 5.1 and Sun Ray 3 Series Clients

Sun Ray 3 Series ClientsWe've had some product announcements the past few months and I want to make sure you all remember where to find the latest documentation.

The Sun Ray 3 and Sun Ray 3i clients are now available and you can find out all about their technical specifications and cool environmental stats on the Sun Ray Hardware Information Center.  If you need additional information about these thin clients that you can't find on the site, don't hesitate to ask.

Just this week, we announced the new Sun Ray Software 5.1 release, which has a number of new features aimed at the Windows connector feature (SRWC).  Check out the SRS 5.1 product documentation.

Thursday Jan 28, 2010

SRS Patch Information

We've put together a page on the SRS wiki that provides all the latest Sun Ray Software patch information.  We don't have any patches yet for the new SRS 5 release, but we have a placeholder when they are released.

Oh, and here's a little tutorial about how you can tell what SRS patches are already installed on your Sun Ray servers.

  • For Solaris:  showrev -p | grep SUNWut
  • For Linux:  rpm -q SUNWutfw

Remember, patching your systems will help you avoid time consuming problems in the future, and time is money.

- Paul, SRS documentation lead

Monday Nov 16, 2009

Sharing is Nice: The User Tested USB Redirection List

We all learn at an early age that sharing is the right thing to do.  I get to constantly remind my 3- and 5-year old girls about this very important aspect about being a good person.

How do I get from small kids sharing to the new Sun Ray Software 5 release?  Wait for it...wait for it....

It's another ThinkThin update about the Sun Ray Software wiki!

In my earlier posts, I talked about how you can use the Comment feature on any page to leave feedback. And, I still encourage everyone to keep doing that.

But, since the SRS 5 Early Access releases, we've provided the following User Tested page for all wiki users to share the USB devices they've tested with the new USB redirection feature.

Currently, Sun supports USB redirection for all USB devices that fall within the following device types:  flash drives, printers, scanners, USB-to-serial adapters, and USB-to-parallel adapters.

The USB Redirection User Tested List lets you (the Sun Ray user community) share what devices are working for you, including USB devices not in the supported device type categories.

This page already has over 200 edits and over 100 entries from a number of users. And, I just added a Recent Contributors section that dynamically shows who has made the latest edits to the page.

So, what are you waiting for?  If you are using the USB redirection feature and you want to share the devices you are using with this cool new feature, share away! 

- Paul, SRS documentation lead

Monday Aug 03, 2009

SRS 5 Wiki Documentation: Everything is O.K.

Last time I talked to you, I was trying to ease you into the new way we are delivering the Sun Ray Software 5 documentation.  What can I say, I'm a very nurturing person.

Positive Feedback

The good news is that my prediction that everything was going to be o.k. held true.  After going through a vigorous Early Access program (which ended on July 31st), the wiki documentation held its own.  In fact, we actually received the following positive feedback from customers:

  • "I like the new wiki format for documentation."
  • " online documentation is huge improvement"
  • "I relied heavily on the wiki.. certain steps are always tricky during an upgrade and the wiki documents these better."
  • "Again the wiki is cool, but it is hard to find information sometime and customers want pdfs."

Dynamic PDFs

The last feedback brings up a good point about some users still wanting (or needing) PDFs, and I forgot to mention in my last post that we have that covered as well.  On both the SRSS and SRWC documentation sites, you can dynamically build PDFs based on all the information on the wiki.  And, the PDFs will be in sync with the latest content on the wiki.  Here are the specific pages where you can get to the PDFs, and the links to these pages are also provided on the left-hand nav bar on each site:

I know these PDFs are not as slick as what you are used to from Sun, but we are working on that and the output will continue to improve. I'm on it.

Comments, Calling All Comments

Now, even with the positive feedback, there is still room for improvement...there is always room for improvement. We are getting ready for the next Early Access program and we are continuing to improve the content based on reviews and comments.   If you are feeling some post-EA1 blues and want to provide more input to the SRS 5 release, you are in luck.  The wikis are always open for comments and you can make comments on a specific page.

Here's how to provide a comment on the wiki:

  • Log in to
  • Navigate to the page. 
  • Choose Comment from the Add icon.
    The comment section is displayed.
  • Enter your comment. 
  • Click Post.

From our good friends over at the Sun xVM Ops Center team, see the How to comment on a Sun Wiki page screencast for a visual, step-by-step tutorial.

Looking forward to your comments, and I'll be back again soon with some more documentation goodness.

(BTW, if you are wondering why I've included a picture of a koala bear, I don't have a good answer for you.  I like when blogs have pictures and I didn't have one to provide.  So, I thought I would give you a random koala bear picture.  It's hard not to smile when you see one of these marsupials.  Again, I'm all about the nurturing....)


Sunday Sep 07, 2008

Customized Sun Ray kiosk sessions

Have you ever tried to customize your Sun Ray installation to display different 'things' for different Sun Rays and users' cards? HERE you'll find an info how to do so (configuration via SRSS Admin GUI only).
What can be displayed?
- full Windows/Solaris session
- single Windows/Solaris application
- menu with some Windows/Solaris applications
- wallpaper - ie. to see your girlfriend photo if card is not inserted
- images slideshow - ie. reception desk or tradeshow.
Scripts support USB storage, serial devices and printers connected to Sun Ray.

Additionally HERE you can find some instructions/scripts which can help to install, configure and connect
your SGD server to Active Directory.


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