Friday Sep 03, 2010

Sun Ray 3 Plus with USB Speakers

While not "VDI In The Sky" (Man that was cool!)  as a every day user of my Sun Ray 3 Plus I try to play music while I work.  I wanted a bit better a sound experience along with the portability that Sun Ray mobile session technology provides.    I came across some very well rated yet inexpensive USB powered speakers and gave them a try.  Since all I need is a USB 2.0 port and a audio out port (Which a Sun Ray 3 Plus has) I was good to go.

See the results

To better clarify on what is being used for the audio and to show the cool Sun Ray Session Mobility feature I added another short clip.

Thursday Apr 08, 2010

The New Sun Ray Hardware Information Center...Pass It Along!

This might be old news for some of you, but Oracle has just released the new Sun Ray 3 Plus Client.  Beyond providing the normal Getting Started Guide that typically comes in the box, the product team wanted to provide a place to give you (our users) up-to-the-minute release notes, detailed technical specifications, and the environmental data for the new shiny Sun Ray. 

Since I was fresh off of using for the Sun Ray Software 5 release, I made the case for to be that place for sharing and the Sun Ray Hardware Information Center was born.

The Sun Ray Hardware Information Center isn't fancy (yet), but it does provide the juicy tidbits and important information for the new Sun Ray 3 Plus Client.  If there is anything missing or other information you'd like to see, either provide a comment on the wiki or on this blog.  As always, I'll see what I can do.

BTW, here's a cool unboxing video of the Sun Ray 3 Plus Client.

Paul Kasper, Sun Ray documentation guy

Thursday Jan 28, 2010

SRS Patch Information

We've put together a page on the SRS wiki that provides all the latest Sun Ray Software patch information.  We don't have any patches yet for the new SRS 5 release, but we have a placeholder when they are released.

Oh, and here's a little tutorial about how you can tell what SRS patches are already installed on your Sun Ray servers.

  • For Solaris:  showrev -p | grep SUNWut
  • For Linux:  rpm -q SUNWutfw

Remember, patching your systems will help you avoid time consuming problems in the future, and time is money.

- Paul, SRS documentation lead

Thursday Nov 12, 2009

What can the Sun Desktop Access Client do for you?

On November 10th we announced the release of Sun Ray Software 5. Among the fantastic set of new features, we included a new client called the Sun Desktop Access Client. Simply put, this is a software application that installs on Windows PCs, allowing you to access your desktop session on Sun's desktop virtualization technology. This sounds great, but what does it really mean for me or my customers? Let me explain...

A couple of fairly common scenarios I hear from customers is they believe only a portion of their end-users will fit the desktop or even laptop thin client model. Or many times customers have recently refreshed all their desktop systems and don't want to switch them out just yet. They all agree on the unequaled security and simplified management aspects of the architecture, but usually have concerns for mobile end-users who require a usable laptop even when offline, or maybe they need more graphical power locally, or simply are not ready to exchange their desktop systems for whatever the reason. With the Sun Desktop Access Client, users can now leverage their existing PCs to access the same virtual desktops any Sun Ray client user would. And with the added convenience of choosing between window mode or fullscreen, it's easy to work side-by-side on their current PC.

This now means all end-users, whether they're on a Sun Ray client or not, can access the same data and applications on the same secure architecture. And to make it even more convenient, you can "hot desk" or move your live session between any Sun Ray client and any Sun Desktop Access Client enabled PC.

This makes the Sun Desktop Access Client an extremely powerful and simple migration tool. For example, we have a customer that has several offices all over the world, some very small in remote locations, some large housing over a thousand employees. This makes training each group of employees on any new infrastructure a real challenge. With the Sun Desktop Access Client, they are able to provide everyone instant access from their current PCs to the new infrastructure, and roll out Sun Ray clients to groups in controlled stages. The option to deploy Sun Ray clients in this staged manner, allowed them to immediately standardize onto a single secure and scalable architecture on the back-end, providing every employee access to the same data, without spending all their money and IT resources trying to do a near-impossible replacement of all desktops in one big switch.

These examples use cases are just a sample of how the Sun Desktop Access Client might be able to help you and your business. I'll be posting many more use cases and customer examples in the weeks to come; however, for now, the best use case I can think of is to download the software and try it yourself! Of course you can contact your Sun sales reps and try out a Sun Ray client anytime you want. But for now, with the free 90 day trial period and the ability to use your Windows PC as a client, there's nothing stopping you from giving it a try right now!


Wednesday Jul 22, 2009

New Blog Post Showing Sun Ray Laptop over 3G and VPN to VDI 3 and Multimedia

A new post is on my blog at with a video showing a Sun Ray Gobi 8 Laptop accessing Sun VDI 3 over 3G Wireless and VPN.  Then running multimedia redirection technology.  The Sun Ray protocol combined with a laptop and 3G wireless can deliver a excellent hosted virtual desktop environment to mobile users.  Granted,  good 3G wireless coverage is required.

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