Sun Ray Connector for VMware View 4 Available

In a recent post I highlighted some new features offered for Sun Ray Software 5.  If you actually read the press release, you probably saw mention of a "Sun Ray connector for VMware View 4".  And you might be wondering why I didn't blog about it in that recent post.

Since people are asking about it,  I thought it would be smart to provide the link to the actual software.  You can download the Sun Ray Connector for VMWare View 1.2 Manager today.  You can also read the Installation and Configuration Guide.

Why didn't I mention1 this new feature?  I was actually waiting to blog about it once the VMware HCL pages reflected both the new software and Sun Ray 3+ as being View 4 Certified under a search for "Oracle".  But since the software is available, why wait?  The certification process is done, and we are just waiting on web pages to be updated, so have at it.

Update:  Since I was already asked if the VMware View 4 certification applies to only the Sun Ray 3 Plus, I thought it best if I addressed that here as well.  If you understand the Sun Ray Architecture (i.e. nothing runs on the Sun Ray itself, it all runs on the Sun Ray Server) , there's no reason to have any correlation between the actual Sun Ray device models and our Sun Ray Connector for VMWare View.  However, that's not how VMware does their HCL (or one can read that as nothing else is like a Sun Ray). So in short, this will work with everything from a Sun Ray 1 to a Sun Ray 3+ (including the OVDC) though our MMR features will vary.   We've asked VMware and we will have to wait to see how open they are to a single entry that reads "All Sun Ray Clients".

1Since I'm all about honesty, now I'll tell you the real reason I didn't mention it.  I \*thought\* we were going to name it something easy to remember that,  you know, made sense to someone looking for a Sun Ray connector that was certified to work with View 4.  Perhaps even something catchy like "Sun Ray Connector for VMware View 4".  When looking at the download page I saw "Sun Ray Connector for VMware View 1.2 Manager" and thought it was the old version. Note this is purely my opinion and it is not that of my employer, nor is it meant to disparage, poke fun at2,  or otherwise make those who named the product feel bad.  I honestly thought we were changing the name.

2 OK, I may be poking fun, but it is well intended, utmost respect, kind of poking fun.


I assume this will work with the current View 3 setup? We're going to update to View 4 in about a month, so this is good timing.

Also, any knowledge of support of PCoIP? Our campus has a mix of Sun Rays and DevonIT/Dell thin clients at the moment. It's likely whichever platform supports PCoIP best will ultimately come out on top.


Posted by Charles Soto on July 19, 2010 at 04:27 AM PDT #

Hi Charles,
We don't support PCoIP. Remember this runs at the Sun Ray Server level, not the client. Different architecture and unless Oracle was going to make a client with Teradici chips in them or a Fat OS to run the VMware provided view 4 client, then PCoIP is a non-starter in our architecture.

Regarding compatibility, these were updates to get it certified for use with View 4, where as the old one was certified to work with 3.1, but "known" to work with 4. I believe you'll see it listed (but can't say for certain) that it will be listed under both, or at least the "known to work with" 4.

Also note that you'll want to use our MMR tools and not the View provided (Wyse resold) tools.

Posted by ThinGuy on July 19, 2010 at 04:36 AM PDT #

When will Sunray support Quest vWorkspace? View is not nearly as good.

Posted by Louis on July 19, 2010 at 04:54 AM PDT #

Hi Louis,
While we are aware of the fact that we have customers that love both Quest and Sun Ray, we do not have plans to write a Quest client. Currently we are working on a variety of kiosk guides to help ISV's develop kiosk packages for Sun Ray. That makes both of our jobs easier as we will support the custom session type (but not the actual application) and the ISV supports their software (i.e. the actual application). Yes, our View client goes against that philosophy, and it's not something we'd like to repeat since it takes away development time from our core products.

Posted by ThinGuy on July 19, 2010 at 05:17 AM PDT #

Thanks for the prompt response Thinguy. This is really disappointing since we have deployed Sunrays and the PNclient script with Quest and it really works well. It would have been great to see some developments in this area especialy around MMR, Flash, USB for Windows 7 and 2008 RDS. What I cannot get grips with is why a customer will ever choose to go with a solution such as View, Verde, Panologic, Sun VDI etc when it is only Citrix and Quest vWorkspace that has full support for RDS and VDI from the same platform. The whole point of going this route to lower cost and still the most effective way to so this is with RDS which serves majority of the requirements not to mention scalability over VDI and yet vendors are jumping in the VMWARE bandwagon for who knows whatever reason. VMWARE is the next Novell with some few years to go before the big mean Microsoft machine catches up. Better let them enjoy there time while it lasts. Lastly what has VMWARE achieved for VDI in the real world comapared to that of Citrix and Quest. Taking the sales/marketing and FUD away not really anything significant, the same can be said about their ThinApp solution You cannot give you licenses for VIEW away for free and then make out as if it succesful and deployed at customer sight. The same with Citrix where they combine XenDesktop with XenApp and then state the XenDesktop is taking off. That is just lying through ones teeth. But then again I guess is what sales people do.

Posted by Louis on July 19, 2010 at 03:15 PM PDT #

Hi Louis,
Sorry it is disapointing to you. Did you express the same sentiment to Quest? There isn't anything stopping them from making a supported kiosk session type. Unlike Quest who doesn't make a hardware client or storage or servers, we make all three. We want to prove that Hardware. Software. Complete. makes sense in the world of VDI for exactly the reasons you mention. We also integrate with WTS/RDS, and there are more features coming up. If vWorkdpace accepted a typical RDP connection all would be well right? One could even state that you could use the Sun Ray Windows tools and have very good experience using the Quest broker.

Posted by ThinGuy on July 19, 2010 at 03:37 PM PDT #

Hi Thinguy,
Yes, Quest is fully aware of this and has been going for the past 2 years since we started to dabble around with this. I have discussed this is various individuals at Quest and even at Provision Networks before they were aquired by Quest, from San Francisco to Australia with not much traction. Quest and the way I understand it do all their development on Linux and Windows Embedded and don't really see Sunray as worthwhile, I guess it must be market share.

Met with Christoper Saul from the Sun Dubai office and we had a good chat. Below my email to him expressing some of my sentiments. "Quest is confused and actually do not see the value of Sunray as in where is has been deployed and the market actually being aware of it. All their development goes into Win CE and Embedded to which they have a brilliant solution. I was not aware of SUN VDI supporting RDS that must be new in version 3. The current connector or script that we use with Sunray and Quest does the trick but leaves all to SRSS, with the Quest component doing all the Windows/management stuff in the backend.

The combination of the these 2 vendors are great as Sunray bring many benefits as you know and the Quest solution a million years ahead of View. For a business case I would love for Sunray to support MMR, Flash, USB, Video, Aero GUI etc. that is on par with using RDP 7.0 as on Windows 7 and 2008. I know that sometimes one needs to make a trade-off between functionality and features but as it stands currently and even with SRSS 5.0 released it lags very far behind in its implementation of RDP over ALP even compared to Linux thin clients and not even to mention pure Windows clients.

So it is more like Sun need to catch up otherwise very little people out there are going to deploy Sunray when there is a slight requirement for "features" at the end point."


Posted by Louis on July 20, 2010 at 05:27 AM PDT #

Just to let you know, we updated to 1.2 today and it's working just fine with our View 3 setup. Just waiting for the View 4 admins to get us the SSL cert to install and test...

I understand about the PCoIP thing. I was thinking maybe this might be a firmware option or something down the line. I have no real knowledge about how large that image would be...


Posted by Charles Soto on August 19, 2010 at 07:13 AM PDT #


Could someone advise if there will be an update in the Sun Ray Connector for VMware now that View 4.5 has been released as we are having a few issues with the old connector and 4.5..



Posted by Dave on September 13, 2010 at 12:18 AM PDT #

I would also be interested in knowing if there would be a 4.5 connector soon as my client is finally looking at upgrading from 3 to 4 for added features but we are bound by the VMWare view connector on Sunray's.

Posted by Andrew Ramsay on September 29, 2010 at 10:25 PM PDT #

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