Monday Aug 13, 2012

A quick note

Hi Think Thin readers,

Just a note to apologize for missing comments over the past year or so.  I didn't realize until just now that all comments require moderation and it doesn't seem I have the option to let the conversation flow freely anymore.  I also had comment notification going to a long defunct Sun email alias.  I'll try my best to stay on top of comments from now on.  Happy to see so many came back to read the new articles this blog, I'll do my best to earn/retain your readership by posting content on a more regular basis.


Thursday Jan 06, 2011

Poll: Best Rebranding Effort Ever?

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Wednesday Jun 24, 2009

A Little Remodeling

Depending how you read this blog, you might have notice a few subtle changes aimed at increasing usability.  The very talented Matthias Müller-Prove, Sun's Desktop Virtualization Engineering Group's User Experience Architect added some cool new features to the Think Thin Blog. 

Updates in a nutshell:

A big thanks to Matthias, the changes look and work great!

Saturday Dec 06, 2008

HSPD-12/PIV Cards (mostly Oberthur) Corrections

9 Dec 2009 Update:  This fix is only delivered in SRSS 4.2.  SRSS releases prior to that will require the work-around below.

Sun Ray & some supporting Sun engineering organizations have developed fixes to help recognize certain HSPD-12/PIV compliant cards for Sun Ray.  Recent HSPD-12/PIV Oberthur card releases...

  • Oberthur/ID-One Cosmo 64 v52D Fast ATR card
  • Oberthur Card Systems, PIV End Point Dual Interface 64K Smart Card
  • Oberthur CS v1.08 card

...are not recognized or produce erroneous tokens when inserted into a Sun Ray card reader. 

In the future, Sun Ray Engineering will release a patch to SRSS 4.0 & SRSS 4.1 which includes this fix. However, that release has been delayed due to higher priority activities.  Padu Iyer gave permission to release this via the ThinkThin blog.  Eventually this entry will be overcome by events (hopefully Padu or I will remember to update/retract this later).

Here's the fix...

  1. Download this file with the Oberthur card fixes
  2. Save file as OberthurCS.cfg into /etc/opt/SUNWut/smartcard directory on all Sun Ray servers
  3. Edit /etc/opt/SUNWut/smartcard/probe_order.conf
  4. After the 1st line comment (# EDIT WITH CARE...), add this:
  5. Save the file
  6. Cold restart Sun Ray services: utrestart -c

This has only been tested on SRSS 4.0 & 4.1. 

Thanks to Ramesh Nagappan, Marc Puverel & Padu Iyer for their support on this.

Saturday Aug 02, 2008

Things you may have missed...

Some gold by our Think Thin authors.

Updated Non-smartcard VDI scripts

First patch for Sun Virtual Desktop Connector

Fat Blokes New VirtualBox Buzz Blog

Friday Apr 11, 2008

Updated Man Page Reference Doc

I have updated the Man Page Reference doc to include the Virtual Desktop Connector reference pages.

This is a great command line resource for looking up those obscure options when you are scripting Sun Ray behavior or administration.


 EDIT 10/15/2008: This doc has been updated..

Monday Feb 04, 2008

Sun Ray Dive Boat Irony

Just got back from a SCUBA diving vacation in Grand Cayman.  Here's a picture of 1 of our Dive Boats.  How ironic is this?

 Sun Ray Dive Boat in Grand Cayman

Wednesday Nov 28, 2007

Success Stories

New format and some new entries on our Success Stories pages.  Enjoy.

Sun Ray:

Secure Global Desktop:

Tuesday Aug 28, 2007

Desktop Virtualization Days Presentations

I'm slowly getting around to posting all the presentation slide decks we promised.  To be fair to my co-presenters, I'm the reason for the delay.  I have a lot of NDA material to strip out and notes to add to mine.  I'll keep updating this post, so check back for the others.

 In the meantime, enjoy a picture of an exhausted Matt Hatley who tried to power the event from a LifeCycle following the "Snake Incident".

Matt Hatley nearly passes out after trying to entertain the masses following the power outage. 

SRS 4 09/07 Kiosk Deep Dive by Brad Lackey (OpenOffice | PDF )

Editors note:  Compare and contrast how much Kiosk has changed by comparing the SRSS 3.1 CAM slide deck 

Sun Ray with Solaris 10 Trusted Extensions by Matt Hatley (21 MB zip)

Zip file contains the following:

Presentations and How To:

  • sr-deep-dive-aug2007.odp/.pdf - SNAP Presentation Sun Ray on Trusted Extensions
  • tx-deepdive-srss4u2-build-log.txt - Detailed Build Log

Trusted Extensions DB Files:

  • label_encodings
  • tnrhtp
  • tnrhdb
  • tnzonecfg

TX Zone Build Files:

  • sbu.cfg
  • secret.cfg
  • topsecret.cfg

Secure Global Desktop Deep Dive by Andy Hall (OpenOffice | PDF )

Editors note:  This deck doesn't do the preso justice since 99% is a demo that takes you through the full install and configuration of Secure Global Desktop.  Please attend the next Desktop Virtualization Days Event to see Andy speak

Desktop Virtualization Days Preso by Craig Bender (OpenOffice | PDF )

Editors note:  This deck has a lot of meeting information as well as an overview of what's new in Sun Ray, what is Virtual Desktop Computing, and why you should care.

Delivering Virtualized Desktops Preso by Craig Bender (OpenOffice | PDF )

Editors note:  Mostly Marketechture.  Really needs to be followed by a Sun VDAK Demo.

Wednesday Feb 28, 2007

A year and then some

Somehow it slipped passed me that we've been doing this group blog for over a year now.  I'm know all of the Think Thin bloggers join in me in thanking your for your readership and we truly hope you find this a useful resource.  Here's to a thinner, greener, and more productive year to come!



Saturday Apr 29, 2006

Bristol Council switches to StarOffice

Nice to see two articles on Bristol Council's switch to StarOffice. Not strictly thin client related, I know, but hopefully of interest to ThinkThin readers. Well done to the UK Desktop team.

Sunday Apr 23, 2006

Open Education

Alexandros Kofteros, a Cypriot teacher, is working to change the way computers are used in the classroom.

Instead of 'computers' being used to teach kids how to type, write an email or use a spreadsheet, he's looking into how to embed them into the curriculum and use IT as a teaching tool - much like one might use a pen, paper and books.

As with any educational environment, cost of ownership, manageability and - dare I say it - politics, can be more of an issue than in the commercial world. Thin clients and open source software go a long way to meeting his requirements.

I think Sun Ray meets many of his needs. He's taking a very open approach and is evaluating a number of solutions in a very even-handed manner.

You can read his 'Open Education' reports here. Check out the great pics of the kids using their Sun Ray 170s!

Tuesday Mar 14, 2006

Which Wyse thin client is right for you?

I was at a Sun partner today who also resell products from another thin client vendor. I picked up a brochure they had on their current range.

I have nothing against this vendor in particular and am quite happy to agree that on occasion they might have the better tool for the job than Sun do. That said, I was amazed to count no less than 15 different thin clients in their product range. That strikes me as being overly complex.

In a shameless plug, I remembered a blog post I wrote last year on the subject of how managing Windows or Linux based terminals can be as complex as having a PC network.

For some reason, the hardest thing to get across is the issue of 'having' to manage a server as part of a Sun Ray set up. I don't see why this is an issue. What would you rather look after? -

\* 100 thin clients, each with an individual OS and applications, plus a management server to provide and provision updates and so on.

\* 100 Sun Rays which require no maintenance at all and a server controlling them?

If I'm missing something obvious, please pitch in with your comments, but it strikes me that if you're looking at thin clients to solve manageability and other cost issues, keeping complexity on the desktop itself isn't always the best way forward.

Wednesday Mar 01, 2006

Where you at?

Think Thin authors and readers let us know where you live via our Frappr! Map.


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