Monday Aug 17, 2009

The Little Sun Ray That Cloud

Yes, cloud.  Not a typo.  What do you get when you combine a low cost netbook and the upcoming Sun Desktop Access Client?  You get a ton of computing power in a very small form factor that can go anywhere accessing powerful servers and Windows, Linux, and OpenSolaris VM's safely in your data center or cloud.  How's that for VDI in the clouds?

(WiiMote shown for scale)

Tuesday Oct 28, 2008

Desktop Dinner II

We are planning another desktop dinner during CEC.  If you are coming to CEC and are a desktop person (or a fan of Sun Ray, SGD, Sun VDI, or this blog), leave me a comment or send me some mail (  I'll post the location and final time and date when we get final word.  We are trying to narrow it down to Monday or Tuesday night.  Looking forward to see my virtual desktop friends once again from across the globe.  #goodtimes

Saturday Oct 04, 2008

Green Enterprise Trifecta


Thanks to my friends at Dataman for capturing this pic at a recent tradeshow.

Monday Sep 15, 2008

VMWorld Booth 1108

That's were you'll find me if you happen to be attending VMWorld.  I'm easy to spot as I think only Joost is taller than me, and I've got far more hair.  Sure, it's receding, but it's still there.  Mostly.

Sunday Sep 07, 2008

More Examples of Windows Multimedia Redirection

In my last entry, "CL" posted a comment wanting more to see more examples of Windows media redirection.  Here's another video showing a variety of clips.  Talking heads, animation,  a couple of VC-1 live streams.  Enjoy.  Still have the dog barking at the tripod problem, so I apologize for some of the shaky parts.  Take a Dramamine if you get queasy.  If you want to watch this in a bit better quality, follow this link and click on the "watch in high quality" link once you get into YouTube (right under the "Views" number).

Tuesday Sep 02, 2008

Upcoming Sun Ray Features - Multimedia

I've decided to do a series of small videos showing the new features of our forthcoming Sun Ray Server Software 4.1.  The first video will feature our Multimedia enhancements.  I had a nice setup for the first shoot, only to find my dog really hates the tripod.  Second attempt, with the tripod in the garage and the camcorder in my hands is less than optimal quality but you get the idea.  Cut the video a little short as my dog decided to start barking at other dogs in the neighborhood halfway through the windows demo.  It's not often I get a quiet house with 5 daughters so I'll have to accept this cut for now.  :)  Oh yeah, don't watch this YouTube Video from a Sun Ray as Flash support is next up on the drawing board.

Wednesday Aug 13, 2008

Tricked out Sun Rays

Customized Sun Rays always look so cool.  I wonder if we should offer this as an option.  Some cool colors, your logo, etc.  Rumor has it there are even Sun Rays out there in Raven Black.

Wednesday Jun 25, 2008

Why Stateless Thin Clients Matter

With a seized or stolen thin client, you've lost a device.  That's it.  You'd never "make the papers", but that's a good thing.  You can't hack/copy a stateless thin client because there's no there "there" to hack or copy. (Thanks Dave!),

Friday Oct 19, 2007

Virtual Dinner

On the last night of CEC 2007 I hosted a dinner (with the financial OK from my boss) for a few of my Sun Desktop Virtualization co-workers and partners.  We had dinner at a great Tapas bar (not topless as some people mistook the verbal invite for) called FireFly\* On Paradise.  The no-shows (you know who you are!) missed out on a great evening.

From left to right: Mike Jansen from (They do SAP training centers using Sun Rays), Lou Springer, John Pither, Paul Shore, Johnathan Mills, Shawn Ferry, Denae (My Wife), Brad Lackey, Art Peck, and Ansco Van Rooyen from Cards Engineering in the Netherlands (They do Sun Ray for the PowerPC platform)

 Another group shot

 The UK Team in the house!  John Pither, Paul Shore, and Johnathan Mills.

 Brad Lackey

 Mike Jansen and Lou Springer

 Brad Lackey and my wife.

 Art Peck

 Shawn Ferry and his awesome camera gear

 Shawn Ferry again.  I like this picture.  Much better than the post mojito one with mint on his tooth.

 Lou Springer and me.

 Ansco and Me

 Group shot, Lou flirting with my wife.

 And finally one more of me and Ansco with what my wife calls the "Iguana Eye".  Happens after the Mojitos kick in. 



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