Saturday Oct 04, 2008

Green Enterprise Trifecta


Thanks to my friends at Dataman for capturing this pic at a recent tradeshow.

Thursday Aug 02, 2007

So...How was the weather in Las Vegas

Cut my presentation short will you?  Hope you didn't bring your sticks.  And no, I won't loan you my Dora umbrella.

Mwah ha ha ha ha ha!

Friday Jul 13, 2007

USB over IP

Here's a demo of what's possible when you combine USB over IP technology and thin clients such as the Sun Ray.  If your desktop is Solaris or Linux, the USB ports on a Sun Ray really are USB over IP, but what about when we want to pass devices up to Windows sessions?  Unfortunately at that point we are at the limitations of RDP or ICA.  Unless we use something else like a USB over IP hub. 

The device I'm using is an AnywhereUSB device from Digi.  Even cooler stuff can happen when you use a VM technology like Win4Solaris or Win4Lin such as consumer level biometric devices.


Wednesday Jun 27, 2007

Sun & Mitel

A vlog featuring Mitel VP Stephen Beamish where he demonstrates the upcoming Mitel offerings that are a result of the Sun/Mitel partnership.

Tasty Convergence


A teaser as I get a proper post ready.  Get ready for the Green Call Center (In a Box!)


Tuesday Jun 26, 2007

Qualified Customers

It's what we all want, right?  This Mitel show is amazing.  Not only for the venue, but for the caliber of customer that attends.  They really get it.  So much excitement around Sun Ray from the Mitel folks, partners, and VARs.  And here I was thinking Apple folks were religious.  Videos and good pics (i.e I'm bringing the D50) soon to come.

Here's a crappy Razr pic from the keynote this morning (probably near 95% of attendees!).  Besides being highly entertaining, the audience who in all honesty doesn't know Sun from Shinola, applauded (Twice!) our joint effort.  Did you know that replacing 100 PC's in a call center with Sun Ray equates to saving 4 acres of Rain forest when it comes to CO2?  The Mitel phone averages 3.8 Watts.  Sun Ray 4 Watts.  Can you say PoE?  Plenty of HP and Wyse customers who never saw a Sun Ray in action (yet had many false assumptions based on the FUD the other guys spew) were able to see they light.  Sunlight really is the best informant, isn't it?

One Wire To Rule Them All!!!


Monday Jun 25, 2007

Mitel Show

At the Mitel Forum in Las Vegas.  The Sun/Mitel Partnership is pretty awesome (jaws are a droppin'!) and the Sun Ray booth is the coolest one on floor.  It's dead center, has sexy lines, and most importantly ME!  I'm going to try to grab my digicam and interview a few folks.

Wednesday Jun 13, 2007

Apple Ray

Just messing around...


No, it's not a photoshop.  Just a little fun with Vine Server.  But what if OSX had the Sun Ray Protocol?  Now that would be something.



Planning a menu


If you were Jonathan Schwartz what would you cook for dinner?  And if you were Linus, what wine would you bring?  Of course Linus would have to accept the invitation.  The easy answer would be Jonathan would serve crow and Linus would bring a bottle of Eclipse.  But like I said, those are too easy.

I hope they do have this mashup, would be great if they invited Scoble to do a few minute podcast of the event as well.  Sun has changed and will continue move forward.  It may not be as fast as some people like, but we are nowhere near the company that Linus portrays us to be.

Tuesday Jun 12, 2007

Losing Respect for Linus


If I didn't know better, I'd think Linus worked for IBM.  It must suck to be that angry all the time. 

I choose to be more like Lyle than Linus, I'll live longer that way.

Update:  Jonathan responds and invites Linus to Dinner. 

(Via Alan)

Monday Jun 11, 2007


Via /.  In the state where everything is bigger, Texas legislators have passed a green computing bill that in which computer vendors are required to provide a "reasonably convenient" recycling plan that requires no additional payments from consumers.  To me, this is like trying to curb drug addiction by supplying free needles.  Free needles hope to stop the prevention of disease, not the prevention of addiction. 

So really who does this bill benefit?  Well, I'd say it benefits those who make all the things that fill the landfills who just happened to help craft the legislation (Read HP and Dell).  There's nothing really in this bill that saves natural resources.  There's no guarantee that there will be compliance.  Most folks I know re-purpose old PC's until they die.

Let's forget the what "reasonably convenient" (driving 10 miles vs walking with the PC) and "no additional payments from consumers" (buried in the price) could mean.  Let's instead focus on what Texas could do.

How about teaming with power companies to provide incentives to those who choose green computing.

Recommend using a thin client that has saved Sun millions on it's own power bills.

Promote not having to recycle thousands of desktops every few years, instead perhaps a few hundred servers that arguably have a much longer shelf life then your typical desktop.

Let's hope the Governor of Texas has more smarts than those who pushed this bill through.  I'd say going after Huggies and Pampers for recycling fees would reduce landfill usage line someones pockets more than the computer industry.  But what do I know about diapers.


Thursday Jun 07, 2007

A bit tougher one

Where Am I here? (Note the Sun ski hat!)


Where in the World

New category; Where In The World?

Here's one of my stops on the upcoming Roadshow  (Haven't been there in two years!).  First to answer wins a....hug.



Thursday May 31, 2007

Sun Ray Road Show 2K7

We're comin' to your city
We're gonna play our guitars and sing you a country song
We'll all be flyin' higher than a jet air liner
And if you wanna little ying in your ying yang
If you wanna little zing in your zang zang
If you wanna little ting in your tang tang
Come along, come along, come along, come along

Yeah, we're comin to your city

-Big and Rich 

Blowing the dust off the suitcase (cough, cough) and getting ready to come visit you.  Yes YOU!  The reason?  For starters, to see your smiling face and to give a TOI on Sun Ray Software 4 U 2.  Some big changes to the product that I want YOU to be ready for.  I'm going global on this one, so check back for dates and locations.  This will be a lot of fun and in Web 2.0 style will be blogged, twittered, and flickr'd.   And in the spirit of being open, events will be for everyone.

Wednesday May 16, 2007


Congrats to the whole Sun Ray product team on the Sun Ray 2 being a finalist in the eWeek Excellence Awards

Crossing my fingers (or pressing my thumbs in Germany) for a win!

Saturday Feb 10, 2007

Why Non-developers hate Java

Especially sys-admins of terminal servers.  OK, the "H" word might be a little strong, but there can't be a lot of the "L" word floating around either.  Of course It's not the fault of Java, it's a sloppy job of whomever did the installer.    Don't you think the below is a bit of a problem?  Over 1/2 a GB in different JREs?  Come on.


A few problems with B56 under SPARC w/ Sun Ray

dtlogin gets hung  (will result in 26 OSD icon).  Trussing out the parent dtlogin process just hangs after one sleep so there is something seriously wrong here.  Doesn't seem to affect CAM session at all though (no matter what, they will launch).  Once it gets to this point you have to kill (or pkill) -9 the dtlogin process then issue a /usr/dt/bin/dtlogin start.  Then all new session will come up.  Weird. 

/var/adm/messsages has these cde-login errors:

svc.startd[7]: [ID 122153 daemon.warning] svc:/application/graphical-login/cde-login:default: Method or service exit timed out.  Killing contract 75.
svc.startd[7]: [ID 748625 daemon.error] application/graphical-login/cde-login:default failed: transitioned to maintenance (see 'svcs -xv' for details)

The service log pretty much says the same thing.  Can't figure this one out. 

Xlib errors when the screen saver password screen pops up...complaining about missing the XFree86-Misc extension.  But works fine (i.e. locks and unlocks) otherwise.  I wonder if this version of gnome-screensaver is not Xsun aware?  Dunno.

Middle mouse click in Firefox will result in a "home" command.  Thought it would invoke the scroll function.  Might be just user error.  But it does do the scroll function under an RDP session from the same Sun Ray.

Encryption does not work (known problem since the build 40-ish).  Fixed in the next Sun Ray Server patch.

Setting up Sun Ray Windows Connector you need to point libutcrypto to /usr/sfw/lib/ when running uttscadm -c (it asks for 0.9.7).  Works fine once you do that.  I need to file a RFE so it asks for the location of since that's a symlink to what ever version you have installed.

On a positive note, the fonts look awesome on Sun Ray.  Printing is exceptionally quick to a printer  locally attached to a Sun Ray.

LOVING that flash, acrobat, and Helix plugins are there by default.

I love the wallpaper, even though it takes forever to load.  Most likely cause for the slow down is whatever routine makes the thumbnails.  Need to take a page from MS Windows there and don't display the graphic until a user clicks on it to see what it looks like.

Need to write an entry on how I want a Niagara based "deskside"server model.  While I love the 1U and 2U form factors, the noise is too much to bear for most home based offices.  The deskside models (like my V250) really quiet things down when you're working next to the box. I guess I don't need to do an entry anymore now.

 Getting late, going to bed

Updated @ 12:22 AM PST Feb 11 2007

Jumping to Nevada

I loved Nevada so much on my U40, I've moved my main Sun Ray Server (V250) over to it.  Can still boot off the other disk if I need to try things out on a "supported" OS.

# uname -a
SunOS tequila 5.11 snv_56 sun4u sparc SUNW,Sun-Fire-V250

Monday Jan 08, 2007

Vista on Sun Ultra 40

No drivers for the audio device and the Nvidia Nforce RC2 drivers don't quite work yet for nforce4 motherboards.  However you can just grab the latest Vista drivers from RealTek and everything is good to go.  Everything gets recognized.

Also, grab the just released (Jan 5th 2007) Nvidia graphics drivers.  Much better than the ones supplied by Microsoft.



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