Friday Aug 29, 2008

Apple / AT&T Condone iPhone Theft?

Less than a week after getting my wife an iPhone 3G, it was stolen.  Here's what I've learned.  Neither AT&T nor Apple care that your phone was stolen.  AT&T will not black list the IMEI or SIM, meaning that whoever stole the phone can go right down to AT&T and get the phone switched over to their account with ZERO questions asked.

Apple will not black list the serial number and will allow it to be registered with iTunes, just by plugging it into the computer.

Even if you deactivate your phone service, the iPhone (either model) basically becomes a fully functional iPod Touch.

Condoning theft is a strong accusation, but it would be simple for either AT&T or Apple to brick the phone.   Furthermore they refuse to offer insurance on the iPhone (far more expensive phones are insurable) which begs the question why?  I'll tell you why, because AT&T get a new customer with the stolen phone locked into a two year contract, the theft victim has to continue paying for two years with no option but to pay full market price ($499 USD) to replace their phone AND get locked into another two year contract.  Luckily you can drop the 3G data plan at will, and luckily we still have her old Motorola RAZR.  Otherwise, we'd be out of luck and spending at least $150 USD on the most basic of phones.

The rotten cherry on top of this crap cake story is that I bought the phone with my Corporate American Express Card since that's the card I have on file with AT&T to pay my bill with.  American Express offers a great service called Buyers Protection that covers you from damage or theft in the first 90 days.  It's complimentary service available on every American Express Card...EXCEPT the Corporate Card.  Nice.

I've given both Apple and AT&T a lot of my hard earned money and they flat out don't care.  I honestly think "iPhone Theft" is viewed as another revenue stream for them.

Monday Mar 03, 2008

Real World iPhone Commercial

iPhone:  Because bringing your laptop in the bathroom to check on twitter is just. plain. weird.


Sunday Dec 16, 2007

email snobbery

I think it started with Blackberry users, could have been the Treo.  Now I have to see it from all the folks with iPhones.  I've always hated seeing the auto signature of how the email was sent.  Typically it looks like this:

Some Dude
Sent from my iPhone

Except I always read it like this:

Obnoxious Braggart
Sent from my insanely expensive iPhone that I love more than my family whilst on the deck of my yacht.
Neener, neener, neener.
PS. This was sent from the Grand Cayman Islands.
PPS. Did I mention this was sent from an iPhone?

OK, maybe I'm just jealous.  But what reason really is there to say how it was sent other than to brag?  Apologizing perhaps for how short the responses usually are?

Sunday Aug 26, 2007

iCrimes and Misdemeanors


We've all heard the horrible stories of people being beat up (or worse) for their iPods.  I saw the (d)evolution in the iCrimes saga this morning.  A brand new AT&T store right next to the Golds Gym I go to was broken into.  The glass on the front door was demolished for the old fashion smash and grab.  It was around 5:40 AM when I pulled into the parking lot and the Alarm/Private security company was just getting there so it must have just happened.  Hmm....I wonder what the crooks were after?  Must have been some Pink RAZR's.  Yeah, that's it.  I parked close enough to see in the store, the only other damaged area was...the iPhone area.  Surprise, surprise.


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