Monday Sep 10, 2007

Start of Week Nine

Start. Tear trapezius.  Stop. 

Start.  Need a root canal.  Stop. 

Start. Get pneumonia.  Stop.

So goes my recent attempts of the last year and a half to get back in to shape.  As a result, if you were to graph my weight, it would look like something you'd love to buy shares of on Nasdaq.  You'd be set for life.

However the "dot fat" bubble has burst.  I'm in the magical zone of where I've increased my resting metabolic rate (RMR) by increasing my muscle mass.  This usually takes about 8-10 weeks on a good eating plan (6 small meals a day) coupled with solid weight training plan and cardio.  Most importantly, it's also in this time frame that exercise and diet become habit.

While I'm only down 10 pounds on the scale, the things that really matter have changed.  Body fat % and body measurements.  I'll be posting those later today once I take them.  I've lifted weights long enough to know the old adage of muscle weighs more really is true, and you need to avoid the scale and stick with your eating plan and weight training.  When you increase your RMR, you'll be surprised at how fast the "fat" starts shedding off.  And don't ever worry about looking bulky.  Especially the girls out there.  If it were that easy, we'd all look like body builders.  It's not easy (nothing worthwhile is) and it takes dedication, but I promise you that it takes far less time than it took you to get out of shape. 

Thursday May 03, 2007


Heading out to the Kenny Chesney Concert in a few.  Since I've sworn off booze until I'm back at my fighting weight, I'll be the designated driver this evening.  I've been pretty hardcore fitness and diet wise since returning from vacation.  Got to be ready for the 2008 edition of the "Men of Sun Ray" Calendar.  Maybe this year I'll get the cover.  :)

Hmmm...Wonder if there is a correlation.  No alcohol = Less frequent blogging?




Friday Apr 20, 2007

Time crawls

Typically being on a piece of cardio fitness equipment is pretty boring.  I was doing a 20 minute HIIT workout on the Precor Elliptical Trainer after doing legs at the gym and it seemed to be taking forever.  At first I thought I was just fatigued from the leg day, but about half way through I started getting suspicious.  I was pretty sure that I got on the machine about 7:10 and it was now 7:30.  I convinced myself that I had read the clock wrong as the timer on the Precor was showing just over 11 minutes.  It was 7:45 when the timer on the Precor reached 20 minutes.  Tallying up the song length on my MP3 player confirmed that I was on for 35 minutes worth of music.  Having already listened to three New Order songs should have been a dead give away at the halfway point.

I'm starting to suspect that I might have developed a super power for destroying electrical equipment just by being around it.  I didn't blog about it, but the refrigerator mentioned in the repair-o-rama died two days before we left for vacation.  In the middle of the night it went crazy.  In the middle of the night the ice/water flapper started opening and closing, all the lights on the front panel were blinking, and the temp read 60 degrees.  From a refrigeration/freezer standpoint it was working fine, but the noise it was making not only drove me nuts, the dog was barking at it like it was a stranger.  I stuck a rolled up ace bandage to stop the flapper, and that made the dog settle down.   Luckily that model is now considered widely available and the repair guy had the logic board and water pump in his truck.

I need to start attending more trade shows and hanging around the competitions booths, especially during their demonstrations.  Only two questions remain.  1) What would be my superhero name and 2) Would I be considered a good guy or a villian?  Perhaps a Robin Hood type character, that is if you are a fan of Sun.  We'll discuss what my costume will look like later.



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