Tuesday Apr 21, 2009

Not Dead Yet

Due to my blog being stale I've gotten a few inquiries as whether or not I'm still with Sun.  Since you're reading this, the answer is yes.  It's not that I don't have a lot to talk about, I just have been doing it in much shorter bursts.

I feel happy. I feel happy.

Thursday Jan 03, 2008

Dinner with the Skrockis

Over the Christmas Break my wife and I got the chance to have dinner with Linda and Mike Skrocki.  We had a great time getting to know one another in person, but in a way it was like meeting old friends since we've followed each others blogs from the get go, are twitter pals, and have even shared an email or ten.  They are great people so if you get the chance to take Linda up on Resolution #7, I highly recommend it.  Mike won't even care if you wear heels.

One Sun executive once said referring to blogging "Just make sure we are not talking to ourselves".  I'm here to say that in a big company with a large distributed workforce and many who work from home, talking to ourselves is actually a good thing.  If nothing else (and there really is so much more to it), it's good for morale.

More silly pictures on Linda's Flickr Page.  Most of the evening is under a bi-lateral NDA, but I will fess up that I was beaten twice by Linda in bowling.

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Friday Nov 30, 2007

I'll take Swords for 400


It's actually not swords...It's "S" Words.  As in the product I support, but don't always happen to write about on this blog.  Which is now just called the S Word blog for this reason.

Sometimes I feel like I'm playing Celebrity Jeopardy on SNL....

Wednesday Nov 28, 2007

The S Word

Non "S" word posts of mine were showing up in "S" word product pages due to the fact that I had a category called Non-"S-Word".  For some reason, those in charge felt it would be better to do a keyword search rather than use tags. While the posts are funny to me, I'd have to say they don't belong on a product page, thus I've renamed the Non-"S- word" category to Misc.  Sorry if this messes with your feed readers.  Update:  I had to change the title of this blog as well.


Sunday Sep 09, 2007

Not Popular

I'll never understand this blogging thing and I suspect people have a while loop using wget.  I've fallen off the "popular" blog list even though I get tons of email that states "I read your blog everyday!".  Oh well.  Mrs Sky Rocket has me pwned.  Her blog is ginormous.  

Tuesday Jul 17, 2007

Pardon the dust

Trying out a new roller theme.  I think Brian Sipe designed the color scheme on this one...but I do like the layout.


Tuesday May 22, 2007

Best. Blog. Ever.

The Passive Aggressive Notes Blog.

Monday May 21, 2007

Yet to be blogged

I have a few draft postings that I never got around to finishing.  Usually these are topics that seem like a good idea, but the thoughts just didn't flow from the old noggin to keyboard.  I'll just give the CliffsNotes version so I can delete them in order to get them to stop starring at me when I sign into BSC.

Things I miss @ Sun:  While blogging is great, I miss certain things like the McNealy report which for non-Sunnies was a "radio" show hosted by Scooter.  Show wrapped about a year ago.  Usually just wanted to hear the "What's cool" and "Pet Peeves" section.

Cow or Prius:  Since I work at home, I probably spend more money on milk for the five girls than on gas.  Should I buy a cow?

I'd rather be reading:  A little rant on how it seems major news networks think I'd rather watch a story than read about it.  I probably need to subscribe to the WSJ website.

Final Verdict - Useable: My month long experiment on Nevada Build 56 for all my tasks.  Or was it 55.  Turned out to be kind of boring...The article, not Nevada.


Thursday Apr 19, 2007

Cold Blogs!

Geez, a guy takes a bit of a break from blogging and his hit count falls off the end of the earth.  There are a few reasons I haven't been blogging as much as normal. 

1)  My laptop died again.  Hard drive gets detected one out of every 3 or four boots then it takes 10 minutes to boot.  After suspending the unit, it will bluescreen within 5 seconds of waking.  Frustrating since I have to go through all the waiting time getting a hold of Acer.  I think the motherboard is having problems as the bluetooth stopped working just before this started happening.

2) I have a bonafide hell on wheels around most of the day.  Our youngest daughter is into everything.  Climbs everywhere, dashes for the door, takes everything out that she shouldn't and of course puts it in her mouth.  Our four older girls never got into anything, never went by the pool, never put 9 volt batteries in their mouths.  I guess we were really lucky with them.  This one is fearless and it scares the you know what out of me.  She pulls out chairs and climbs up the kitchen table, swan dives off the ottoman, and if something has a button, she'll be sure to push it.

3) Took a while to get caught up after almost two weeks off.



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