Friday Apr 18, 2008

Avatars for Autism

If you're into the whole themed avatar movement, consider supporting Autism by creating an avatar with a puzzle piece in it.  April is Autism Awareness Month.


Unintentional Sabotage?

Just an observation if you are always hungry.  I see candles that smell like sugar cookies, shaving cream that smells like tropical fruits, and lotions that smell of chocolate.  Something to think about if you are having trouble sticking to your nutritional goals.

Friday Apr 11, 2008

7 Leading Corporate Social Media Evangelists Today

w00t!  Our very own Linda Skrocki (Not one to brag, but a personal friend of mine!) is being called one of the "New Scobles" by TheReadWriteWeb. Congrats Linda!

Sunday Apr 06, 2008

Please Watch This Video

Via Linda on Twitter

General Motors is donating money to Autism Speaks if you watch a commercial for the new Chevrolet Malibu.  Please watch, every penny counts!  (Yes, I've found my cause).

Wednesday Apr 02, 2008

World Autism Awareness Day


Today is the first ever World Autism Awareness Day as designated by the United Nations.  CNN is doing a really good job with coverage of family stories, doctor interviews, and (my favorite) grilling of insurance companies who refuse to cover treatments for autism.  The personal stories give you hope and pull at your heart (and for some reason are making my eyes leaky).

Learn the Signs, Act Early

Tuesday Mar 25, 2008

The worrisome sound of silence

Bad things are often afoot when normally noisy kids go quiet.

What are these?

Lincoln Logs?

Like a good dad, I sprung to action (i.e. grabbed the nearest camera) after hearing her starting to hum the Barney Cleanup song.

And when you take away the "toys", you can get the tantrum to stop by letting them play with computer games on the computer...desk.

Her new perch

Sunday Mar 23, 2008

Happy Easter

Happy Easter

Friday Mar 07, 2008

Screen Savers

Why You Buy Protective Screens

If any salesperson ever tries to upsell you on protective coverings for sensitives screens, do it.  Especially if you have kids and or crayons lying around.

Thursday Mar 06, 2008

I Have A Dream...

Maggies Dream

"My dream for a better place is to not have guns, kidnappers, or robbers.  They are all very, very, very horrible things or people.  People I think, need to have a very good life without any violence.  I wish there were no bad things."

-Maggie Bender (Age 7)

P.S. Note the chinposin.

Chin Up Old Chap!

Now that there is some authority!

Do you Twitter/Jaiku/Pownce/Flickr?

Does your avatar live in an authority vacuum?

Do you wish people took you more seriously?

Then join us, the Chinerati.  It's a Friday thing. 

Tuesday Mar 04, 2008

Fitness for Geeks

Here's my attempt at explaining fitness to smart people.


Monday Mar 03, 2008

Real World iPhone Commercial

iPhone:  Because bringing your laptop in the bathroom to check on twitter is just. plain. weird.


Wednesday Feb 27, 2008

Lessons in Love

This lesson is for Pam (really for her "SO"), who asked if I held classes for husbands.  Forget the flowers, champagne, and jewelry.  If you want to keep the flame burning, you fold laundry (without being asked to) while she's out with the kids. :)

Better than flowers

Future Debate Team Members

Overheard this evening while my daughters were discussing all things Disney

9 Year Old:  There's only a few characters that I think are real.  Basically I only think the princesses are real.

7 Year Old: What!?? You don't think Mickey Mouse is real?

9 Year Old: He's a guy in a costume.  He was invented by Walt Disney.

7 Year Old: If he's not real, how does he shoot fireworks out of his fingers?

4 Year Old:  Yeah!

Tuesday Feb 26, 2008

Immersion Week Humor

This week Sun is having it's annual US Sales SE brain dump, it's called Immersion Week.  The event used to be held in places Downtown San Francisco in a major hotel, now it's held at the Accenture training grounds aka "The Q Center" in St. Charles, Illinois. 

I think the story behind the Q Center is that it used to be an all girl school.  Mostly small single bed dorm rooms where you can touch all the walls if you stand in the center of the room, and taller folks need to duck down in the shower.

Usually instructors get the "executive" rooms, king size beds, nice amenities, basically like a Westin.  While I've always been an instructor, I haven't always got an executive room.    If you've ever stayed in a "non-executive" room at the Q Center, you know what I'm talking about and you might find the following twitter exchanges funny.  This is the first year I have not attended, but my friends are including me in the fun.


And Later....


Sunday Feb 24, 2008

Family Portrait

Mi Familia

Saturday Feb 23, 2008

Killer Cardio

For those of you who strength train (and you all really should) do you do cardio before or after you lift?  I'm a post weight lifting cardio kind of guy, for a number of reasons, mainly though because I don't want to leave puddles of sweat on the equipment.  This is one workout that will make you sweat, so watch your puddles.  This is also great glute workout due to the double stair stepping.

Required Equipment:  StairMaster Step Mill

This can be done using either HITT (High Intensity Interval Training) or LISS (Low Intensity Steady State) techniques. 

For high intensity, go for 20 minutes using the "Fat Burner" mode and a setting of at least 10.  I usually do 12 but sometimes I bump it up to 13.  At level 14, you almost have to run up the stairs during the peaks.

For the lower intensity, go for 40 minutes with a setting around 8.  Experiment and find the right setting for you.

Click the below graphic to view the full size. 

Each column in the grid represents 20 seconds for HIIT and would be 40 seconds for LISS.  The StairMaster keeps track of all the time and adjusts the levels for you.  All you have to do is watch the grid so you make sure you doing the correct steps at the right time.

If you try it out, my only tip is to be careful on the backwards walking part.  It takes a bit of practice, but it's an awesome burn due to using muscles in ways they are not used to working.

Thursday Feb 21, 2008


Playing with Food

Wednesday Feb 20, 2008

Mattel (Kind of) Cares About Your Kids

For the second time I've attempted to get recall envelopes for the "dangerous" Mattel toys we have.  We have a lot of them ( 5 girls = a lot of Polly Pockets ), but Mattel really only "cares" to a maximum of six of the toys. 


I guess should something happen with one of the remaining toys I'll just call up my brother in law, the personal injury lawyer.  ;)

I'm not sure why I never got the envelopes the first time I ordered them, but have chronicled all attempts.  We shall see what transpires with this attempt.  I've spoken to a few people that never received their envelopes either, if you are one of them leave a comment.


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