Friday Jul 27, 2012

The Apple Juggernaut: 10 Jaw-Dropping Numbers

Despite the whining by some about Apple's "disappointing" quarter, the company reported some typically stunning numbers. Here are 10 of them in the context of business-innovation imperatives for every company.[Read More]

Thursday Jul 26, 2012

iPad Fever: Apple's Engineered-System Tablet Surges in Enterprise

Apple reported that sales of its iPad tablet to corporate customers tripled over the year-earlier quarter: what's the secret sauce that's made iPad such a runaway success?[Read More]

Wednesday Jul 25, 2012

Larry Ellison Debunks Myth of Oracle Lock-In

Oracle CEO Larry Ellison refutes the fairy tale raised by SAP and others that Oracle's ability to offer a complete stack is predicated on the desire to lock-in customers and deprive them of choice. The reality, Ellison explains, is quite different.[Read More]

Oracle Cloud: Larry Ellison's Top 10 Reasons You'll Want it

Far more than just the release of some cloud-centric point solutions, the Oracle Cloud represents a highly strategic inflection point that pulls together critical elements of the Oracle portfolio. Here are 10 reasons why Larry Ellison's betting the Oracle Cloud will become the leading enterprise cloud solution.[Read More]

Oracle's Mark Hurd and the Customer Revolution: 10 Top Insights

In today's dynamic global marketplace, consumers now hold the power in the buyer-seller equation, so marketers need to revamp their strategies for this new world order. Oracle president Mark Hurd makes the case for Oracle's new Customer Experience solution.[Read More]

Thursday Jul 19, 2012

The Deadly Cost of Ignoring Big Data: $71.2 Million per Year

Companies that don't aggressively confront the Big Data challenge say their failure to act is costing them $71.2 million in lost revenue per year. An Oracle research study lays out the ugly realities but also points the way forward.[Read More]