Tuesday Dec 06, 2011

Support - Advisor Webcasts December 2011


We want to invite you to our Advisor Webcast sessions scheduled for December 2011. These Webcasts are presented by our Experts, who will pass their experience with the Products to you and will be available for questions after the presentation.  Therefore please mark your calendars for the following Webcasts. Once you have registered for an event, a reminder E-Mail will be sent to you, 2 days and 2 hours before the event is started.

Please be aware, that these Advisor Webcasts are available for every Oracle Customer, Partner and Employee - so everybody who has a valid ID to access the My Oracle Support Portal can join our sessions. We are presenting short training sessions, which are available for you without paying any additional fee - you only need to take the time to attend.

In December we are presenting 2 Webcasts, which could be interesting for you. From the EBS Technology area we are presenting a Webcast about the 'Workflow Analyzer Healthcheck'. This is a check script which has been developed by William Burbage for the Proactive Support area. It is checking your Workflow Installation of the E-Business Suite, which creates a report with possible issues and which actions you should follow to solve them. William Burbage will be the presenter for this Webcast.
The second Webcast is presented under the Order Management area, but is also interesting for any technical oriented engineer, as it is around the Upgrade Advisor and the Patching Advisor. These are documents created to support you with your Upgrade- and your maintenance work. This Webcast will be presented by Doreen McMahon. Please see the details for these 2 sessions:

E-Business Suite – Workflow Analyzer Healthcheck

  • Workflow Analyzer Overview
  • Workflow Administration
  • Workflow Footprint
  • Workflow Concurrent Programs
  • Workflow Notification Mailer
  • Workflow Patch Levels
  • References

US Session: December 7, 2011 at 18:00 am CET / 09:00 am Pacific / 10:00 am Mountain/ 12:00 pm Eastern

E-Business Suite (EBS) Upgrade Advisor and Patching & Maintenance Advisor Overview

  • Upgrade Advisor Overview
    • Highlights of the 6 upgrade phases: Evaluate, Plan, Configure, Test, Implement, Accept
  • Patching and Maintenance Advisor Overview
    • Highlights of the 4 patching strategy phases: Evaluate, Plan, Test, Implement

Only 1 session scheduled: December 14, 2011 at 8 am PT / 9 am MT / 11 am ET

For any other Advisor Webcast scheduled for the Applications Technology Group of the E-Business Suite, please
check Note 1186338.1.

Additionally we want to point your attention to the Applications Technology Group Product Information Center Note 1160285.1

Tuesday Jun 14, 2011

Oracle Support – EBusiness Webcasts

Our EBS Proactive Services team will be conducting the following EBS-wide webcasts.

Making The EBS Upgrade from 11.5.10 Easier - Part I, 28-Jun-2011

Making The EBS Upgrade from 11.5.10 Easier - Part II, 12-Jul-2011

Making The EBS Upgrade from 11.5.10 Easier - Part III, 19-Jul-2011

Each one-hour session is recommended for technical users who are responsible for upgrading their E-Business Suite applications from Release 11.5.10 to Release 12.1.x.

A successful upgrade requires careful planning, correct upgrade processing, detailed testing, and user (re)training prior to upgrade. There are a number of tools available via My Oracle Support and as part of the E-Business Suite product offerings to assist customers in a successful upgrade. To learn more about these tools and how to use them, join us for a three part webcast series, Making The EBS Upgrade from 11.5.10 Easier.

Topics for Part I will include:

  • Overview of Tools Available for Upgrading
  • Upgrade versus Re-implementing
  • Upgrade Community
  • Upgrade Product Information Center Page
  • Detailed Look at Upgrade Advisors

Part II will provide a detailed look at the Maintenance Wizard and Patch Wizard tools.

Part III will review best practices for using the upgrade tools.

-Chris Warticki
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Chris Warticki
Support Specialist, (HPI)Corporate Athlete, Presenter Extraordinaire, Toastmaster & self-proclaimed Support "spokesmodel".

Chris has been working for Oracle for over 17 years. Chris educates customers how to maximize their Support investment and leverage the support tools and available resources as part of Premier Support.

Chris works for Global Customer Management and speaks with customers on all topics regarding Oracle support services


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