Wednesday Jul 11, 2012

MOS Flash Going Bye-Bye...Welcome MOS HTML(ADF)

When MetaLink switched over to My Oracle Support......we'll, I won't go there.  I'm still twitching from the aftermath and the all publicity my blog received.  Remember, I'm FOR the customer.

My Oracle Support Outage Planned for Weekend of July 13, 2012 - check your MOS Dashboard - Site Alerts

Read the following communications and watch the video with Dennis Reno, VP, Customer Portal Experience.

  1. Dear Valued My Oracle Support User 
  2. My Oracle Support Upgrade Begins July 13, 2012 
  3. The New My Oracle Support User Interface [ID 1385682.1] 

We encourage you to regularly access The New My Oracle Support User Interface Web Page (Article ID 1385682.1) for up-to-date transition information and to review the video series that takes you through My Oracle Support’s features and functionality using the new HTML interface.

Learn the Basics in Minutes
Quick Start - Service Request Flow
Service Request Management
Features and Functionality
Customer User Administration
Hot Topic Email
Service Request Profiles
Quick Search

If you have any questions or feedback, please log into My Oracle Support and use the “Contact Us” link located in the upper right hand corner. You can also provide feedback by taking this brief survey.

- Chris Warticki
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Thursday May 17, 2012

Resolve E-Business Patching with MOS Community

We are happy to announce that Oracle E-Business Suite support will re-launch our patching community with new resources and a new name:  E-Business Patching Community

Starting May 16th 2012 - a direct channel to a newly dedicated team of E-Business Suite patching experts will provide you with a single destination to resolve your patch-related issues.   For additional details please see Note 1453113.1.

When you have questions about Oracle E-Business Suite patches, we understand that you need answers quickly.

To help meet that need, the Oracle E-Business Suite support team has launched a NEW My Oracle Support Community called, “E-Business Patching. The E-Business Patching Community allows users to collaborate and share important information and best practices on E-Business Patch Application.

The E-Business Patching Community offers:

  • Content that is uniquely indexed by Patch number- making it extremely easy to find
  • Information sharing of known solutions that will help with faster resolution of patching incidents, without having to create a Service Request
  • The ability to share information and solutions directly with other industry experts
  • Starting May 16 2012 - a direct channel to a dedicated team of Oracle E-Business Suite patching experts A rich foundation of information since it is built upon the old Patch Review Community

We encourage you to access the “E-Business Patching Community” prior to applying an E-Business Suite patch. Doing so will allow you to explore perspectives shared by industry peers, get real-world experiences with the patch, and benefit from known solutions and lessons learned. Additionally, Oracle Support engineers monitor discussion topics to help provide guidance and solutions for your E-Business Suite patching needs.

This is a valuable opportunity to “Get Proactive” with the patching and maintenance of your E-Business Suite environment.Start now, and find fast, proactive resolutions before you begin

Monday Feb 27, 2012

My SR was Bugged and Closed, Now What?

From a recent customer email - SR was closed acknowledging it as a bug. When can I expect the bug to be fixed?

Even though the Service Request is closed, you can track the Bug Status within the Bug Summary content region in My Oracle Support.

  1. Add the Bug Summary region to your dashboard
  2. Click the pencil icon and then check the box for show my organizations bugs
  3. Then, back in that region, mark the bug a favorite (star). 
  4. Now, for push notification, if you go to Settings Tab > Hot Topics Email, you can turn on several notifications, one of which is, Product Bugs marked as Favorites.

Development rarely gives ETA's on bug fixes unless it's a Sev1 production down.  Even then, it's a matter of urgency and not ETA.
Is it a Sev1 bug?  Or, is it an Enhancement Request (Sev4)?

Please work with your support engineer and make sure you have documented the impact this bug is having to your business. Make sure that is clearly stated in the SR and the Bug. Behind every technical problem, there is business problem.  Does Support and Development understand your business problem?

Also, see the section entitled, What if the Service Request has a Bug Associated with it? that I've written.

- Chris Warticki - Global Customer Management
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