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No matter where I go, in front of any audience or on the phone, I ask one primary question, "Other than MetaLink, where else do you go for support of your products?"  9 out of 10 times the answer is, Google.  Unfortunately, Google has turned the world into a bunch of antisocial, dummies.  If the answer isn't on the first page of the first ten hits, then it must not exist anywhere on the internet,  Right?  Wrong.  Web 2.0 technologies are about connecting people with people instead of people to a portal.

Therefore, today's post is an enhanced version of a previous posting of resources I consolidated that will connect you with like-minded technical resources, using the same products that you do, accomplishing the same objectives that you are trying to accomplish.  Leverage your investment in Oracle by leveraging your resources.  The Best Support is NO Service Request!

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    Don't forget twitter, a list of Oracle type people there can be found at:

    Posted by Matt Topper on August 04, 2008 at 09:34 AM EDT #

    I respectively disagree. I do agree with the sentiment that any DBA* worth his/her salt is going to fully utilize as many of those other resources as possible. However, paid support, especially Oracle Support, is very expensive, and thus there is an expectation, at least at our shop, that the buck should stop with Oracle Support. In other words, one should be able to find the authoritative answer to any Oracle question from Metalink (assuming that we can put the documentation sets under that umbrella as well), whether via searching the knowledge base or raising an SR. I am wondering if perhaps the pricing model lends itself to be "abused" by those "antisocial dummies". If the price of raising one SR is exactly the same as raising 100, and the expected skill level of the attending Support Analyst is the same, why not file more tickets? Can't hurt, right? How many shops have this kind of licensing scheme? Your mantra ("The Best Support is NO Service Request!") is rather interesting, and I dare say controversial. How about "The best product is one with no bugs!" *grin* But to end on a positive note, I value your list of "other" resources, and have used a majority of them in the past. Some of the newer opportunities (Oracle Wiki and Mix) seem like they might turn into something interesting; young as they are, it is hard to tell what direction they might go in. I am seeing more Oracle employees blog, which is a great thing. I always chuckle at those certain employees who decide not to use Oracle Blogs. So keep up the good work, Mr. Warticki. I look forward to seeing how this blog will fare in the long run. Eagerly. *DBA: speaking of the "narrow" field of database administration and temporarily ignoring that others use Oracle products *grin*

    Posted by Charles Schultz on August 04, 2008 at 11:18 AM EDT #

    If you want no SRs you need to keep the other services up and reachable. Why cannot I access my OTN account if I lose my password? Are you responding to user requests or problems for your online services? I do not think so.

    Posted by Yas on August 04, 2008 at 08:02 PM EDT #

    Wow!, 3 comments in 1 day. As a new blogger, this was like rush hour traffic! Keep 'em coming. Matt - excellent resource, I'll add it to the list. Charles, - I like the feedback. You've given me some additional ideas for future blog posts (Value of Support - Where does my money go?, and Support vs. Development - who's who?, and Support Synchronicity) Yas - another vote for future topic (Support vs. Development - who's who?). The following link has good information -

    Posted by Chris Warticki on August 05, 2008 at 02:24 AM EDT #

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