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Users accessing will no longer have a login option to choose between Classic MetaLink and My Oracle Support, but will be automatically directed to My Oracle Support.
My Oracle Support enhances the customer experience by delivering personalized, proactive, and collaborative support via a simplified support interface, making interactions with Oracle Support faster and more efficient.
This upgrade is part of Oracle's ongoing commitment to improving your support experience and providing a single integrated support platform across all products. The retirement of Classic MetaLink will mark the completion of the upgrade of all of our support interfaces to My Oracle Support.


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I can't find an alternative for the classic MyHeadlines in MOS. That is a real pain to not have that. Also the email alerts setup on MyHeadlines I have not been able to find in MOS. Are these being considered for implementation?

Posted by Erik Ykema on July 02, 2009 at 03:38 AM EDT #

Erik, The Classic My Headlines has been replaced by the Dashboard Tab. Within the Dashboard, add the content regions like Knowledge for example. Then personalize that section for a product like Database. Voila. Content solutions for Database get populated. Add multiple sections of the same content type if you wish. Also, Alerts are found under the Settings link at the top right. Click on it and you'll see a Hot-Topics Email section to personalize for your product alerts, notifications and bug alerts etc. Very similar, but now expanded in this version of My Oracle Support. -Chris

Posted by guest on July 02, 2009 at 04:31 AM EDT #

A bit of constructive criticism. I've been using MOS almost since it is available, primarily with Firefox (2.0 and 3.0) and here are my comments. Flash may be a great tool, but has to be used properly or it will provide an awful navigation experience. The search results page, showing the article is great, but it is not well integrated with the browser navigation actions (page back, page forward), so changing between articles can be only done by clicking on the articles link and, once the result search side bar is lost by using the browser's navigation features, there is no way for recovering it but searching again. On the other side, zooming on the article text, while having the search side window visible, will make the article frame to overlap other parts of the page, making it very difficult to navigate the site for people with vision problems. Also, load times are far longer on MOS than with former Metalink, an improvement on this would be greatly appreaciated, as well as a "conversion guide" from Metalink to MOS. The favorites feature is really good, even more while I've been unable to bookmard any of the articles in Firefox and have it to go to the correct article afterwards, so providing the posibility of editing, at least, the name of the favorite is would be great. A note ID is not very informative for me. Finally, I have to say that the Power View feature is great. As a briefing, I like MOS but there are lots of improvement points still there.

Posted by Jose Rodriguez on July 02, 2009 at 08:30 PM EDT #

I appluad Oracle for making such efforts to make support better. BUT - please keep the old metalink as an option. I do not like all the flash stuff, it is a little slower, and getting flash support for some 64-bit desktop OS's is not easy. I personally find the old metalink preferable and way good enough for my needs.

Posted by Bert Scalzo on July 07, 2009 at 01:00 AM EDT #

check that article out.. Need to FIX MOS before moving to it.

Posted by Bill on July 07, 2009 at 01:01 AM EDT #

I would love to provide constructive criticism about MOS, but I simply can't. I can't even argue a single point in the computerworld article linked above. To paraphrase reality TV: I'm an enterprise customer, get me out of here. I have never been in love with MetaLink, but its one glaring deficit - the astonishingly-bad-for-1998 search engine - is not even addressed by MOS. Instead, we get a buggy, problematic interface. As a former developer, I can absolutely respect the lengths that you have gone to with MOS (though I can't conceive of a single defensible reason why you chose Flex). But the new MOS clearly demonstrates that Oracle has completely lost sight of what enterprise customer support means. It really should not be difficult: Oracle Support should be easy, browser-independent, and useful. In-browser Flash interfaces are neither reliable, nor ubiquitous, nor user-friendly; they actually take you out of the Web experience. They require plug-ins - and not just Flash, but the latest Flash; oh wait, no, the latest patched Flash; actually, no, the latest patched Flash for this platform/browser but not that one. I have tried to use MOS as evidenced by the SRs I have had to open regarding simple functionality that is buggy across browsers (In one case, simply clicking the "community" link didn't work. In another, changing platforms in a drop-down left my utterly unable to download a critical patch). MOS actually increases the distance between myself and running enterprise services. How is that a good direction to go? Today's e-mail from support regarding the imminent retirement of "classic" MetaLink is utterly depressing. My job will be made more difficult. Being an enterprise customer will become more expensive. If Oracle can't develop a version of Metalink that uses Oracle's own HTML-based development tools, they could at least leave "classic" MetaLink around. But I would much rather see Oracle leverage its APEX and Java technologies to develop a support portal that is both functional and useful. Today, that looks light years away.

Posted by Mike Barras on July 07, 2009 at 06:30 PM EDT #

I was always using Metalink to get the stuff done. New MOS is terrible at that. Pretty screens do not automatically result in usability.

Posted by Alex on July 09, 2009 at 02:18 AM EDT #

Frankly, I hate it. It is slow, non-intuitive, and the search engine is still bad. If you want to improve the metalink site, fix the search engine. Oracle professionals frankly dont care one way or another about flash (unless it is slow, like now), but they do care about an informative and usable site. Perhaps Oracle should ask people before the redesign a perfectly usable site into one that is basically useless.

Posted by Andrew Kerber on July 09, 2009 at 03:06 AM EDT #

I have tried the new flash based version. One feature I like are the 'health checks' that let me easily determine what patches or actions may be needed on a database. I implemented Configuration Manager on most of our databases. One issue with My Oracle Support is that it is just hard to navigate. I have some of the same concerns already expressed. Classic MetaLink makes it easy to have multiple documents open. My Oracle Support makes this difficult. While the navigation of MetaLink is not terribly fast, it is tolerable. My Oracle Support seems to be quite slow at times. Prior to the the rewrite of ML in APEX, ML was actually very fast. Response times increased quite noticeably with the new version of ML. Now with My Oracle Support, it looks like another step backwards as far as application performance is concerned. Here's a question I am curious about: Was My Oracle Support developed with input from DBA's and Developers from businesses in a range of sizes? There are quite a few of us out here in small IT shops (30 IT folks here). At my company I am the only DBA. We have custom Apps, SAP and Oracle eBiz Apps. Extra time spent waiting for information from a web site, due to response times and difficulty of navigation, is just more of my own time that gets eaten up. I am not a manager, and find little value in shiny interfaces when they get in the way of getting work done.

Posted by Jared Still on July 09, 2009 at 04:32 AM EDT #

Chris, Since you are the Sr. Technical Support Manager, this is probably a good place to blow off some steam. The only place (for me) where the new MOS is even remotely useable is on those rare occasions where I am in the office and sitting in front of the server. Mostly, I wind up using the support site through a VPN, then through a Remote Desktop Connection to the server, and the new MOS is absolutely terrible this way. The already slow loading/displaying of each page is an order of magnitude slower, making the new MOS completely unusable. Howevere, using the same connections for "Classic", while slower than in the office, is still extremely acceptable for use. Pages load in far less time than it takes for me to smoke a cigarette (unlike the new MOS). I can find what I need and get my job done in a small fraction of the time compared to the new MOS. Why was the decision made to even contemplate using Flash? There are just so many problems, most of us have to wait for another sysadmin to come by and perform the install of the newest patched version for us, etc., besides just the terrible speed hit experienced by most users. Can you do a blog posting stating exactly which 'features' in the new MOS couldn't be accomplished through the Apex ("Classic") interface? I'm sure most, if not all, of the supposed functionality in the new MOS could have been built into the "Classic" interface as well, even if it meant downloading a java app (worst case scenario). With the retirement of "Classic", I know I'll be using the phone a lot more to see what the status is on my SR's. I sure hope Oracle is in the process of hiring more people to sit around and handle the phone calls.

Posted by Bill Ferguson on July 09, 2009 at 06:10 AM EDT #

Ditto on many of the comments you've gotten. My Oracle Support is lousy. I haven't always been thrilled with the search capability of Classic Metalink, mostly that the most relevant documents do not wind up at the top of the results, and that there doesn't seem to be a good way to narrow results without losing relevant results. Still, at least I don't have to say what product I want to search - if I get an obscure ORA-xxxxxx error when I'm using SQL Developer, is that a database problem, or a SQL Developer problem? I don't know - that's why I'm searching. One thing that REALLY bothers me is that Flash is not very accessible. I do work for the US government, and we've been working VERY hard to make sure our web sites and web applications can be used by people who are visually impaired. You've GOT to be able to increase font size at will without having to scroll all over the page. The pages have GOT to be understandable to a screen reader.

Posted by John Flack on July 10, 2009 at 02:25 AM EDT #

We love to make use of the flash version new. Patching and index rebuilds are simplified, and we monitor in control grid our buffer cache ratios. Very navigate easy, and immediate access to documents many, even open same time. Outstanding development of new metalink is proof the expert developers have made mark on seat cushion. Please forward further remarks in proper language at: Thank you.

Posted by Billy Hill on July 10, 2009 at 04:32 AM EDT #

While MOS has some good things. It is really slow and clunky with frequent browser crashes. As an Oracle Customer . accessing metalink for all sorts of answers is very important and the classic metalink is the fastest way to get access to good content anywhere . MOS with the flash requirement is not very browser friendly and ties people supporting multiple platform at a quandary of using and installing addon software to access a support website. I would recommend keeping classic metalink as a lite option with addons like powerview and config manager as an MOS thing.

Posted by Fuad Arshad on July 10, 2009 at 06:33 AM EDT #

Hi, Mr. Warticki Some questions I would really like to read reply for: - Have you ever used "old" (classic) Metalink at all? If you actually did, you would understand how bad new flash UI is. - Do you actually use flash based Metalink at all? I mean, use it to actually perform some work? I don't think so, because you would understand how bad new flash UI is. - Do you understand that flash is actually slow? And that we don't need animated menus/windows... to do real work. - Did anybody from the field (real DBAs, developers) perform usability test? - Did you actually listen to people who had performed usability tests? - What is wrong with technology used by Google (ajax), for example? Why flash? This is shame. I am Metalink user since 1999. - and this is the worst Metalink ever.

Posted by Vladimir Barac on July 10, 2009 at 09:02 AM EDT #

Yes, Classic MetaLink is retiring after nearly 12 years of operation. Oracle is moving all of our support to a new backend system and opening up the support capabilities using Service Oriented Architecture. The architecture allows us to make backend changes and integrate new support services quickly. MetaLink had to be completely rewritten. It was not built to easily consume a new service. Even though we like Classic MetaLink, it will no longer work with the new support systems. In building My Oracle Support, we are able to create a new front end and run it in parallel to identify as many bugs as possible, before Classic MetaLink goes away. Thank you to all current and future users for providing the guiding insight that helps us shape and prioritize our improvement planning. My Oracle Support product management values and seeks out customer feedback. Fact is, the My Oracle Support roadmap is primarily shaped by the voice of the customer and customer requirements. Many customers have provided constructive insight and enhancement requests that drive our investment agenda to deliver personalized, proactive, and collaborative support to the several hundred thousand users of Oracle's on line support. We have no less than seven feedback channels that we monitor continuously to stay in touch with what customers say is working well and what needs improvement. Often customer feedback comes to us in the form of dissatisfaction, sometimes expressed as disappointment. We accept that, and welcome all forms of feedback because each and every piece of customer input is considered by our product team as an opportunity to deliver an improved support experience. Even though we have had three patching cycles since My Oracle Support was released last November, there are still known issues which are documented in the FAQ. These issues are fixed in the release that will coincide with the retirement of Classic MetaLink. In addition, during the months we have been running in parallel, we've had the opportunity to identify usability and performance areas that need improvement. We think you will be pleased with the fixes and enhancements in areas such as usability, user administration and service request management in the coming release. We continue to use feedback, community posts, user group input and direct customer interaction to find areas needing improvement. So keep the feedback coming. Your voice and suggestions for improvement are heard, valued and actioned. Tony Cavotta My Oracle Support Product Management

Posted by Tony Cavotta on July 10, 2009 at 12:14 PM EDT #

In my humble opinion the text based tools are best for putting in support issues to a company. Or the phone, but that could be a next step. Or a Oracle Web Conference, but again, that is even a step more further down to support road. The method to contact Oracle, or whatever other company, in a support issue should be choosen by the customer. Of course! Who else? The customer should not be forced into some other tool, in this case flash, in order to get in contact when having trouble with one or more of Oracle's products. Furhter, generally large customers have a LCM PC platform. Thus, they need to assure that a new tool from a supplier, in this case Flash and Oracle, is working in Their Unique Environment with other products they have. There are other databases out there. As well as other issues using a PC, we all know that. Some customers can not install or even reach C:\ on their PC. So...some of the large customers might even have trouble entering the support issue. That is, to say the least, not good.

Posted by Lars Sjöström on July 10, 2009 at 07:36 PM EDT #

I almost coughed my coffee all over my keyboard and monitor when I read "Here comes My Oracle Support…for everybody." I sure hope somebody in the decision making team realizes that for many people there are many occasions where MOS is not even a close contender to something they can use. Most of the week it is unusable for me, through my connections. There is also the problem with installing Flash and the periodic updates. Many organizations don't allow it, and there are far more organizations that only allow it to be installed by the IT Nazi group, whenever they deem they have the time to do it for you and that your justification for needing it really meets their criteria of the day. A java app would have been far easier to get past the IT Nazis along with any periodic updates. Surely there is a java programmer or two in Oracle, if the new "features" of the Flash version really couldn't be accomplished through a rewrite of "Classic"? (I'm pretty sure the late Carl Backstrom could have accomplished it fairly easily). If/when "Classic" goes away, it will be a giant step BACKWARD for me, as I (and I'm sure many others), will be sent back in time to 15 years ago when all support was handled through the phone, and things like sending files were impossible. At least for most of my questions about Oracle, I can still get the answers to those from a simple Google search, I only need MetaLink/MOS for the serious problems, so whoever I get stuck with on the phone better be pretty darn good and speak pretty decent english without a heavy accent.

Posted by Bill Ferguson on July 11, 2009 at 12:59 AM EDT #

I have tried My Oracle Support a few times. I basically came back straight away to the classic Metalink because the Flash version is extremely slow and the layout is not clear nor friendly at all. But... why Oracle didn't ask their customers before taking such a painful decision??

Posted by painterman on July 12, 2009 at 09:13 PM EDT #

Customers, Thanks for your feedback. Your input is why I created the blogpost in the first place. Keep it coming. As you can read above, Anthony Cavotta, from My Oracle Support Product Management has provided a reply. Keep the dialogue going. Anthony Cavotta and myself are both found on twitter too. To answer Vladimir's questions above: Q: Have you ever used "old" (classic) Metalink at all? If you actually did, you would understand how bad new flash UI is. A: Yes, I've been with Support for 11 years. I use both versions. For the sake of argument, I won't argue. I agree with your points, which is precisely why I'm trying to raise this subject for Oracle leadership/Management to take notice. I'm FOR the customer, the support experience and customer satisfaction, not against it. Q: Do you actually use flash based Metalink at all? I mean, use it to actually perform some work? I don't think so, because you would understand how bad new flash UI is. A: Yes. I work for a team that trains customers on My Oracle Support each and every day. It does take time to get used too. Time is a commodity and not something to waste when having to learn how to use a website - I agree. Q: Do you understand that flash is actually slow? And that we don't need animated menus/windows... to do real work. A: Yes. I have experienced slowness. But, I've also seen an improvement in performance of the last several months. Q: Did anybody from the field (real DBAs, developers) perform usability test? A: I do not know who was invited to test. Q: Did you actually listen to people who had performed usability tests? A: I know that plenty of feedback has been forwarded to the appropriate decision makers. This again is why I created this blog post. Q: What is wrong with technology used by Google (ajax), for example? Why flash? A: I was practically boo'd off the stage a year ago during my session at ODTUG while presenting My Oracle Support. I think someone yelled that Flash Development is for Playhouse Disney not corporate America. I don't have an acceptable answer to this question. I've asked myself why Oracle is using a 3rd party product. I've read every comment on this subject on my blog, on OTN, on OracleMix, on Linked-In and direct via email. Thank You. Oracle does listen to our customers. -Chris Warticki

Posted by Chris Warticki on July 13, 2009 at 12:54 AM EDT #

My reading of Anthony Cavotta's reply is that: It is difficult to interface an application written in APEX with new back-end functionality exposed as Service oriented architecture services. Thus a third party application needed to be used to generate the interface. I will keep this in mind if anyone at my company suggests using oracle tools to achieve this. Reminds me of the time when Oracle was promoting its own web browser front end, while purchasing Netscape browser licences for it's own employees! David Roberts

Posted by David Roberts on July 13, 2009 at 04:06 AM EDT #

I use metalink directly from Solaris with Opera browser which has in built resume functionality, so that I can download patches directly on the server to be patched. Flash doesn't work too well on Solaris. It just kills the browser when I access MOS. Classic Metalink works in both Windows and Unix boxes.

Posted by Vikram Das on July 13, 2009 at 04:09 AM EDT #

Its very horrible to work with new My Oracle Support,it seems like Playing on social network then working on number 1 database.Classic Metalink works fine then my support.Now oracle started to play in a Monopolistic way with the customer.the new My oracle support has some of unwanted tool like ocm etc,where these thing can be handled by customer themself then in centrilized location like my oracle support. Thanking you for taking away classic metalink.

Posted by Vivek Yalla on July 14, 2009 at 05:13 PM EDT #

I'm having great difficulties using the MOS. I'm running XP SP3/IE8/Flash9. The initial page displays properly but when I search and am presented with the results I can't see any content beyond that point. The search results display but clicking on the article opens up the new flash window (the sliding window that is) that is empty. BTW, the new MOS is all about 'fashion over function' (like Charles de Gaule Airport). No visual cues when something is happening in the background, I'm constantly wondering what is going on (even when it works) This reminds me of the Oracle Developer 4 (not 4.5), a classic example of how not to do an UI (graphical or otherwise).

Posted by Anantha on July 16, 2009 at 05:09 AM EDT #

I've a simple question for the people behind MOS; what were you thinking? It is sloooow at a time when I want quick results like when I'm working on a problem. The sliding windows and all is 's*xy' but useless for the most part. Give us something that is FAST.

Posted by Anantha on July 16, 2009 at 05:14 AM EDT #

I tried several times to switch to MOS but always returned back to Metalink when I really needed to have a job done. IMHO MOS suffers from several design issues, first of all the Flash choice when all the other sites are able to deliver a "rich web experience" using HTML/CSS/Javascript only - delivering a fast better experience. ML was not the fastest site, but MOS is slower - and a lot. Also I can't understand many GUI design choices made in MOS, they are counterintuitive and let users scratching their heads to understand why some controls are in so strange position, why errors are reported that way and so on. And above all a lot of bugs that make using MOS a real waste of time. Frankly, if this is a SOA showcase it will steer customers away. Clumsy and slow - what a good ad! Look at Microsoft's MSDN - and I am not a MS fan - but it could give you some hints about a decent support site. I guess that someone at Oracle shoud admit "we made a mistake" and cancel this project. MOS is flawed from its foundations - it must be redesigned from ground up.

Posted by Luigi D. Sandon on July 29, 2009 at 09:08 PM EDT #

Agree with other customers above - I have tried several times to use My Oracle Support and almost immediately switched back to Classic every time. I HATE flash - slow, acts strange, and provides NO value that I can see to this or any other web site I've visited (but at least for a trendy restaurant I can understand the desire to have something that looks artsy - for a major corporation I see no excuse whatsoever). Waiting for the silly thing to flip the screen around to display the article that I've managed to find in the search is highly frustrating. Does Oracle think the DBAs of the world require this Playskool interface? Really, we're professionals out here! Just give us a tool, not a "customer experience".

Posted by diane on August 05, 2009 at 01:29 AM EDT #

Thanks for replying, Mr. Warticki Some more comments on new Metalink UI. - Flash UI doesn't allow us to open links in new page / tab. This is severe limitation. No need to explain why this is important. New UI has serious usability issues. - Flash UI doesn't allow us to save html pages to disk. Again, no need to explain why this is useful. - Flash UI feels cluttered on 1024x768 screens (common ones as server consoles). Why didn't anybody think about this? Are we going to see any improvement on limitations listed above? I feel that majority of metalink users don't like new flash UI. Is anyobdy in Oracle actually going to take this into account? Thanks, Vladimir Barac

Posted by Vladimir Barac on August 11, 2009 at 12:24 AM EDT #

Appeal oracle to keep alive metalink. There is no justification in replacing the metalink. My oracle support, the flash version is simply irritating. As we have to frequently scroll up,down,left and right for a single info. It tries to give lot of information, but fails miserably. In compare to metalink, it stands no where. regards, Sunil

Posted by Sunil on September 16, 2009 at 10:40 AM EDT #

I'll add my voice to those who prefer Metalink over MOS. None of the useful new features are things that would not be available if the site were plain html and ajax. Furthermore, to me no new feature is worth the problems the flash version has. I'll even forgive Oracle for all the problems that will hopefully be solved in newer versions of the application such as... 1. Slow loading. 2. Collectors that can't be associated with Support Identifiers. 3. Duplicate Target Entries for the same target. 4. Error 2404 attempting to remove support identifiers. 5. Error 2404 attempting to remove support identifier from user. 6. Page redraw issues. What I can't forgive them for are the things they can't solve due to their choice of flash... 1. Browser find on page and highlighting tools don't work in flash. 2. Middle clicking links doesn't work. 3. Printing often doesn't work or behaves strangely. 4. Right click does not provide browser right click menu. 5. Back button can behave strangely. 6. Limited platform availability.

Posted by Leigh Riffel on October 01, 2009 at 07:52 AM EDT #

Nice article. I thought to let you know that you website isn't getting displayed properly on opera mini browser on my pda. I wish that increasingly number of webmasters would consider the fact that there is an ever growing number of users browsing webpages on the mobile. Best Wishes

Posted by guest on November 04, 2009 at 03:13 AM EST #

OMG, the new interface S%^KS! I can't put it any kinder. Half the time it doesn't work and the other half of the time I spend waiting for the page to load. When we were forced to use the new format I couldn't get in so I had them (Oracle) reset my password. It came back with a new cryptic password which I was able to get in with. I then proceeded to try and change my password which promptly (the only thing "prompt" on this page) gave me a page error. So now I'm stuck with a password I can't remember and I can't change it. I have to ask...Did anyone do any testing on this. You would think with all the power Oracle has at their disposal, they could have brought in a team to thoroughly test this before unleashing this monstrosity on us. I now go to google for answers first and only use "My Oracle Support" h#ll-hole when I'm desperate. Please either fix it, speed it up, or just make it functional. As it stands now, I can't use it. It's terrible.

Posted by Scott Benitez on December 02, 2009 at 04:26 AM EST #

I arrived at this blog while searching for assistance on how to change my password in My Oracle Support. If I want to experience the same frustration that Scott Benitez described, I can let Oracle generate another password for me, but there does not appear to be anyway for me to set my own password. There is a place to click on next to the password on the Settings: Personal and Administration page; however when I click on that I am first notified that I will be redirected to the profile application. Then I get a "We're sorry, There seems to be some problem in processing your request." error message. MOS is extremely frustrating to work with. To reach the same information I used to get to easily in MetaLink, I now have to page through lots of irrelevant flashy "stuff."

Posted by Richard Lynch on January 22, 2010 at 07:43 AM EST #

just a postscript to my last post - not something I want to post for others... One of the reasons I find MOS so frustrating is that I used to hold up Oracle as an exemplar of how support should be provided: simple, straightforward, efficient. I know I'm not the first to say it, but MOS looks and acts like something from Redmond, WA

Posted by Richard Lynch on January 22, 2010 at 07:50 AM EST #

Why is Google more successful than other searching engines ? - the html interface is light and simple : a single zone to put the key words, no need for a formation to use it - it's fast and reliable Metalink looked like Google and it was efficient. My Oracle Support...

Posted by Florent on January 29, 2010 at 02:44 AM EST #

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