Tuesday Sep 25, 2012

"From Russia with Love" - My Oracle Russian Experience

Two weeks ago, I traveled to Moscow, Russia. I had the pleasure of meeting with many of our Oracle Partners and Customers in the region.  I also worked with our Oracle Russia team throughout the week building many new friendships.

The showcase for the week was an Oracle Support Strategy event for our Oracle Partners and Customers.  It was held at the Kateria-City Hotel, Moscow.  The Oracle Marketing team did an amazing job registering 100+ for the event, and nearly 100 were in attendance.


        During the event, I spoke about many different topics. Part was a hands-on workshop to personalize your MOS Dashboard and configure Hot-Topics Email alerts.  Customers learned how to subscribe to newsletters and other Oracle information.  It covered a mulitude of Support Best Practices.  Additionally, I presented Platinum Services to the audience and my colleague Kristophe Hermans, from Oracle Belgium spoke on Proactive Support.

In addition, I had the distinct privilege to meet one-on-one with our customers representing OJSC VimpelCom, MTC-Rus and SberbankPictured with me is Valery Yourinsky, Director of Technology Consulting Dept, FORS Distribution (Oracle Platinum Partner)

Finally, I spent 2.5 days with my Oracle colleagues from Oracle Russia. They are super, hard-working, dedicated, customer-service professionals. All of them! I owe them all a debt of gratitude. Next time, we meet in Florida - ok?

I am very appreciative to all our Oracle partners, customers and colleagues.  Thanks for hosting me and showing me a wonderful time in your country.  I look forward to my return.

Chris Warticki
Global Customer Management

New AIA Product Information Center

Did you know?  There’s New AIA Product Information Center (PIC) pages?  The PIC pages contains the links to documentation, new and most popular documents, alerts, FAQs, recommended patches and the certification matrix.

Check out the details here.

The AIA Blog is full of useful information - be sure to subscribe to the AIA blog feed

Monday Sep 24, 2012

New Fusion Community, Community Name Changes and Upcoming Webcasts

Check out the new MOS Customer Relationship Management (CRM) community. This community has been featured in marketing events and is one of the more active communities so far.

Support has also renamed the Fusion HCM community (now Human Capital Management (HCM)) and the Technical – FA community (now Fusion Applications Technology) in order to standardize our naming convention.

Finally, we have two upcoming webcasts:

18-OCT-2012 : Fusion Apps Security - User & Role Management using Oracle Identity Manager featured in our Fusion Applications Technology community

01-NOV-2012: Fusion Apps Security – Troubleshoot Data Role Issues featured in our Fusion Applications Technology community.

Check out our new Community.
Attend our upcoming webcasts.

Participate.  Engage. Contribute.


Tuesday Sep 11, 2012

EBS – Technology Stack NAVIGATION Page

We have published a new E-Business Suite – Technology Stack Navigation PageNote 1480550.1

This page has been created to make an easy navigation for documents of the EBS Technology Stack available. It is an interactive navigation page, so that you are selecting the area on the page you are looking for documents and as you are moving your mouse the available areas in the pictures are highlighted and a small pop-up window is coming up to present you the available links. You can select the link via the pop-up window or just by clicking into the highlighted area – and a new window with the link is opened.

We are very interested in your feedback ! So please use the “Feedback” link and let us know your thoughts and your recommendations for Enhancements.

Best regards

Your EBS Technology Proactive Support Team

Friday Sep 07, 2012

EBS – ATG Webcast 9/11 - 9/12

EBS – ATG Webcast in September 2012

EBS – Multiple Language Support (MLS)

Agenda :
EBS is MLS Ready                                                                                
NLS / MLS Basic Architecture
NLS / MLS Installation
NLS / MLS Configuration Settings                                                                   
Question and Answers

EMEA Session : September 11, 2012

at 09:00 UK / 10:00 CET / 13:30 India / 17:00 Japan / 18:00 Sydney (Australia)

Details & Registration : Note 1480084.1

Direct link to register in WebEx

US Session : September 12, 2012

at 18:00 UK / 19:00 CET / 10:00 AM Pacific / 11:00 AM Mountain/ 01:00 PM Eastern

·      Details & Registration : Note 1480085.1

·      Direct link to register in WebEx

·         Schedules, recordings and the Presentations of the Advisor Webcast drove under the EBS Applications Technology area can be found in Note 1186338.1.

·         Current Schedules of Advisor Webcast for all Oracle Products can be found on Note 740966.1

·         Post Presentation Recordings of the Advisor Webcasts for all Oracle Products can be found on Note 740964.1

If you have any question about the schedules or if you have a suggestion for an Advisor Webcast to be planned in future, please send an E-Mail to Ruediger Ziegler.

Thursday Sep 06, 2012

Application Technology Group (ATG) Product Information Center

Take a look at the Application Technology Group (ATG) Product Information Center (PIC) (Doc ID 1160285.1) landing page for Top  Viewed Customer Documents, LIVE Webcast with Development, Announcements, Certification Information, Hot Topics, Documentation, Training, Webcast, Communities and more.

Wednesday Sep 05, 2012

JRE 1.6.0_35 Certified with Oracle E-Business Suite

JRE 1.6.0_35 Certified with Oracle E-Business Suite Release 11i and 12i clients!

EBS Accounts Payables Customer Advisory

Blogging to let you know of an important set of Oracle Payables patches that were released for R12.1 customers. 

Accounts Payable Customer Advisory:

Dear Valued Oracle Support Customer,

Since the release of R12.1.3 a number of recommended Payables patches have been made available as standalone patches, to help address important business process incidents. Adoption of these patches is highly recommended. To further facilitate adoption of these Payables patches Oracle has consolidated them into a single Recommended Patch Collection (RPC).

The RPC is a collection of recommended Payables patches created with the following goals in mind:

  • Stability: Help address issues that are identified by Oracle Development and Oracle Software Support that may interfere with the normal completion of important business processes such as period close.
  • Root Cause Fixes: Help make available root cause fix for data integrity that may delay period close, normal invoice flow and other business actions.
  • Compact: Keep the file footprint as small as possible to help facilitate the install process and minimize testing.
  • Granular: Collection of patches based on functional area that allows customer to apply, based on their individual needs and goals, all three RPC’s at once or in phases.


- New AP RPC (14273383:R12.AP.B) has all data corruption root cause fixes known to date plus tons of other crucial fixes (Note: 1397581.1).

- Companion must have RPCs:

o Note: 1481221.1: R12.1: Payments Recommended Patch Collection (IBY RPC), August 2012

o Note: 1481235.1:G R12.1: E-Business Tax Recommended Patch Collection (ZX RPC), August 2012

o Note: 1481222.1: R12.1: Sub Ledger Accounting (SLA) Recommended Patch Collection (XLA RPC), August 2012

- This time we beat the system far harder on testing and it held up remarkably well. We could not get any data corruption events in the Invoice Cancel/Discard flow (that is the #1 generator) neither we could cause Orphan Events in the system. Therefore this is very good code.


- ALL FIN modules now have RPCs: full listing is in (Note: 954704.1)


Chris Warticki
Support Specialist, (HPI)Corporate Athlete, Presenter Extraordinaire, Toastmaster & self-proclaimed Support "spokesmodel".

Chris has been working for Oracle for over 17 years. Chris educates customers how to maximize their Support investment and leverage the support tools and available resources as part of Premier Support.

Chris works for Global Customer Management and speaks with customers on all topics regarding Oracle support services


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