Tuesday Jul 10, 2012

Platinum Services – The Highest Level of Service in the Industry

Oracle Platinum Services provides remote fault monitoring with faster response times and patch deployment services to qualified Oracle Premier Support customers – at no additional cost.

We know that disruptions in IT systems availability can seriously impact business performance. That’s why we engineer our hardware and software to work together. Oracle engineered systems are pre-integrated to reduce the cost and complexity of IT infrastructures while increasing productivity and performance.

And now, customers who choose the extreme performance of Oracle engineered systems have the power to access the added support they need – Oracle Platinum Services – to further optimize for high availability at no additional cost.  In addition to receiving the complete support essentials with Oracle Premier Support, qualifying Oracle Platinum Services customers also receive:

     24/7 Oracle remote fault monitoring

    Industry-leading response and restore times

o   5-Minute Fault Notification

o   15-Minute Restoration or Escalation to Development

o   30-Minute Joint Debugging with Development

    Update and patch deployment

Visit us online to learn more about how to get Oracle Platinum Services

Monday Jul 09, 2012

EBS ATG Advisor Webcasts - FREE!

For June 2012 we have scheduled 2 Webcasts - E-Business Suite OAM Overview and Usage session and the E-Business Suite Workflow Avisor.  We are driving 2 sessions for a better global alignment.

E-Business Suite - OAM Overview and Monitoring

  • Oracle Applications Manager (OAM) Overview
  • Log files
  • Diagnostics and Logging
  • Concurrent processing through OAM
  • Applications Dashboard Troubleshooting
  • Patch Management. Patch Wizard
  • OAM "How To" Documents
  • Questions &Answers

EMEA Session : July 10, 2012 at 09:00 AM UK / 10:00 AM CET / 13:30 India / 17:00 Japan / 18:00 Australia

US Session : July 11, 2012 at 18:00 UK / 19:00 CET / 10:00 AM Pacific / 11:00 AM Mountain/ 01:00 PM Eastern

E-Business Suite - Workflow Analyzer - Follow-Up

  • Overview of Workflow Analyzer
  • Enhancements implemented in the latest Release
  • Questions & Answers

EMEA Session : July 24, 2012 at 09:00 AM UK / 10:00 AM CET / 13:30 India / 17:00 Japan / 18:00 Australia
US Session : July 25, 2012 at 18:00 UK / 19:00 CET / 10:00 AM Pacific / 11:00 AM Mountain/ 01:00 PM Eastern
  • Schedules, recordings and the Presentations of the Advisor Webcast drove under the EBS Applications Technology area can be found in Note 1186338.1.
  • Current Schedules of Advisor Webcast for all Oracle Products can be found on Note 740966.1
  • Post Presentation Recordings of the Advisor Webcasts for all Oracle Products can be found on Note 740964.1
If you have any question about the schedules or if you have a suggestion for an Advisor Webcast to be planned in future, please send an E-Mail to Ruediger Ziegler.

Thursday May 17, 2012

Resolve E-Business Patching with MOS Community

We are happy to announce that Oracle E-Business Suite support will re-launch our patching community with new resources and a new name:  E-Business Patching Community

Starting May 16th 2012 - a direct channel to a newly dedicated team of E-Business Suite patching experts will provide you with a single destination to resolve your patch-related issues.   For additional details please see Note 1453113.1.

When you have questions about Oracle E-Business Suite patches, we understand that you need answers quickly.

To help meet that need, the Oracle E-Business Suite support team has launched a NEW My Oracle Support Community called, “E-Business Patching. The E-Business Patching Community allows users to collaborate and share important information and best practices on E-Business Patch Application.

The E-Business Patching Community offers:

  • Content that is uniquely indexed by Patch number- making it extremely easy to find
  • Information sharing of known solutions that will help with faster resolution of patching incidents, without having to create a Service Request
  • The ability to share information and solutions directly with other industry experts
  • Starting May 16 2012 - a direct channel to a dedicated team of Oracle E-Business Suite patching experts A rich foundation of information since it is built upon the old Patch Review Community

We encourage you to access the “E-Business Patching Community” prior to applying an E-Business Suite patch. Doing so will allow you to explore perspectives shared by industry peers, get real-world experiences with the patch, and benefit from known solutions and lessons learned. Additionally, Oracle Support engineers monitor discussion topics to help provide guidance and solutions for your E-Business Suite patching needs.

This is a valuable opportunity to “Get Proactive” with the patching and maintenance of your E-Business Suite environment.Start now, and find fast, proactive resolutions before you begin


Thursday May 10, 2012

Spatially Speaking: Conference & Support Resources

Do you use geospatial information to interpret marketing and operations data? Are you engaged in analyzing customer demographic information?  Do you find yourself asking "where is this happening" when you look at spreadsheets of sales data?

...then you need to attend Location Intelligence 2012.  Directions Magazine and Oracle are collaborating to offer consecutive events over two days in Washington, DC:

Location Intelligence Conference - May 22, 2012  - Directions Magazine's Location Intelligence Conference will offer a multi-track program exploring the latest industry trends

Oracle Spatial User Conference Agenda - May 23, 2012- Oracle Spatial User Conference will offer training, deep dives, case studies in BI, cloud, from government, utilities & more, special partner sessions.

Both events will include tracks of value to senior management, C-level directors, as well as developers.

Join our “Oracle Support for Spatial” Session. – Richard Pitts, one of Oracle’s Spatial experts will be presenting the best practices for Oracle Support for Spatial and will also be available to field your questions.   Learn about the Oracle Support process, including the bug life cycle and Spatial patchsets, so you can understand how to obtain optimal resolutions to your issues.  Richard will be presenting May 23rd, 2012:  9:45am - 11:45am Horizon Room "A

If you are unable to attend the event, but still want to know about what Oracle Support has to help you with Spatial.  Visit My Oracle Support and check these out…

Spatial Tools for Oracle Database     Included with Oracle Premier Support 

Product Information Center

  • Master Note for Oracle Spatial and Oracle Locator Installation [ID 220481.1]
  • This is the Master Note for Oracle Spatial and Oracle Locator Installation
    Includes links to Installation, Deinstallation and Verification of Oracle Spatial and Oracle Locator


  • Oracle Spatial Patch Bundle  [ID 1073203.1]
  • Map Viewer Patches [ID 959683.1]

Installation and Deinstallation

  • Steps for Manual Installation / Verification of Spatial 10g / 11g [ID 270588.1]
  • Steps for Manual Installation of Oracle 9i Spatial  [ID 220484.1]
  • SDO 8.1.x: Steps for Manual Installation of Oracle 8i Spatial Data Option [ID 110217.1]
  • Steps for Manual De-installation of Oracle Spatial ( to [ID 179472.1 ]


  • Upgrade/Migrate Locator or Spatial from 9.2.0 or 10.1.0 to 10.2.0.x [ID 395033.1 ]
  • Upgrade/Migrate Oracle Spatial from 8i (8.1.5, 8.1.6, 8.1.7) or from 9.0.1 to 9.2.0 [ID 222630.1 ]
  • Important Installation Notes for Version 9i Release 2 [ID 248240.1]

Installation Verification

  • Verification of an Oracle 9i (Release 2 - 9.2.0) Spatial Installation [ID 221174.1]
  • Verification of an Oracle 9i (Release 1 - 9.0.1) Spatial Installation [ID 221180.1 ]
  • Verification of an Oracle 8i (Release 3 - 8.1.7) Spatial Installation [ID 132102.1 ]
  • How to validate invalid MDSYS objects? [ID 1057912.1]

For more information about Oracle’s Spatial Support Product and Solutions, visit our web site on Oracle.com

Friday Apr 27, 2012

EBus AP News latest edition

The new edition of the Oracle Payables Newsletter (APNews) – Doc ID 213.1 has just been published. 

In this issue:
  • New Payables Information Center
  • Experience Smoother Accounting and Period Close
  • Improvements to Invoice Matching Knowledge
  • Get Proactive!
  • About The Articles Featured in This Newsletter
  • Development's Corner
  • Invoices Articles
  • Accounting Articles
  • Payment Articles
  • Supplier Articles
  • Internet Expenses Articles
  • Treasury, Risk Management and Cash Management Articles
  • EBTax Articles
  • iSupplier Articles
  • Technical Articles

Have a great weekend!

- Chris Warticki
#Oracle News, Info & Support

Wednesday Apr 18, 2012

EXADATA Support Resources

There's a multitude of resources out there for Exadata and it can leave one EXA-hausted.  Here's a list I've put together and invite others to contribute their comments and feedback.

Exadata Database Machine Product Information Page

Take a class! - Exadata Training I recently heard someone say that it's not like you just bought a new Ferrari and you don't know how to drive, it's that you just bought yourself a LearJet and you've never flown a plane before!

Exadata Learning Path

My Oracle Support

80+ Tutorials, Videos & Demos on the Oracle Learning Library - FREE!  There's more. Check it out!

Exadata Forum on OTN



Subscribe to at least 1 newsletter

Exadata on Oracle Mix 

Oracle Exadata SIG

Oracle Exadata Users and Exadata Professionals on Linked-In 

Have a great week!

- Chris Warticki
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Monday Mar 12, 2012

Support Patching and Maintenance Advisors

Patching and Maintenance Advisors include steps to create a viable patching and maintenance strategy including a complete project patch plan specific to your environment. If your environment is not listed below, help us to expand our services by adding a comment to this document or creating a thread on the Patching & Maintenance Advisor community.









- Chris Warticki
#Oracle News, Info & Support

Friday Mar 09, 2012

EBS Accounts Payables Customer Advisory

Blogging to let you know of an important set of Oracle Payables patches that were released in January for R12.1 customers. 

Accounts Payable Customer Advisory

Dear Valued Oracle Support Customer,

Since the release of R12.1.3 a number of recommended Payables patches have been made available as standalone patches, to help address important business process incidents. Adoption of these patches is highly recommended. To further facilitate adoption of these Payables patches Oracle has consolidated them into a single Recommended Patch Collection (RPC).

The RPC is a collection of recommended Payables patches created with the following goals in mind:

  • Stability: Help address issues that are identified by Oracle Development and Oracle Software Support that may interfere with the normal completion of important business processes such as period close.
  • Root Cause Fixes: Help make available root cause fix for data integrity that may delay period close, normal invoice flow and other business actions.
  • Compact: Keep the file footprint as small as possible to help facilitate the install process and minimize testing.
  • Granular: Collection of patches based on functional area that allows customer to apply, based on their individual needs and goals, all three RPC’s at once or in phases.

The following three new RPC patches are available for Payables:

Patch 13563472:R12.AP.B - Core AP
Contains recommended fixes for the following core functional modules: Payables (AP), Payments (IBY) and EBTax (ZX)

Patch 13563481:R12.AP.B – ISP

Contains recommended fixes for AP iSupplier integration. This RPC does not provide fixes for Procurement iSupplier)

Patch 13563489:R12.AP.B – WF and PCARD
Contains recommended fixes for the following non-core functional modules: Workflow and PCard

Every R12.1.x customer is highly encouraged to apply the recommended RPC’s. Please review R12.1: Payables Recommended Patch Collection (AP RPC), January 2012 (Doc ID 1397581.1) for more details on the contents of this highly recommended patch.

Oracle Software Support

Thursday Mar 08, 2012

Proactive Support Presentations

Have a look at the Hardware and Software Proactive Support presentations and best practices from OpenWorld 2011.

Oracle Corporation
Get Proactive!
Proactive Support Presentations


The OpenWorld Sessions Index [Doc ID 1360714.1] includes:

Best Practices for Maintaining and Upgrading Oracle Solaris

Best Practices for Maintaining and Upgrading JD Edwards [Doc ID 1360718.1]

Best Practices for Maintaining and Upgrading Oracle Database

Best Practices for Maintaining Oracle Fusion Middleware and Oracle Exalogic [Doc ID 1360530.1]

Best Practices for Supporting Oracle Exadata

Best Practices for Supporting Sun Server and Storage Systems

Best Practices for Maintaining and Upgrading Oracle E-Business Suite 12

Best Practices Supporting Oracle Enterprise Performance Management Applications

Best Practices for Maintaining and Upgrading PeopleSoft Enterprise

Best Practices for Maintaining and Upgrading Siebel CRM

Best Practices for Maintaining Primavera EPPM Solutions

Best Practices for Maintaining and Troubleshooting Oracle Fusion Applications

Get Proactive: Best Practices for System Uptime and Performance


Problem Prevention

  • Why use the Oracle Configuration Manager (OCM) (Video)
  • My Oracle Support Health Check Catalog [Doc ID 868955.1]
  • Introduction to the new Health Recommendations features in My Oracle Support (Video)
  • Oracle Sun System Analysis (O.com)
  • Patch Recommendations & Patch Plans (Video)
  • Upgrade Planner (Video)

Oracle Configuration Manager (OCM) - go to Collector tab in My Oracle Support portal to access resources and training to learn more and get started using OCM.

Automated Diagnostics / Resolution

· ORA-600/ORA-7445 Error Look-up Tool [Doc ID 153788.1]

Best Practices

· Oracle Support Lifecycle Advisors [Doc ID 250.1]

  • Introduction to the new Certify Search in My Oracle Support (Video)

My Oracle Support Community


Wednesday Mar 07, 2012

Get Proactive, GET, GET,..PRO-ACT-IVE!

Great stuff from Oracle's Proactive Support Team.  Check it all out.  It's a personalized, proactive development plan for 2012

Oracle Corporation
Get Proactive!
Proactive Capability Portfolio

Unleash Oracle Premier Support’s Advanced Proactive Capabilities

Where do you go to solve technical problems? Better yet, where do you find out how to prevent them? Oracle Premier Support’s proactive capability portfolio can help Support customers prevent, resolve, and upgrade.


Join thousands of Oracle customers who are already taking advantage of proactive support.

Are You Ready To Get Proactive?

Bookmark the proactive capabilities portfolio and start exploring Oracle Premier Support's proactive support capabilities. Search "Get Proactive" in My Oracle Support to view the knowledge, tools and communities available through product specific pages. Act now to get started!


Contact Oracle’s "Get Proactive" team today.

Monday Feb 27, 2012

My SR was Bugged and Closed, Now What?

From a recent customer email - SR was closed acknowledging it as a bug. When can I expect the bug to be fixed?

Even though the Service Request is closed, you can track the Bug Status within the Bug Summary content region in My Oracle Support.

  1. Add the Bug Summary region to your dashboard
  2. Click the pencil icon and then check the box for show my organizations bugs
  3. Then, back in that region, mark the bug a favorite (star). 
  4. Now, for push notification, if you go to Settings Tab > Hot Topics Email, you can turn on several notifications, one of which is, Product Bugs marked as Favorites.

Development rarely gives ETA's on bug fixes unless it's a Sev1 production down.  Even then, it's a matter of urgency and not ETA.
Is it a Sev1 bug?  Or, is it an Enhancement Request (Sev4)?

Please work with your support engineer and make sure you have documented the impact this bug is having to your business. Make sure that is clearly stated in the SR and the Bug. Behind every technical problem, there is business problem.  Does Support and Development understand your business problem?

Also, see the section entitled, What if the Service Request has a Bug Associated with it? that I've written.

- Chris Warticki - Global Customer Management
#Oracle News, Info & Support

Thursday Feb 23, 2012

Primavera Support Resources

I have a close friend of mine that uses Primavera, a lot.    He wasn't aware of the multitude of resources that are available for Primavera users.  If you have any to recommend, please submit your comments.

Upcoming Webcasts

  • Primavera: Helper Classes and the Job Manager using the P6 Integration API -  February 28, 2012
  • Primavera P6 Enterprise - An Overview of Calendars, Durations and Dates - March 22, 2012 
Recorded WebCasts
  • Administering Contract Management User Accounts: A Technical and Functional Perspective
  • Enabling P6 R8.1 Publication Services and Enterprise Reporting
  • Learn About the New Features Available in P6 P8.1
  • Utilizing the Content Management Functionality within Contract Management
  • Understanding Risk Percentiles in Primavera Risk Analysis 
  • Overview Of More Complex Security/Access in Oracle Primavera P6 v7.0
  • Linking Primavera P6 and Contract Management 
  • Using Oracle Configuration Manager (OCM) to Assist in SR Resolution 
  • Introduction to P6 Web Services 
  • Methodologies vs. Template Projects 
  • Understanding the Probabilistic Cash Flow in Primavera Risk Analysis, and How Resources, Costs, and Their Uncertainty Can Affect the Results
  • P6 System Administrator Tips and Tricks 
  • P6 Tips and Tricks 
  • Customizing the User Experience in Primavera Contract Management
  • Using P6 Web Services with Event Notification

  1. Primavera Technical Forum
  2. Primavera Community in My Oracle Support (login required)
  3. Primavera Enterprise Project Portfolio Management Blog
  4. PGBU Partner Searchlight
  5. EPPM Newsletter - Subscribe!
  6. Follow EPPM on Twitter for news and info
  7. Several Mix Groups on Primavera - join
  8. Primavera Podcasts
  9. Join the Primavera SIG
- Chris Warticki - Global Customer Management
#Oracle News, Info & Support

Wednesday Feb 22, 2012

Proactive Capability Portfolio - Oracle Support

The Proactive Support Center at Oracle Support has created a new note on assisting customers leveraging all the proactive tools, resources and options that exist.

Let us help you solve problems without having to log an SR; streamline and simplify your daily operations; reduce risks and maximize up-time and lower your organizations costs through preventative maintenance. How? By Getting Proactive!

Oracle Premier Support: Get Proactive! [ID 432.1]

Gotta love those guys in the PSC!

Tuesday Feb 21, 2012

SOA Support Resources

I was recently requested to put together a list of SOA Resources for a customer. Sharing with all.

First of all - Start here on OTN -  (Thanks Bob R)

Also recently announced is the SOA Information Center on MOS - (Thanks Sean Bailey)

  1. Product Knowledge & Training
  2. MOS - SOA Knowledge Base
  3. News:
  4. MOS Communities and other Networks
  5. Patching and Maintenance Advisor
  6. Data Collection

If you have any other useful resources, please submit in your comments below.

- Chris Warticki - Global Customer Management
#Oracle News, Info & Support

Wednesday Feb 08, 2012

Digest: Ask the Support Blogger

Security ER's.  Enterprise Data Security Assessment. Scope of Support. Terminal dates.  Here are a few of the questions that I've fielded over the last few weeks.  Sharing with all.  Enjoy.

  1. Q: One of my customers said that that a security-related enhancement request can be filed by the customer online. Where this can be done?
    A: Any product Enhancement Request has to be created within MOS by creating an SR.  Same goes with Reporting
    Security Vulnerabilities. If you are not a customer and without access to MOS - please email secalert_us@oracle.com with your discovery.

  2. I found a really cool Security Assessment here.  It's free.  Take it.

  3. Q: What's out of scope for Support to cover when working issues?
    A: Fundamentally, Support is here to help.  Support is not a replacement for Advanced Customer Services, Oracle Consulting nor Oracle University.  Support won't install the product for you, teach you how to use the product, nor code customizations. As an aside, in my experience Sql Tuning is also very challenging to troubleshoot. 
    I also reference customer responsibility as stated in the Technical Support Policies: Your technical contacts are the sole liaisons between you and OSS for technical support of programs. Your technical contacts must have, at a minimum, initial basic product training and, as needed, supplemental training appropriate for specific role or implementation phase, specialized product usage, and/or migration. Your technical contacts must be knowledgeable about the Oracle programs and your Oracle environment...

  4. Q: When is the terminal release for product x being announced?
    A: Development doesn't cough up the terminal release information until they are ready. Never have, never will.

- Chris Warticki, Global Customer Management
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Is it listed anywhere

Monday Feb 06, 2012

Power Plants and the Value of Oracle

What do Power Plants have to do with the value of Oracle?  Let's wind the clock back to the turn of the 20th century during the start of the industrial revolution. 

You see, there wasn't any formal, national, power-grid infrastructure back then.  When some manufacturer, textile mill or assembly factory was being built, guess what they also needed to build?  Yes - a power plant.  And so those businesses whose purpose was to build product X or create service Y, found themselves in the business of generating power.  They employed dozens of engineers, technicians and maintenance teams all to literally keep the lights on.

This fact struck me personally, after a dinner conversation with my friend Ron and right afterwards I went to visit one of our awesome customers here in Florida - Florida Power & Light.  I was looking at their company history and I was speaking with one of their longtime employees. You see, before they were FP&L, they were an, "..unlikely patchwork of enterprises (that) included small electric generating plants, ice plants, water, gas, fish, telephone, sawmill and street car companies, a steam laundry, an ice factory..."  Why buy into into that patchwork? Well, it made sense. They each had to generate their own power - especially those refrigeration businesses.

So, what's this have to do with our customers?  Their businesses are building product X and creating service Y.  The next time they are buying some 3rd party server farm or hiring a bunch of 3rd party implementers or investing in some other technology infrastructure, they are essentially building Power Plants.

Leave the software and hardware value to the experts and professionals at Oracle.  Oracle IS the example of how using our software features and functions along with leveraging the technology produces solid ROI.  That ROI transcends employees, customers and investors.  More on that story later.

Until then, have a great day and excellent week.
- Chris Warticki, Global Customer Management
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Monday Jan 30, 2012

A MOS New Year's Revolution!....whoohoo!

Out with the old and in with the new. Ok, so we're a little late. Aren't we all? Is your head spinning round and round? What I'm talking about is MOS. No background music playing Dead or Alive here.

MOS is changing.  For those who know, there are two different sites; support.oracle.com  and supporthtml.oracle.com   The first is Flash based and the second has been available for those that have been unable to use flash. (which would upset my kids' access to Playhouse Disney and Webkinz)  No disrespect to either of those sites, but I've wondered why Flash is used for anything other than the entertainment industry.  I digress.  What's this have to do with My Oracle Support?

Well, I'm glad you asked.  The MOShtml version has just underwent a transformation to ADF. Yay!...an Oracle Product in full form.  I love it.  You should too. 

So, where's this headed?  Eventually, MOSflash will go away and all users rolled onto one, single, unified support platform.  No more CPU spikes. No more laptop fan spinning at a gazillion RPM. (at least for me anyway).

This is great news.  It's been a little over 2 years since MetaLink was retired and I won't even go into the storm that occurred on my blog over that one. I'm just elated that it's changing based on all of your continued feedback. Change happens. It takes a little time and some patience. 

Many thanks for your patience.

- Chris Warticki, Global Customer Management
#Oracle News, Info & Support

Editors Note:  There was an article about the changes posted to the following URL, which was hyperlinked/referenced in my article, but since then has been removed or magically disappeared: http://www.helponmyproject.com/welcome/release-details/release-details/release-19/921-new-my-oracle-support-user-interface-to-replace-html-based-user-interface-this-weekend.html

Thursday Jan 26, 2012

FREE Webcast on RDA! Today.

Reminder:  Based on my previous blog entry on Data Collections - http://blogs.oracle.com/Support/entry/ask_the_support_blogger_he, I'm conducting a FREE Customer Workshop on RDA and DBA Diagnostics TODAY, 2pm EST

Hope to have you there.

Friday Jan 13, 2012

Ask that Support Blogger...(Hours of Support)

I wondered if you might know the "working hours" for Sev 2 and below SRs. Is it 8-5 in the timezone in which the SR was raised? 9-5? Also I assume "business hours" are based on the timezone of the person logging the SR and not some other factor such as where the corporate HQ's time zone (or something odd like that). Thank you!!

Answer:  Good question.

Support is available 24x7x365 through our online support portal for severity 1 issues and self service options. For telephone support, normal business hours apply. For further information please refer to the Global Customer Support Contacts Directory located at http://www.oracle.com/support/contact.html.

SRs are routed to the global support center that is open at that time the SR is raised.  It's normal business hours in the responding geography when the SR was raised.   Whether that is 8-5 or 9-6 all depends on how the product support teams are structured. Those hours can vary by product team and how they are capacitized by shift.

- Chris Warticki, Global Customer Management
#Oracle News, Info & Support

Thursday Jan 12, 2012

Ask that Support Blogger...he'll know (RSS for his Paper)

Hi Chris, I was trying to find the RSS feed link for your "#Oracle News, Info and Support"; I'd like to unsubscribe the email feed and switch to RSS.

Great question.  RSS isn't a feature from the service itself, however I have found a solution for you.  Go to; http://labs.receptional.com/rss/paper.li/ Put the following into the 3 fields

Then you can remove yourself from receiving the email and then follow the RSS.  This is a great way to reduce your email.

You can also follow me on Twitter and receive notification of the daily release of my newspaper.

- Chris Warticki, Global Customer Management
#Oracle News, Info & Support


Wednesday Jan 11, 2012

Ask that Support Blogger...he'll know (Notifications)

Question: While my understanding is that customers can setup alerts, do you know if prior content includes patching information?  My customer wants to know about the release dates of  bundle patches in order for them to plan accordingly. 

I get a lot of questions asked both internally and from our customers.  I'm going to start posting the replies so that all will benefit.

Answer: First, Development rarely, if ever, posts release dates for patch sets or bundle patches, even single patches for that matter. (unless it's a Sev1)  The Knowledge Base for any Product within My Oracle Support is the collection of all support-created content (alerts, notes, bulletins, FAQ's etc).

Configuration of My Oracle Support dashboard (Knowledge Articles section) include items that are content related, either new or revised.
Therefore, if a patchset or major patch is released, then a support engineer would need to create an 'alert' or piece of content in order to be pushed to the Alerts/Knowledge Articles section of MOS.  So, support doesn't create a note or alert for every patch that is created.  That would be information overload.  For patches, they mostly just create them for high-priority patches and patchsets.

Additionally, a customer can subscribe to push email notifications within the Settings > Hot Topics Email within MOS.  Doing so, under the Product Monitoring section includes Bugs that Development is working or revised.  Upon notification a customer then logs an SR with Support, requests to be attached to the bug, and tracks the status within the Bug Summary field in the Dashboard. Then they can mark those bugs as favorites, which is another notification option in the Hot Topics Email section

For more information on configuration the MOS Dashboard and Email Notifications, click this note
Dashboard Customization (7:18 mins)
My Oracle Support Site Alerts (3:10 mins)
Hot Topic E-Mail (3:28 mins)

- Chris Warticki, Global Customer Management
#Oracle News, Info & Support

Tuesday Jan 10, 2012

Oracle Support & VM

Often requested are the documents and policies regarding Oracle Support and VM.  Here is a foundational starting point for all on the subject.  If you know of others, please submit in the comments.

Read and review the following;

  1. Oracle Linux and VM Certified Hardware
  2. Oracle VM General Policy Description [ID 466538.1]
  3. Oracle VM General Frequently Asked Questions [ID 464756.1]
  4. Support Position for Oracle Products Running on VMWare Virtualized Environments (Doc ID 249212.1)
  5. Does OBIEE Provide Support For Virtualization And Virtual Machines Or VMWare (Doc ID 1063937.1)
  6. Certified Software on Oracle VM [ID 464754.1]
    1. Entitlement for Oracle VM support
      ..... If a customer has an Oracle product issue but no Oracle VM support entitlement, the customer will be informed that they lack support entitlement for Oracle VM and that to receive further Oracle product assistance, they will be required to reproduce the issue in a non-virtualized environment.

Customers can participate in the Linux and Virtualization communities that exist:
- Chris Warticki - Global Customer Management
#Oracle News, Info & Support

Friday Jan 06, 2012

Ask the Support Blogger....he'll know (Skills & Training)

Question:  Is there any model or definition of the skills/resources that clients should have to effectively use and support various Oracle products?  We're looking to do a gap analysis of what they need and what they have, and to show where Advanced Customer Services can fill the gaps?

I get a lot of questions asked both internally and from our customers.  I'm going to start posting the replies so that all will benefit.

Answer:  Begin by going to Oracle University and do a job role guided learning path.  There's really no model (that I know of), but I've created a decent checklist which is a good starting point for a discussion with your customer.  Check this blog article out - 8 Habits of Highly Effective Oracle Support Users

Chris Warticki, Global Customer Management
#Oracle News, Info and Support

Thursday Jan 05, 2012

Ask the Support Blogger....he'll know (Data Collections)

Question: Are there any best practices around which files/logs should be collected and uploaded proactively for different kinds of  issues?  For instance, if it's a performance issue, they should expect to be asked for AWR reports... so they might as well upload them as early in the process as they can.

I receive lots of questions both internally and from our customers on best practices and resources.  I'm going to start posting them here for all to benefit.

Answer: By default - a customer should ALWAYS upload an RDA.  Don't wait for Support to request it. Just give it too us when the SR is logged. RDA is the most comprehensive Data Collector we have. They should run via cron job every day as a best practice anyway.  Attend my next FREE Customer Workshop on RDA and DBA Diagnostics on January 26th, 2pm EST.

With regards to Performance Data Gathering:
Have the customer begin by having EVERY DBA READ - Oracle Performance Diagnostic Guide (OPDG)
Then, determine if they need to use HANGFG User Guide, OSWatcher User Guide, or LTOM User Guide or all three.  If the customer is using a product solution like EM/Grid/Cloud Control then even better. Product solutions help prevent problems.  For some FREE training on those products, check out the Oracle Learning Library.

Also, instead of waiting for a webconference to be scheduled and coordinated - have the customer record their problem using CamStudio.  Don't log another SR without using it and uploading it at the time the SR is created.

Of course, there's Oracle Configuration Manager (gotta plug that one) and there's a host of other data collector tools listed in my post here. (see #5)

- Chris Warticki
#Oracle News, Info & Support

Wednesday Jan 04, 2012

Oracle-Xcerpts from the Experts Vol #1

A brief about what's what, in and around Oracle.

  • An absolute must-read from the "DBA's DBA" Tom Kyte - Tom Kyte’s Resolutions for 2012
    I wish I had his audience attendance numbers ;-)
  • The best place for FREE online training on Database, EM, DevTools, BI and more.  It's your personal development plan for 2012 - Oracle Learning Library
  • I was surfing around the Oracle Support home page and came across this useful link (that I didn't know existed).  Oracle Customer Successes.  Search by keyword or by customer.
  • Oracle Mix - Bringing like-minded users together, sharing ideas, best practices, and solutions.  The operative word here is Mix.  Blend, get it? Create your own mix groups if you want.  Mix products with products or products with industries. Sign up. Sign in.
  • If you're an HR professional you should be subscribed to the Information Indepth Newsletter for HCM. The latest edition can be found here.  By the way, OHUG is one of the most powerful usergroups I've worked with over the years.  Join it.

Chris Warticki, Global Customer Management
#Oracle News, Info and Support

Tuesday Dec 13, 2011

Good example of Proactive Support from EPM/BI

Proactive Support is a huge initiative at Oracle Support. It has been for a long time.  Proactive Support doesn't just mean adding content to the knowledge base. It's not just another 'tool' to use.

The Best Support is NO Service Request!

A good example of a team that is working hard at being proactive is the EPM / BI team.  They have great information on their blog.  If you are using these products, subscribe to their blog feed.

Proactive Support is about meeting your customers where they are.  Social media is an important tool to leverage with our customer base.  Stay connected.

Chris Warticki, Global Customer Management
#Oracle News, Info and Support

Tuesday Dec 06, 2011

Support - Advisor Webcasts December 2011


We want to invite you to our Advisor Webcast sessions scheduled for December 2011. These Webcasts are presented by our Experts, who will pass their experience with the Products to you and will be available for questions after the presentation.  Therefore please mark your calendars for the following Webcasts. Once you have registered for an event, a reminder E-Mail will be sent to you, 2 days and 2 hours before the event is started.

Please be aware, that these Advisor Webcasts are available for every Oracle Customer, Partner and Employee - so everybody who has a valid ID to access the My Oracle Support Portal can join our sessions. We are presenting short training sessions, which are available for you without paying any additional fee - you only need to take the time to attend.

In December we are presenting 2 Webcasts, which could be interesting for you. From the EBS Technology area we are presenting a Webcast about the 'Workflow Analyzer Healthcheck'. This is a check script which has been developed by William Burbage for the Proactive Support area. It is checking your Workflow Installation of the E-Business Suite, which creates a report with possible issues and which actions you should follow to solve them. William Burbage will be the presenter for this Webcast.
The second Webcast is presented under the Order Management area, but is also interesting for any technical oriented engineer, as it is around the Upgrade Advisor and the Patching Advisor. These are documents created to support you with your Upgrade- and your maintenance work. This Webcast will be presented by Doreen McMahon. Please see the details for these 2 sessions:

E-Business Suite – Workflow Analyzer Healthcheck

  • Workflow Analyzer Overview
  • Workflow Administration
  • Workflow Footprint
  • Workflow Concurrent Programs
  • Workflow Notification Mailer
  • Workflow Patch Levels
  • References

US Session: December 7, 2011 at 18:00 am CET / 09:00 am Pacific / 10:00 am Mountain/ 12:00 pm Eastern

E-Business Suite (EBS) Upgrade Advisor and Patching & Maintenance Advisor Overview

  • Upgrade Advisor Overview
    • Highlights of the 6 upgrade phases: Evaluate, Plan, Configure, Test, Implement, Accept
  • Patching and Maintenance Advisor Overview
    • Highlights of the 4 patching strategy phases: Evaluate, Plan, Test, Implement

Only 1 session scheduled: December 14, 2011 at 8 am PT / 9 am MT / 11 am ET

For any other Advisor Webcast scheduled for the Applications Technology Group of the E-Business Suite, please
check Note 1186338.1.

Additionally we want to point your attention to the Applications Technology Group Product Information Center Note 1160285.1

Wednesday Sep 28, 2011

Oracle Twitter List

When I speak to customers and educate them on the variety of support communities that exist, Twitter is an untapped resource by the Oracle masses.  Recently, I was in a room of over 60+ customers, none of which had a twitter account nor follow any of the Oracle Tweeters from Oracle.

Until the OracleWiki is back, I've compiled a list that should get you started. I didn't include just anyone that tweets on Oracle, just those from our major product lines and lines of business. I added some of the usergroups too.

Embrace Twitter.  It will help you filter information to the Oracle products, services and events that are of interest to you.

  • OracleHealthSci OracleHealthSciences
    Oracle is a strategic business software and hardware systems provider to the health sciences industry
  • OracleMW Oracle Middleware
    Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g is the #1 application infrastructure foundation available today.

  • ORCLPartnerBiz OrclPartnerServices
    We are @emiliade & @mariusavram, Social Media Leads at Oracle Partner Business Center. Have a question? Tweet and we will reply.
  • OracleEPPM Oracle Primavera
    Oracle Primavera is the #1 provider of Enterprise Project Portfolio Management Solutions
  • OracleDevTools pieter humphrey
    All around Eclipse, JDeveloper/ADF, NetBeans, GlassFish and WebLogic content guy for Oracle Fusion Middleware's Java developer tools
  • OraclePress Oracle Press
    Authoritative, comprehensive, and current references on Oracle products and technologies.
  • OracleComms Oracle Comms
    Oracle Communications delivers a complete, open, and integrated platform for the communications industry.
  • OracleSQLDev OracleSQLDeveloper
    Oracle SQL Developer Product Marketing, Management and Development Team #sqldev
  • orafaq Oracle FAQ
    Monitor what's happening on OraFAQ.com and the rest of Oracle land.
  • odtug ODTUG
    The Oracle Development Tools User Group twitter updates about all things relevant to developers using Oracle databases.
  • Oracle_Edu Oracle University.
    Learn Oracle From Oracle
  • oracleopenworld
    Get the inside scoop, important announcements, and valuable tips and tricks for making the most of your experience at Oracle OpenWorld.
  • OracleProfit Profit Online
    Stay tuned to the latest news about Oracle, IT strategy, leadership, and driving your business to success.
  • QuestUserGroup Quest International
    The learning and networking source for Oracle apps professionals
  • JDeveloper JDeveloper & ADF
    ADF is an end-to-end Java EE framework that simplifies development by providing out of the box infrastructure services and a visual and declarative development
  • OracleBlogs OracleBlogs
  • oracleEPMBI Oracle EPM & BI
    Official account for Oracle's Hyperion Enterprise Performance Management and Business Intelligence Product News, Updates, and Conversation.
  • oracleutilities Oracle Utilities
    Oracle provides utilities with the world's most complete set of software choices.
  • ORCL_Virtualize OracleVirtualization
    Oracle offers the only complete desktop-to-datacenter virtualization solution to virtualize and manage your full hardware and software stack, from apps to disk.
  • PeopleSoft_Info PeopleSoft
    PeopleSoft Information Development - Your One Stop Shop for PeopleSoft Content
  • oraclemix Oracle Mix
    Social network, idea sharing, groups and more for the Oracle community: http://mix.oracle.com
  • OracleCRM OracleCRM
    Tweets about what's new with Oracle's Complete CRM products.
  • Oracle_EMEAPR Oracle_EMEAPR
    Official news and updates from the EMEA PR team
  • oraclewebcenter Oracle WebCenter
    Oracle WebCenter is the user engagement platform for social business, connecting people and information. Stay up to date with product news, events & more.
  • HyperionUserGrp OAUG Hyperion SIG
    The purpose of the Hyperion User Group is to share resources to help leverage your investment in Oracle Hyperion Performance Management. Join Us!
  • OracleWebLogic Oracle WebLogic
    Check out our YouTube channel for videos and info about WebLogic
    The Oracle Applications Users Group (OAUG) is a global organization that enhances the capabilities of real Oracle Applications users.
  • OracleDatabase Oracle Database
    Oracle Database news, events, learning resources, and lots more.
  • oraclemagazine Oracle Magazine
    Oracle Magazine contains technology-strategy articles, Oracle and partner news, customer features, and more.
  • Exadata Exadata PM Team
    The Oracle Exadata Storage Server is a storage product highly optimized for use with the Oracle database.
  • OracleE20 Oracle E2.0
    Oracle Enterprise 2.0: Improve Enterprise Productivity by Connecting People, Content and Business Processes
  • OracleBPM Oracle BPM
    The Oracle BPM corporate Twitter account that covers Oracle Business Process Management offerings.
  • chriscmuir chriscmuir
    Oracle ACE Director, nuff said
  • oracleace Oracle ACE Program
  • OUM_Info OUM
    The Oracle® Unified Method (OUM) is Oracle’s standards-based method that enables the entire Enterprise Information Technology (IT) lifecycle.
  • Oracle_OnDemand Oracle_OnDemand
    Oracle On Demand helps customers control their systems to drive business performance. We deliver Oracle's cloud services - gain speed, lower cost, reduce risk.
  • Oracle Oracle
    Stay connected with all things Oracle: products, services, training, news, events, promotions, and more.
  • OracleHCM Oracle HCM Marketing
    The OracleHCM team is a group of dedicated folks at Oracle that represent E-Business Suite, PeopleSoft, and Fusion HCM product lines.
  • peoplesoftwiki PeopleSoft Wiki
  • OracleRetail Oracle Retail
    Oracle is the #1 provider of innovative and comprehensive software solutions for retailers
  • myoraclesupport My Oracle Support
    Follow the My Oracle Support Team for the latest news and information. Views expressed here are our own & do not necessarily reflect the views of Oracle.
  • OracleMiddle Oracle Middleware
    Oracle Fusion Middleware
  • soacommunity SOA Community
    Hey there! SOA Community is using Twitter. Join us to network and exchange with the community! What’s happening? Start sharing your tweets @soacommunity
  • wimcoekaerts Wim Coekaerts
    I manage Oracle Linux, Oracle VM (x86 + sparc), Virtualbox, Sunray, Oracle VDI and Secure Globlal Desktop at the big O (Oracle) along with MySQL support.
    News on COLLABORATE 12: Technology Applications Forum for the Oracle Community - OAUG Forum! COLLABORATE is presented by IOUG, OAUG & Quest.
  • oracle_em OracleEnterpriseMgr
    Follow the news around Oracle Enterprise Manager
  • AgilePLM Oracle Agile PLM
    mo betta, fasta, cleana products: evolving your product value chain. The official tweets from the Oracle Agile PLM team.
  • oracle_biee Oracle BI
    Oracle Business Intelligence product management team. Views expressed on this Twitter feed are our own & do not necessarily reflect the views of Oracle.
  • ORCL_Linux Oracle Linux
    Oracle Linux -- fast, modern, reliable -- free to download and distribute. Oracle delivers enterprise-class, highest quality support for Linux at lower cost.
  • oraclepartners ORCL PartnerNetwork
    Oracle PartnerNetwork is Oracle's official partner program - also known as OPN Specialized.
  • theappslab Oracle AppsLab
    Small development team within Oracle WebCenter, building cool stuff and blabbing about it. 
  • OracleEvents Oracle
    This is a automated feed with Oracle Events.
  • Oracle_EBS Oracle eBusiness
  • java Java
    The official Twitterstream of the #1 programming language in the world
    Independent Oracle Users Group - Database and Technology Professionals, COLLABORATE 12 Partner. Get picked up on our feeds with hashtags #IOUG and #C12!
  • OracleFS Oracle Financial Svs
    Oracle delivers a comprehensive footprint of best-of-breed applications built on open standards to meet the needs of financial services institutions worldwide
  • OracleIDM Oracle Identity Mgmt
    Oracle Identity Management offers the most complete, best in class solution for your security needs
  • otnatopenworld otnatopenworld
  • OTNArchBeat OTNArchBeat
    News and updates covering what's happening in the Oracle Technology Network architect community.
  • OracleJDEdwards  Oracle JDEdwards
    News and updates covering what's happening in the JDE community.

Chris Warticki, Global Customer Management
#Oracle – Daily of OpenWorld Info
#Oracle News, Info and Support

Tuesday Aug 16, 2011

8 Habits of Highly Effective Oracle Support Users

First – The #1 investment is the product itself, therefore study the product

Oracle University
Product-specific landing pages
Oracle Learning Library aka, Oracle By Example – 1000+ Free Tutorials/Demos
Public list of all available webconferences
Advisor Webcast Current Schedule and Archives too from Support (ID 740966.1)
Oracle E-Business Suite Transfer of Information (TOI) courses (ID 807319.1)

Information about the functional changes in Release 12.1 and Release 12.1.x Release Update Packs (RUPs).

#2 – Remain In-the-Know from Oracle Support and Oracle Corporation

Setup Hot-Topics emails from My Oracle Support
Subscribe to available Newsletters from major product lines and technologies
Events & Webcasts Schedule and Archives
EBS and Database Newsletters from Oracle Support teams

#3 – Personalize My Oracle Support and Use Configuration Manager

Customize your Dashboard & use Powerviews
Install and setup Configuration Manager
QuickStart Guide
Security Concerns?
Videos here

#4 – FIND it, the FIRST time, FAST!

Use the Knowledge Browser in My Oracle Support
Know what Support knows with 100% certainty whether you need to open a Service Request or not.

#5 – Leverage ALL the available Diagnostics tools and Scripts

Configuration Manager

Install - Remote Diagnostic Agent (RDA) for Database, Server Tech & other Products
Over 25 built-in tools and tests. Over 80 seeded profiles
Database Script Library
Ora-600/7445 Internal Errors Tool
Performance Diagnostics Guide and Tuning Diagnostics
PL/SQL Tuning Scripts

Install - EBusiness Diagnostic Support Pack for Applications

PSFT – Change Assistant
PSFT – Change Impact Analyzer
PSFT – Performance Monitor
PSFT – Setup Manager

JDE – Change Assistant
JDE – Configuration Assistant
JDE – Support Assistant

Guardian Resource Center

SUN Systems Mgmt & Diagnostic Tools

#6 – Engage with Oracle Support

Check Configuration Manager Healthchecks and Patch Recommendations
Fill-out Service Request Templates completely
Use all Diagnostics & Data Collectors (RDA and others)
Upload ALL reports if logging a Service Request
Leverage Oracle Collaborative Support (web conferencing)
Better Yet – Record your issue and upload it (why wait for a scheduled web conference?)
Initiate the Escalation Process as necessary

#7 – Expand your Circles of Influence

Oracle Community-wide Resources

Oracle Technology Network Forums


Twitter Directory

Oracle Podcasts





#8 – Understand Oracle Support Policies and Processes

All Technical Support Policies

Lifetime Support Policy

Oracle Support Technical Support Policies

Database, FMW, EM Grid Control and OCS Software Error Correction Policy

Ebusiness Suite Software Error Correction Policy

- Chris Warticki
#Oracle News, Info & Support

Chris Warticki
Support Specialist, Presenter Extraordinaire, Toastmaster & self-proclaimed Support "spokesmodel".

Chris has been working for Oracle for over 16 years. Chris educates customers how to maximize their Support investment and leverage the support tools and available resources as part of Premier Support.

Chris works for Global Customer Management and speaks with customers on all topics regarding Oracle support services


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