Wednesday Apr 03, 2013

Oracle announces SOA Suite 11g R1 ( for healthcare integration

Oracle announces SOA Suite 11g R1 ( for healthcare integration. It can be downloaded from SOA Suite for healthcare integration OTN download page. Some of main highlight for this healthcare release includes:

  • Ease of Installation: The user installation experience is simplified by introducing an automated healthcare post-install script. User need to install standard SOA Suite 11g R1( and then a post install script need to be invoked to enable all healthcare components.
  • Performance Optimization and Interface Sequencing: This release brings lot of performance enhancement by introducing additional knobs to tweak Engine, database and composite layer to achieve better throughput and response time . An additional sequencing option called Interface Sequencing is added which provides better throughput and scalability by reducing database interaction and sequencing check points. This is additional option on top of Component level sequencing.
  • UI Enhancements:

System Dashboards has been added for global view of status of healthcare system. It list all endpoints with their status, protocol details along with message count and queue count associated with endpoints. It provides additional system level data like most active endpoint, recent error trends etc.

The original dashboard is also enhanced to provide Compact Dashboard view to provide endpoint color coding status as small icons, for healthcare systems which have large set of endpoints.

The user provisioning for different roles to view payload etc can now be done through UI.

  • Web Services Support : This release provides web services support to exchange web-services (both for SOAP 1.0 and 1.1) based messages between endpoints. A new protocol ‘WS-HTTP’ is added in endpoint configurations in UI. The user can post SOAP message in Sync or Async Mode based upon configuration in the Endpoint.  All the OWSM policies available in Enterprise Manager are supported.

This release also provide additional document support for National Council for Prescription Drug Program ( NCPDP) and  Interchange level acknowledgement ( TA1) support for HIPAA 5010 use cases.

Check out  SOA Suite for healthcare integration ( User Guide for more details.


Monday Mar 05, 2012

Oracle announces SOA Suite 11g R1( Healthcare Add On

Oracle announces SOA Suite 11g R1( Healthcare Add On. It can be downloaded from SOA Suite for healthcare integration OTN download page. Some of main highlight for this healthcare release includes:

Ease of Installation : One of the main focus for the 11g R1 ( healthcare release is to ensure the ease of installation for all healthcare components (through automated scripts) on top of standard SOA Suite 11g R1(  install.

Performance Improvements: This 11g R1 ( healthcare release brings huge performance improvement for typical HL7 MLLP provider use cases. Apart from the code level optimization we have introduced a bunch of tuning knobs -- at application, composite and database level to achieve high throughput.

Additional Protocol Support: This release supports HL7 Version 3 message structures. We have added supports for File, FTP, SFTP, JMS, and HLLP protocols in additions to MLLP 1.0, MLLP 2.0 and TCP/IP support that we had in our earlier release.

Alert and Contact : The alert notification feature for SOA Suite for healthcare integration works in conjunction with the built-in notification framework of Oracle User Messaging Service (UMS), Oracle SOA Suite human workflow services and Enterprise Manager. It is extended for some of specific healthcare events like error occurred in specific endpoints e.g: Creating alerts for an error occurs during inbound or outbound message processing, delivery to endpoints, or delivery to internal delivery channels.

Endpoint Pair: Endpoint Pair is a concept that ties 2 related HL7 endpoints (1 for sending and 1 for receiving messages) as a unit for management and monitoring. This will allows enabling / disabling the related endpoint pair at the same time, visualizing supported documents for the pair intuitively, and displaying related monitoring data (message counts and actual messages) together.

Sequencing View: In typical healthcare systems the message can be in waiting or stuck in the waiting state because of sequencing and error conditions or message processing delays. The sequencing view will help drill down into the endpoint dashboard where the entire message queue can be seen.


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