Wednesday Apr 22, 2015

ONE WEEK LEFT - SF 2015 Call for Proposals is LIVE!

Oracle Open World 2015 Proposals are due in ONE WEEK! This is your time to submit!

OpenWorld Call for Proposals

JavaOne Call for Proposals

Thursday Mar 13, 2014

Responding in Real-Time with Big Data

For an organization to respond in real-time it needs to acquire or develop systems that can respond in real-time. Such systems need to be able to rapidly determine that a response is required and determine also what the appropriate and relevant response should be—they need to decide when and how to act. These kinds of decision-making systems are known as Decision Management Systems. To ensure that a response is delivered in real-time, more event-centric Decision Management Systems are required

High-volume, high-speed front-line decisions must increasingly be made in real-time with big data and analytics that are actionable and operational. Oracle Event Processing and Oracle Real Time Decisions are core components of a solution that allows organizations to detect rapidly changing situations from massive volumes of high velocity data to make optimal, real-time business decisions.

Come to this webcast to hear James Taylor, CEO of Decision Management Solutions, discuss his latest research on why real-time responses must detect, analyze and act with greater automation.

Here is a white paper on this topic by James Taylor: Transform your business with Big Data (white paper)

For more information: Oracle Event Processing and Oracle Real Time Decisions

You can also watch the webcast recording over here: Oracle Real Time Responses with Big Data

Monday Jul 08, 2013

Get Fast-Data Accelerator in Your Hands Today: Mobile Data Offloading for Telecom

Telecommunications providers look for ways to improve customer experience in highly congested areas when the networks get overloaded resulting in poor service. In addition, service providers look to capitalize on location-based, value-add services, which have higher contextual relevance in large gatherings for special events. For example, in a stadium, Wi-Fi can be configured to handle increased loads during times of high congestion such as at sporting events or concerts. In addition, when mobile users come to the stadium, value-added services related to the event can improve customer experience and increased monetization for the service provider. For example, messages can be automatically sent to customers, such as “Welcome to the ball park!  Come to the display on the upper deck for complimentary 6 month service upgrade.”

 Mobile data offloading provides policy-based offloading of mobile data to alternate wi-fi networks. It enables telecommunications providers to reduce congestion on cellular networks and lower cost of operations. It helps handle extremely high volumes of events and determines if a mobile device has entered an area covered by lower cost networking.

Mobile Data Offloading

The process is configured to receive device location events from the Telco gateway systems. Areas of interest are pre-defined and recorded in a database, but fed into Oracle Event Processing via industry leading in-memory database, Oracle Coherence where the zones are indexed in memory.

Oracle Process Accelerators are pre-built, end-to-end implementations of common and critical business processes that encompass domain expertise in different industries. And the best news is you can get your hands on them right now, the accelerator is free for download. Oracle recently released a process accelerator that articulates the value of Fast Data: turning high velocity data into value. This Fast Data accelerator targets telecommunications and leverages Oracle Event Processing and Oracle Coherence for delivering a Fast Data solution.

To read more about a real-life customer story on how this solution is leveraged for location based value-add services, please visit: Turkcell Delivers on  Extreme Scalable Mobile Networks

And to get your hands on Fast Data, visit us at: Oracle Process Accelerator for Mobile Data Offloading


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