Sunday Sep 28, 2014

New Fast Data Tooling Session Monday Sept. 29th at OOW 2014

Don't miss out on the Monday announcement of the new Fast Data tooling, overview and live demonstration and also get a view on how "Fast Data" solutions can solve modern day business issues showcased by the international company, Canon. Check out the session "CON7793 Fast Data: Business User Friendly Tooling Best Practices".

Discuss your own needs for fast data event processing solutions in the demogrounds at the Oracle Event Processing booth in Moscone South (Left) SLM-160.

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Monday Jul 15, 2013

Events: Oracle Simplifying Integration of Cloud and On-Premise

Join us for breakfast at an upcoming "Simplifying Integration of Cloud and On-Premise" event to hear Oracle Extending Integration to the Consumerintegration experts provide solutions to the challenges of increased integration complexity.   The relative simplicity of years past when integration was mostly on-premise without the requirements to integrate cloud applications, mobile devices, embedded devices, disparate data silos,  and enterprise business process is long gone.

As you plan your path to simplified integration, it's critically important to anticipate what's coming next.  During "The Future of Integration" keynote, hear about how the "Internet of Things" including extensive use of consumer-focused Location-Based Services is not a separate concern from enterprise integration but instead a near term extension of your current role in enterprise integration.

The image below presents one of the challenges resulting from the Accidental Cloud Architecture which is addressed during the event:

Connectivity by Accident

After the keynote, attend sessions covering:

  • SOA - Simplifying Integration for Cloud and On-premise Applications
  • BPM - Extend Applications and Manage Processes Across the Cloud
  • Data Integration - Dissolve Data Silos Within the Enterprise
  • Fast Data - Push Fast Data to the Edge with Event Processing

Starting in Asia-Pacific, the first 3 events will be in:

  • New Zealand - Wellington - July 23, 2013
  • Australia - Brisbane - July 24, 2013 (Booked to capacity)
  • Singapore - August 28, 2013
  • more to be announced

So please join us to increase your knowledge on how to simplify integration.  We hope to see you there.

Access the "Simplifying Integration" events at the following LINK

Thursday Apr 04, 2013

Rise of the Mobile Machines - Oracle Reveals Strategy on Internet of Things

With the explosion of connected devices and the ubiquity of high speed wireless connectivity, Internet of Things takes on a new relevance. Machine to Machine (M2M) communication can change your game of operations and create opportunities for new services and revenue streams. Oracle’s platform for M2M called Device to Data Center (D2D) helps support the needs of the enterprise to leverage this new opportunity by gathering actionable insight from devices and respond right at the network edge.  The platform leverages multiple Oracle products to deliver a complete solution, including Oracle Event Processing (OEP)  on Oracle Java Embedded to make intelligent, real-time decisions while managing massive amounts of machine data on the fly.

Fast Data - delivering on real-time responsiveness with business insight, on large volumes of high velocity data from varied sources becomes a reality with Device to Data Center. Oracle's strategy to deliver on  Device to Data Center is revealed in the following webcast by Peter Utzschneider, VP of Product Management of Java. 

Thursday Mar 28, 2013

Push Fast Data to the Edge

Oracle today announced the availability of Oracle Event Processing for Oracle Java Embedded, a smaller footprint version of Oracle Event Processing (OEP) tailored for deployment on gateways. This can change the game plan for your organization’s responsiveness by harnessing Fast Data.

With an increase in the number of mobile devices and the ubiquity of high speed connectivity, we are entering an era where organizations can change their game plan with responsiveness. There is an explosion of data generated by mobile devices – not just cell phones, but large volumes of data coming from implementations such as industrial and building control, e-health, smart grid and home automation that need support for edge devices like wireless modules for Machine to Machine communication (M2M) and environmental sensors. However to be responsive, this large volume of high velocity data from varied sources has to be converted to actionable insight. In addition this data loses relevance with time. Fast Data is taking meaningful action on this large volume of data as it gets generated.

Oracle Event Processing for Oracle Java Embedded allows embedding OEP on gateways. This allows embedding intelligence to filter and correlate the data as it occurs, as close to the devices as possible. Oracle Event Processing for Oracle Java Embedded will provide companies the ability to handle massive volume and growth of data coming from edge devices by processing data closer to the source.

In addition to this capacity to embed a lightweight event processing engine on gateways, OEP provides flexible deployment options: standalone, integrated as part of the Oracle SOA stack as well as on embedded devices. This gives you a versatile, high performing event processing engine that can be deployed just about anywhere to process fast data.

To learn more visit us at Oracle Event Processing and to understand more on Fast Data watch our webcast: Fast Data Solutions

Press Release: Oracle Event Processing (OEP) for Oracle Java Embedded

Wednesday Feb 27, 2013

Go Big. Go Fast. Go watch Fast Data come alive!

Are you looking to capitalize on the data your company has on hand to enhance your business? Wondering where to start?
Webcast to hear fast data experts discuss a solution that can handle all the data moving throughout your enterprise. This solution can help you decide, decipher, analyze, and respond to that data in real time.

You’ll learn:
  • What is fast data and how it relates to big data
  • How companies can leverage fast data solutions in different industries
  • How Oracle’s solutions enable faster data capture, analysis, and decision-making to reduce event-to-action latency 

Tony Baer from Ovum and Hasan Rizvi discussion Fast Data Webcast

Find more information on Fast Data on our website: Oracle Fast Data and follow us on twitter: #OracleFastData

Sunday Sep 30, 2012

Wednesday at Oracle OpenWorld 2012 - Must See Session: “Event-Driven Patterns and Best Practices: Even More Important with Big Data”

Don’t miss this “CON8636 - Event-Driven Patterns and Best Practices: Even More Important with Big Data“ session:

  • Speakers:
    • Faisal Nazir - Senior Solutions Architect, Motorola
    • Shinichiro Takahashi - Senior Manager, Service Platform Department, NTT DOCOMO, INC.
    • Robin Smith - Product Management/Strategy Director - Oracle Event Processing, Oracle
  • Date: Wednesday, Oct 3
  • Time: 10:15 AM - 11:15 AM
  • Location: Moscone South - 310

As the demand for big data analytics and integration grows across all industries, this session focuses on the role of the Oracle event-driven solution platform in delivering vital real-time integrated analysis intelligence to the data streams consumed and emitted from these large distributed data stores.

Objectives for this session are to:

  1. Increase awareness of Oracle Event Processing, showcasing tight alignment with big data solutions
  2. Highlight emerging usage patterns in relation to streaming event data and distributed data stores
  3. Show a significant Oracle competitive advantage over IBM solutions advertised in this domain

Thursday Sep 27, 2012

Oracle SOA Suite, the Most Capable Tool for Every Possible Integration Challenge

session ID: CON8601 - when: Monday, Oct. 1, 10:45am-11:45am - where: Moscone South 102

"Oracle SOA Suite, the Most Capable Tool for Every Possible Integration Challenge" is the name of the session I will be delivering at Oracle OpenWorld this year. I'm usually going for more subdued titles but decided to remove the gloves this year, at the risk of sounding arrogant! While we have a number of worthy competitors in various areas of integration no one can really compete with the breadth and reliability of Oracle SOA Suite.

This session is primarily intended for people who are not yet familiar with Oracle SOA Suite (i.e. if you are an existing customer your time might be better spent at some of the other sessions we have on the topic).

I will provide an overview of Oracle SOA Suite, the customers using it and the types of challenges they are solving with it: from integrating Oracle Applications (E-Business Suite, Siebel, PeopleSoft, RightNow, Taleo etc.) to third-party applications (did you know that over a third of our customers actually use us to integrate SAP?), mainframes and a variety of technologies. We will talk about some emerging trends and problems that our users are solving with the product: cloud integration, B2B consolidation and mobile-enablement. I will also briefly touch upon the exciting projects we are doing with Oracle Event Processing, in the domain of "Fast Data" and "Big Data".

Last but not least, I will be joined on stage by Venktesh Maudgalya, Director at Electronic Arts. Venktesh will bring his customer perspective and explain how EA leveraged Oracle SOA Suite to implement iHub, the massive integration hub that interconnects all their applications (E-BusinessSuite, Hyperion, Demantra, Peoplesoft,, Kronos, Teradata, GXS etc.) and carries 3/4 of their revenue flows.

I just picked up my badge and will be kicking off the festivities tomorrow talking to partners in a pre-OOW briefing at the Oracle Headquarters - see you next week!

PS: if you're going to tweet about Oracle SOA Suite next week please make sure to use the #oraclesoa and #oow hashtags so that we can track and amplify your tweets!

Thursday Aug 09, 2012

GaaS (Gaming as a Service) at Electronic Arts (EA)

No, I’m not trying to introduce yet another acronym (YAA) to the SOA vernacular but check out this FIFA Soccer - EAgreat new cover story article in Profit Magazine on Electronic Arts and how products are now becoming digital services with many of the attributes long associated with Service Oriented Architecture. Electronic Arts (EA) with revenues of $4.1B from The Sims, Madden NFL, FIFA Soccer and much more describes their use of Oracle SOA Suite and Oracle Data Integrator to manage the complexity of transitioning their physical media-based business into their digital “iHub”.

From an SOA perspective, the comment that prompted the GaaS title was:

“Games are becoming more of a service rather than a product, which has all kinds of implications on how you monetize it” – Lewis Ward, IDC

Describing why Electronic Arts made the transition, Deepak Advani, vice president of enterprise services at EA states:

“We just got overwhelmed, because you’re getting all this data in different formats. We tried to do it manually, but there was nothing to control it. There was too much manual intervention, when people are touching the data. Once they touch the data, there’s a question of integrity."


The article covers many SOA-related topics on how they achieved “flexibility”, “adapted in ways they hadn’t envisioned”, “standardized data formats”, “publish/subscribe connectivity” and more.

The Electronic Arts case study is another indicator that more products are migrating into SOA-style services to better conform to how a business needs to manage everything from more granular financial “microtransactions”, rapid service scalability with the enablement of massive simultaneous participation of new releases such as FIFA Soccer, reliability, quality of service, and more. As more products migrate into an Everything-as-a-Service (EaaS) SOA-style service-based approach, I promise not to introduce new acronyms (apologies if I just did it). EA on Cover of Profit Magazine

Check out the full article (link)

Monday Jun 07, 2010

New article available in "SOA Suite Essentials for WLI Users" series: Dynamic Data Lookup in a Business Process

It is my pleasure to announce the publishing of another article in our "SOA Suite Essentials for WLI Users" series: "Dynamic Data Lookup in a Business Process: Meta Data Cache Control in Oracle WebLogic Integration and Domain Value Maps in SOA Suite".

This article explains how dynamic data can be retrieved in a business process using Domain Value Maps in SOA Suite and shows the similarities to the WLI XML MetaData Cache Control. Lots of customers have asked about this comparison and I hope they will find it useful.

The article follows "Setting Web Service and JCA Adapter Endpoints Dynamically in Oracle SOA Suite" which describes how web services and JCA adapter endpoints in SOA Suite can be changed at run-time, and so completes the use case where a BPEL process writes to a file (via file adapter) and the output directory and the file name are set dynamically.

Please let me know what you think about the series and this specific article.


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