Thursday Mar 28, 2013

Push Fast Data to the Edge

Oracle today announced the availability of Oracle Event Processing for Oracle Java Embedded, a smaller footprint version of Oracle Event Processing (OEP) tailored for deployment on gateways. This can change the game plan for your organization’s responsiveness by harnessing Fast Data.

With an increase in the number of mobile devices and the ubiquity of high speed connectivity, we are entering an era where organizations can change their game plan with responsiveness. There is an explosion of data generated by mobile devices – not just cell phones, but large volumes of data coming from implementations such as industrial and building control, e-health, smart grid and home automation that need support for edge devices like wireless modules for Machine to Machine communication (M2M) and environmental sensors. However to be responsive, this large volume of high velocity data from varied sources has to be converted to actionable insight. In addition this data loses relevance with time. Fast Data is taking meaningful action on this large volume of data as it gets generated.

Oracle Event Processing for Oracle Java Embedded allows embedding OEP on gateways. This allows embedding intelligence to filter and correlate the data as it occurs, as close to the devices as possible. Oracle Event Processing for Oracle Java Embedded will provide companies the ability to handle massive volume and growth of data coming from edge devices by processing data closer to the source.

In addition to this capacity to embed a lightweight event processing engine on gateways, OEP provides flexible deployment options: standalone, integrated as part of the Oracle SOA stack as well as on embedded devices. This gives you a versatile, high performing event processing engine that can be deployed just about anywhere to process fast data.

To learn more visit us at Oracle Event Processing and to understand more on Fast Data watch our webcast: Fast Data Solutions

Press Release: Oracle Event Processing (OEP) for Oracle Java Embedded

Wednesday Feb 20, 2013

Embedded Oracle Event Processing makes Internet of Things a Reality

Just imagine equipping all objects in the world with a lightweight yet powerful complex event processing engine. It takes us a bit closer into that fascinating world of Artificial Intelligence, where machines can talk intelligently to each other. It makes it possible for inanimate objects to gain the power of discrimination, filtering and correlating Fast Data: large volumes of varied data, arriving at high velocity from different sources. A fork that helps you lose weight, luggage that texts you on being lost and why, a car that can drive itself; these futuristic and impractical sounding projects become more of a reality. It transforms the Internet of Things from science fiction to reality.

Java is fast-gaining as the preferred platform for embedded devices as it evolves into a more lightweight, yet high-performing language of choice, that maintains ease-of-use. Oracle Event Processing that runs on embedded Java brings practicality to projects that were merely a whimsy previously, bringing us closer to designing an M2M platform for a connected world.

Come hear how Oracle Event Processing can transform your M2M strategy into a reality at the Mobile World Congress.

Saturday Jan 26, 2013

Making Enterprises More Human: Removing the Complexity in Event Processing

Human beings have a very unique differentiation compared to all other living creatures. It is the power to discriminate, giving them freedom of choice. This is possible because humans minds are sophisticated and high performing event processing engines, constantly optimizing for survival and gain, while functioning in extremely complex scenarios.

Man creates an optimal environment for himself to thrive, by filtering and correlating a high volume of events from very disparate sources, across time and boundaries. In fact all types of events are incorporated as feedback through all senses, constantly gauging, judging, filtering and correlating events. For example consider what you do every morning: turn on the news for traffic re-routing to gauge if you will make it on time to a meeting, sanity-check your gas tank to know far you can go, stop to grab a bite when you see a coffee drive-through. And all this while driving, which in itself requires processing events arriving from other automobiles on the road, traffic conditions and regulations. Humans are designed to continuously filter, correlate and process events in real-time.

The one technology that is so unique in adding this human quality of discrimination to inanimate software and hardware systems, is referred to commonly as "Complex Event Processing". To the uninitiated, the term "Complex" can sound like the technology is difficult, when really it inidicates that the event processing can happen in very complex scenarios, much like humans. In fact, a good event processing solution would remove the complexity and interpret accurate meaning in seemingly unconnected events.

Event processing can add the power of discrimination, providing intelligence and a dynamic responsiveness to everything it pairs with. Added to Business Process Management (BPM), Event Processing can make business processes very responsive and dynamic, even capable of handling unexpected exceptions. Added to Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), Event Processing can be a powerful ally in building a responsive IT infrastructure. Added to data integration, Event Processing can provide the capacity to discriminate against streams and volume of different kinds of data. The possibilities on what technologies Event Processing can be paired with are really limitless. When you want to think dynamic and add an edge to any technology solution, you want a good event processing engine added to your solution. 

Oracle Event Processing (OEP) is exactly this power of discrimination that can be added to any solution to result in extremely intelligent systems that respond in real-time. Keep your eyes peeled to hear about our new initiatives with OEP across our fusion middleware product lines in our upcoming release.

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