Thursday Aug 07, 2014

Eaton Corporation on Mobile Integration and more with Oracle SOA Suite 12c

Eaton is a global technology leader in power management solutions that make electrical, hydraulic and mechanical power operate more efficiently, reliably, safely and sustainably. Eaton is a diversified industrial products manufacturer in the fluid power, industrial and commerical controls.

Eaton uses Oracle SOA Suite for several mission critical projects. One such is a Sales Productivity Platform to provide a common front-end for customers and sales to provide for CRM and order capture and management. This project integrates the Eaton enterprise Siebel organization with the Electrical Oracle eBiz system. A second project is an SAP bridge that integrates the Electrical Oracle eBiz system with SAP. The solution allows orders to be captured in Oracle eBiz and routed to the back-end SAP instance for fulfillment with both real-time and batch-like web services that mask the complexity of integration from the business users. A third project is an early adopter program to enable the path toward a common front-end for Eaton customers that integrates easily with multiple backend fulfillment / ERP systems.

Eaton has used several components of Oracle SOA Suite and Governance to deliver these very complex and interesting solutions. In this video testimonial , you can hear Darin Nelson, IT Manager for Integration Solutions and Sahil Harlalka, SOA Developer from Eaton Corporation describe the benefits they will realise from the new launch of Oracle SOA Suite 12c. Ease of use, mobile enablement, and improved developer productivity are a few of the main highlights of this discussion from the adoption of Oracle SOA Suite 12c.

To take a deep dive with our Oracle experts join us in this launch webcast: Introducing Oracle SOA Suite 12c with JDSU, Keste, and Dell

And you can access more datasheets, white papers, customer stories, and technical briefs over here: Oracle SOA Suite Resource Kit

Tuesday Jul 15, 2014

40+ Oracle SOA Customers in One Location

More than ever before, technology is key to building differentiation. Leveraging new technology trends and innovations is vital for companies to remain competitive. However it can also result in a hodge-podge of technologies and quickly become a maintenance nightmare for IT. Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) or Service Integration has revolutionized how modern businesses can address this by simplifying IT even while enabling innovation and modernization. 

SOA principles have become widely adopted as a foundation for enterprise applications. What began as a basic middleware technology for linking loosely coupled software components has become a key enabler for many of today’s hottest technologies including cloud integration, mobile enablement, application integration, Business to Business (B2B), fast data and the internet of things. In addition the engineered systems advantage for Oracle SOA Suite enables faster time to market and lowered total cost of ownership.

Today thousands of organizations across the world are using SOA to help drive innovations, while improving real-time performance and driving down IT costs. In this booklet we’ve compiled recent case studies across a range of industries including names like Agilent Technologies, Pickles Auction, Fluid-e, Schneider National, Sascar, and Turk Telecom.

You can download the compilation of more than 40 customer stories here: SOA Customer Reference Booklet

Demed L’Her,
Oracle, VP Product Management for Oracle Service Integration Products

Join us at the live webcast on Wednesday, July 30 at 10am to find out more: Introducing Oracle SOA Suite 12c

Wednesday Dec 18, 2013

Oracle's Mobile Strategy Revealed

Mobile is on the mind of every business. However, enabling existing business applications on handhelds can be very challenging. Unless the right platform and strategy is chosen, mobile-enablement could become the next IT nightmare. Or worse, it could result in low adoption of the business application on mobile channels, failing to deliver on those promised new and golden revenue opportunities.

Rather than approach your mobile strategy as building a one-off mobile front-end to a few business applications, how about your approach be to have a mobile-front as part of the solution for every business application in the organization? Considering the ubiquity of high-speed mobile connection, this is the only logical approach. One of the greatest issues to be addressed when considering mobile is form factor: leveraging an existing busy front-end on mobile is guaranteed to reduce the chances of success of the mobile-app. Also the issue of writing a mobile app once and having it run on different mobile handhelds, is something that needs to be considered upfront. A point of consideration while building out your mobile strategy is the kind of application that should be provided - native to the mobile device, web-based or hybrid? What about connection of the mobile front to the back-end on-premise as well as cloud hosted solutions? What does it take to design the mobile applications so that they can change independent of the back-end? Security is another large issue that needs to be addressed when considering mobile. And lastly, the scale of interaction and the unknown user can be provide very different challenges from traditional interactions with on-premise enterprise applications.

Mobile is all about innovation - it is not about taking the same enterprise business application and simply exposing it on handhelds. Rather it is about exciting and new solutions that can provide value-add to the consumer in ways unimaginable without the mobility. This is the chance at tremendous business opportunity. Contextual awareness brings a new flavor to traditional enterprise applications. In addition, mobile applications have other applications not available in traditional enterprise solutions, such as a mobile camera or GPS, when leveraged right, these can turn the user experience on its head.

In this webinar below Anne Thomas Manes from Gartner does a fabulous effort at highlighting all the main issues when considering your new mobile strategy. Oracle, in addition, has revealed a comprehensive offering to simplify enterprise mobility. The highlight of the presentation are the demonstrations of mobile enabling enterprise applications by Chris Tonas, VP of Mobility and Development Tools and Suhas Uliyar, VP of Mobile Strategy. You can access this webinar here today: Oracle Mobile Update: Simplifying Enterprise Mobility

Simplifying Enterprise Mobility


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