Wednesday Jul 16, 2014

What's New in Oracle Event Processing 12c?

Event processing is an integral part of an Internet of Things platform. As massive amounts of data streams from sensing devices, it’s important to derive an understanding of what data is important and what’s not. Oracle Event Processing (OEP) delivers real-time analysis of high-velocity data. It is a complete solution for building IoT applications to filter, correlate and process events in real time so that downstream applications are driven by true, real-time intelligence. OEP filters out noise (such as data ticks without any change in values) and helps identify critical conditions before this data is actually relayed to the back-end. Built on industry standards including SQL, Java, and OSGI, it provides an open architecture for processing complex events.

Oracle Event Processing, part of Oracle SOA Suite, can handle up to a million messages per second at extremely low latencies when running on Oracle engineered systems, making it the ideal solution to perform real-time filtering, geo-location, and pattern matching on the massive streams of data generated by IoT "smart" devices.

Oracle SOA Suite 12c more tightly integrates the OEP platform with Oracle Service Bus and the Oracle SOA Suite Event Delivery Network (EDN). Oracle SOA Suite 12c takes the differentiation of having a unified interface a big step forward by integrating across all major components for Oracle SOA Suite, including Oracle Service Bus and Oracle Event Processing, into a single unified experience. This feature simplifies integration by eliminating the need to train developers, administrators, architects and others on separate components for every aspect of integration, which lowers cost and provides a faster time to integrate. 

With Oracle SOA Suite 12c, OEP has been integrated into JDeveloper, providing a visually impressive component palette to create your applications by simply dragging and dropping the required artifacts onto the canvas. With each event node dropped, wizard driven prompting is shown to ensure that the correct and required parameters are quickly defined. Another major new feature is the Event Delivery Network (EDN) event adapter nodes, which provide that tight integration at runtime to Oracle SOA Suite composites and all other SOA components supporting the EDN. 

Using the resource components window view, the Oracle Event Processing runtime server and application status can be easily reviewed and manipulated effectively. 

Figure: Oracle Event Processing 12c – New for 12c, a unified JDeveloper Interface for all SOA integration types, including the design of real-time event flows via the Continuous Query Language.

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Tuesday Jul 15, 2014

40+ Oracle SOA Customers in One Location

More than ever before, technology is key to building differentiation. Leveraging new technology trends and innovations is vital for companies to remain competitive. However it can also result in a hodge-podge of technologies and quickly become a maintenance nightmare for IT. Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) or Service Integration has revolutionized how modern businesses can address this by simplifying IT even while enabling innovation and modernization. 

SOA principles have become widely adopted as a foundation for enterprise applications. What began as a basic middleware technology for linking loosely coupled software components has become a key enabler for many of today’s hottest technologies including cloud integration, mobile enablement, application integration, Business to Business (B2B), fast data and the internet of things. In addition the engineered systems advantage for Oracle SOA Suite enables faster time to market and lowered total cost of ownership.

Today thousands of organizations across the world are using SOA to help drive innovations, while improving real-time performance and driving down IT costs. In this booklet we’ve compiled recent case studies across a range of industries including names like Agilent Technologies, Pickles Auction, Fluid-e, Schneider National, Sascar, and Turk Telecom.

You can download the compilation of more than 40 customer stories here: SOA Customer Reference Booklet

Demed L’Her,
Oracle, VP Product Management for Oracle Service Integration Products

Join us at the live webcast on Wednesday, July 30 at 10am to find out more: Introducing Oracle SOA Suite 12c


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