Tuesday Sep 22, 2009

Multilingual Subtitles for Sun Videos

Some Sun videos now offer subtitles, available in English, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Brazilian Portuguese, and Japanese. To find multilingual versions, click on the language link in the tag cloud on the right of the videos page. Then click on the Captions pull-down menu (upper left of video screen) to select the desired language.

Wednesday Sep 02, 2009

Deep Dive Video: What's New in JDK 7, With Danny Coward

Sun Developer Network's Ed Ort interviews Danny Coward of the Java client team to see what's new and exciting in JDK 7. Watch Deep Dive - What's New in JDK 7.

Friday Jul 10, 2009

Tour the Sun Cloud SuperNAP Datacenter

Take a video tour of SuperNAP, the datacenter that is home to the Sun Cloud. It highlights the security, availability, and energy-efficiency features of the facility.

Learn more at the Sun Cloud Computing site, or take a look at blog postings by Daniel Butzer, Sun's senior director of Sun Cloud operations, security, and infrastructure engineering.

Wednesday May 27, 2009

Five Winners for the "Dude, Where's My Pass?" Contest

Congratulations to the five lucky winners of the 2009 JavaOne conference "Dude, Where's My Pass?" contest.

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Wednesday Apr 22, 2009

NetBeans Code Swarm Video: 10 Years of NetBeans History in 5 Minutes

Turn on the speakers, pay close attention to the screen and enjoy the NetBeans Code Swarm Video. Double-click to get the full-screen version.

Code swarm is a cool organic visualization of a software project's evolution. This video visualizes work done in the NetBeans CVS repository from 1998 to 2008. The project switched to a Mercurial repository in 2009.

Tuesday Apr 21, 2009

New Video: Deep Dive With Ed Ort -- Christine Dorffi of SDN

Ed Ort of Sun Microsystems interviews managing editor Christine Dorffi to see the latest on the Sun Developer Network product pages, including Java SE and JavaFX. Watch the video.

Tuesday Apr 14, 2009

New Video on java.sun.com: 15 Minutes or Less -- Basic JavaFX Graphics

SDN senior staff writer and sometime videographer Robert Eckstein helps you get your feet wet with the fantastic new graphics capabilities of JavaFX, all in 15 minutes or less.

Monday Mar 30, 2009

Notes From Sun's Education and Research Conference, Berlin

Blog reports are coming in from Sun's European Education and Research Conference, which ended Sunday, March 29, in Berlin, Germany.

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Friday Mar 27, 2009

Video: RESTful Web Services & the Jersey API

Paul Sandoz and Jean-Francois Denise of Sun's Grenoble Engineering Center in France discuss REST and the Jersey API. Thanks to Deirdré Straughan and Marc Kossa for providing this video.

Friday Mar 20, 2009

Video: Use Sun xVM Virtualbox to Run 64-bit Guest OS on 32-bit Host

How can you run a 64-bit guest operating system on a 32-bit host platform? This video episode of The Fat Bloke's Shorts explains how. Take a look.

Tuesday Mar 17, 2009

Join Us: CommunityOne East Webcast and Live Chat (March 18)

If you can't attend the CommunityOne East event in person, you can catch the excitement on the Web. Sun will be streaming the general session and select breakout sessions live, starting at 9:00 a.m. EDT/6:00 a.m. PDT on March 18, 2009.

Check timeanddate.com for conversion to your local time zone.

Take a look at the CommunityOne East agenda.

Thursday Mar 12, 2009

Join Us: CommunityOne East Webcast and Live Chat (March 18)

Can't attend in person on March 18? Tune in for the video stream and live chat.

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Thursday Mar 05, 2009

New Video: "15 Minutes or Less - JavaFX," With SDN's Robert Eckstein

Watch the new java.sun.com video presentation by SDN staff writer Robert Eckstein, "15 Minutes or Less - JavaFX," to learn about the fundamentals of the new JavaFX
programming language, all in 15 minutes or less. Watch the video.

Tuesday Mar 03, 2009

New Video: Sun CEO Jonathan Schwartz

How is Sun Microsystems faring in this difficult economy? CEO Jonathan Schwartz talks about the present and the future.


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