Thursday Nov 19, 2009

Booting From SATA DVDs for Solaris 10 8/07 or 5/08 OS on SPARC Platforms

This BigAdmin article shows how to add support for booting from SATA DVDs by installing Kernel Update patch 137137-09 to the SPARC miniroot image for the Solaris 10 5/08 or 8/07 release on SPARC platforms.

Thursday Oct 29, 2009

Updated: Resources for Upgrading to the Solaris 10 OS

The BigAdmin Upgrade hub has lots of new info on how to move to the Solaris 10 OS. Find out why upgrading is a good idea, what you'll need to know, what to do with your legacy applications, and what resources are available.

Tuesday Oct 20, 2009

Want to Upgrade to the New Solaris 10 Release?

A blog entry by Bob Netherton, "What's New in Solaris 10 10/09," discusses new features in the Solaris 10 10/09 release and talks about improvements in the SVR4 package commands (for example, pkgadd, pkgrm, and pkginfo). Also, has good info on the Upgrade to Solaris 10 page, plus a list of new features in What's New in Solaris.

Wednesday Oct 14, 2009

What's Not in the Solaris 10 10/09 OS?

The BigAdmin blog entry Features Removed from the Solaris 10 OS links to a list of obsolete features that are no longer supported in the new Solaris 10 10/09 update. See "Solaris EOF Announcements - Solaris 10 10/09 (U8)" on the Solaris Information Center.

Monday Oct 12, 2009

Upgrading to the Solaris 10 OS?

The BigAdmin Upgrade resource center shows you why upgrading is a good idea, what's involved, what you'll need to know, what to do with your legacy applications, and what resources are available to help you through it.

Thursday Oct 08, 2009

BigAdmin Overview of New Features in Solaris 10 10/09 OS

Find out about new features in the Solaris 10 10/09 release. ZFS features include ZFS flash archive, ZFS cache devices for storage pools, and ZFS user and group quotas. Patching improvements include parallel patching for containers and turbo charging svr4 packaging. (Look for "New Patching Features in the Solaris 10 10/09 Release" under "What's New In Patching?".)

Thursday Sep 17, 2009

Maintaining the Solaris OS With Live Upgrade and Update on Attach

This Sun BluePrints article explains how to use Solaris Live Upgrade and the Solaris "update on attach" feature, with Solaris Zones, Solaris Cluster, and the ZFS file system. The paper focuses on software maintenance in general and the application of OS patches in particular. (Registration required.)

Tuesday Sep 08, 2009

Patch Forums for Sun Contract Customers

New patching forums for Sun contract customers are up on For details, please see the Patch Corner blog.

Friday Aug 28, 2009

Improvements to Recommended and Sun Alert Patch Clusters for Solaris 10 OS

The Patch Corner blog describes improvements to the Solaris 10 Recommended and Sun Alert patch clusters. Contract customers can find these in the current clusters available from the Patch Cluster and Patch Bundle downloads on SunSolve.

Friday Aug 21, 2009

Tech Note on "inetd" Warning Messages for Solaris 10 Updates

This tech note explains inetd warning messages in /var/adm/messages after patches are applied in the Solaris 10 5/08 or Solaris 10 8/07 releases. The Japanese-language original is on the BigAdmin Multilingual hub.

Wednesday Aug 19, 2009

Updated: Sys Admin Resources for the Solaris OS on BigAdmin

Check out the updated Solaris resources in the Patching Center and the updated Solaris Install docs in the Solaris documentation hub.

Thursday Jun 25, 2009

The Zones 'Update on Attach' Feature and Patching in the Solaris 10 OS

Enda O'Connor's latest article on patching describes the functionality of the 'update on attach' command (the -u argument to the zoneadm attach command). This feature has been available since the Solaris 10 10/08 release. Topics discussed include: Criteria for Determining Which Packages Are Updated, Update on Attach Versus Regular Upgrade, Patching and Zone Update on Attach, Whole Root Zone Versus Sparse Root Zone, Presence of Interim Diagnostic Relief (IDR) Patches and Special Patches, and Steps for Running Update on Attach.

Monday May 11, 2009

What's New in the Solaris 10 5/09 Release

Good info on the latest Solaris update: Solaris 10 5/09 Release - What's New guide (pdf) and a blog entry, Sun Releases Solaris 10 5/09 OS. Here's the free Solaris 10 5/09 download.

Monday May 04, 2009

Three New Articles on Patching the Solaris OS

Enda O'Connor has contributed three more articles for the BigAdmin Patching hub:

\* Analyzing a patchadd or patchrm Failure in the Solaris OS: Gather and analyze information to determine why a patchadd or patchrm session failed on systems that run the Solaris OS for SPARC or x86 platforms.

\* How to Split a Root Mirrored With Solaris Volume Manager Prior to Updating Software: Here is the correct way to split a Solaris Volume Manager mirror prior to updating the software through upgrades or software updates (patches).

\* How to Remove a Solaris Patch While Booted From a Network or CD-ROM: Find out how to run patchrm from a network or CD-ROM against a non-live system that is mounted from such media, or how to mount file systems under the mount point after the system is booted from the media.

Tuesday Mar 17, 2009

Updated: Restrictions for Using Solaris Live Upgrade

Here is advice on the correct way to use Solaris Live Upgrade to update from the Solaris 8 or 9 OS to the Solaris 10 OS. Sun engineer Enda O'Connor has revised the article to follow the latest developments.


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